Johnny Depp hearts rapists

Apparently feeling that not enough people hate him and he has too many fans, Johnny Depp came out in support of Roman Polanski in an interview with The Independent last week. "Johnny, shut the fuck up!" -- your agent. From the paper:
However, [Depp] wasn't shy in voicing his dismay about the arrest of film-maker Roman Polanski on a 30-year-old statutory rape charge. In 1999, Polanski directed him in The Ninth Gate.

"Why now?" Depp asked rhetorically. "Obviously, there is something going on somewhere. Somebody has made a deal with someone. Maybe there was a little money involved, but why now?" Polanski, Depp continued, "is not a predator. He's 75 or 76 years old. He has got two beautiful kids, he has got a wife that he has been with for a long, long time. He is not out on the street."
In the interview, Depp also voiced his support for 55-year-old Daniel Clive Lyttle of Bradenton, Florida. In 1977, Lyttle was sentenced to life in prison for raping a 15-year-old Manatee High School student as she walked home from a football game. Oh wait a minute, that's right, Johnny didn't actually say anything about Daniel. Because he doesn't direct films.

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  • Anonymous

    perhaps it is time to stop getting trolled boys.

  • Lee

    It seems that there are lot of people shooting their mouths off here, and a lot of people who haven't read the court transcripts. They're available in the public domain, you know. Perhaps those who are still defending Polanski should read them.

  • tara

    i like how anyone that defends him is a rapist...

    now that is scary -accusing anyone with a different opinion to be a rapist - seems you are throwing a serious word around quite lightly.

  • trinity911

    Ah, I see, tara. In civilized France, when a grown man has given a child, who is barely old enough to be called a teenager, drugs and alcohol then anally rapes her after being told no..then that is a something that no one has a problem with?

    Glad I don't live in civilized France then, I doubt that I'd fit in. You, on the other hand, seem like you'd be smashing fit.

  • trinity911

    Anyone that can read the grand jury transcripts in this case and claim that there was anything remotely consensual (if it was even possible for a 13 year old to consent) is out of their minds.

  • sara

    Some facts:

    1. Just because an individual has had sex at a previous time does not mean that anyone is then allowed to force them to have sex. Even if the thirteen year old child had had sex before with whomever partners, she was not required to have sex with Polanski, any more than you or I would be required.

    2. The victim did state officially that she said no. That's rape, end of sentence. Polanski has never officially denied her testimony,which is available online for anyone interested in reading it.

    3. Polanski has NOT "served his time." Living in France because you are unwilling to serve a jail sentence is not a substitute for actually serving that sentence.

    4. Rape is never a "favor." It is a crime.

    5. It does not matter what is or is not legal in other cultures (and, really, rape is legal in France?), Polanski committed his crime and was sentenced to jail in the United States, from where he is still a fugitive.

    6. The victim did not "know what was going on" or want to be raped. She couldn't have known what was going on, she was drugged, and she was thirteen (not exactly the age of jaded, mature know-how about sex or even gross middle-aged men.)

    In my opinion, the only reason Polanski was allowed to get away with what everyone knew was a crime and the only reason he is being defended is because he is a rich white male. If you want to know how unequally this group is favored, look at how everyone is saying its okay for someone like Polanski to rape a child. Rape is not okay, a favor, sophisticated, or, in the United States, legal. Polanski should be extradited. It's time for him to pay for his crime, even if the victim is trying to move on, for the sake of the integrity of the U.S. legal system, which states we are all equal under the law, and for every person who has been or who will be the victim of rape. It DOES matter when a person is raped.

  • tara

    has anyone seen Wanted and Desired?? If not you should.. the mormon defense attorney basically defends him fleeing because of the unfair trial he rec'd! Plus the judge stated he would be deported and his time was served, he only fleed because the judge could not be trusted...

    Also, like it has been said, this girl was no virgin - no stranger to drugs and alcohol! and in many,many cultures this would not be a crime - like the culture where Polanski is from - no one had a problem with natasha kinski and his relationship in France - which is a very civilized culture!

    again, i don't think what he did was right, but he has served his time and endured much because of it.. he is living with his family and has not committed a crime since. MOVE ON PEOPLE - everyone involved in this situation has!

  • ghost

    Rapists should be killed in the most brutal fashions possible. What that son of a bitch did is unforgivable. If I had my way the streets would be running with the blood of people like Polanski.

  • Selena

    Eh, not commenting on the topic, but my understanding is that his son's name is actually John. As in Johnny Jr. Actually the III, because Depp himself is a Jr (his father being Sr, of course). And Jack is a known nickname for John. So I'm not so sure about the Jack the Ripper crapola.

  • jayd

    ola is right. u r wrong. first of all it was written on imdb that he named his son jack after his fascination with jack the ripper. REGARDLESS.. THE MAN IS STILL FASCINATED BY JACK THE RIPPER, A BRUTAL KILLER, AND COLLECTS ALL HIS MEMORABILIA..IF YOU DON'T FIND THAT CREEPY, THEN U NEED TO GO TO A PSYCHIATRIST IMMEDIATELY...

  • !

    Are you kidding me, Ola? STFU. He named his child after Jack the Ripper? You are ridiculous. Stop talking nonsense. I hate when people make up lies and try using them to legitimize their opinions.

    Johnny needs to read the original police statement. This little 13 yr old girl was no virgin and was familiar with drugs and the Hollywood party scene. True. BUT, she clearly didn't want to have sex with that creepy Polanski. I think anyone who reads the report can see that.

    However, Johnny is right in saying that there is some fishy political business going on with the whole Polanski extradition (and original situation with the famewhore judge who presided over the case). BUT, that doesn't take away from the fact that what Polanski did was wrong. He should have been returned to the States a long time ago to take his punishment/appeal his punishment/whatever. This should have been resolved a long time ago.

  • ola

    this guy named his son after a serial killer... nuff said. he loves jack the ripper, so why wouldn't he also support a rapist...this is johnny depp's moral compass. it's one thing how a person looks like on the outside, it's completely different what they are on the inside, but american culture, and female fans everywhere can't distinguish between the two. johnny depp is like the female angelina jolie..adored everywhere, considered the sexiest person in the world, but do u really know what he's thinking inside of that head? no...

  • clair argent

    in what universe is a 13 year old child actually aware of what is going on, especially a sexually active 13 year old? all of the 13 year olds i've ever met, including myself, are stupid, clueless little fucks. this is why the law says a 13 year old isn't legally responsible enough to consent to anything. however, a 13 year old DOES have the right to say "no", and an adult man should have enough self control to hear that.

    johnny depp, you run around around in the same circles as roman polanski, hope nothing happens to your daughter. and i mean it i truly hope nothing happens to either of your children.

    as for polanski's present age, who gives a shit? does that mean we should have let nazi war criminals get a free pass once they reach a certain age?

  • Nancy

    What if it had been your daughter? Would you be as quick to forgive and forget? Do you know how that effected her life? What is in your past that makes you come to the defense of these degenerates? Shame of you on the behalf of children everywhere!


    Man there's some seriously fucked up pro child rape comments on here. I usually dig the sarcastic banter we get going but some of this is really Ill shit. Not funny or cool at all. :[

  • Leah

    hmmm. americans are stupid? you're the one who doesn't even know the definition of rape. look it up.

    this has got nothing to do with the media- creeps like you will cling to any excuse downplay your fellow rapist's actions. The fact is crimes like this should not go unpunished, no matter how long ago they occurred. Thats why there's no statutory limit on prosecution.

  • FFS

    God you americans are really stupid. You don't even know the story behind this scandal.

    It wasn't rape and the woman herself has said it wasn't what the media is trying to make it look like.

    You people are soooo easily influenced and you have no idea about how media works.

  • melissa

    oh johnny,you were the love of my life.

  • Leah

    I don't care if his arrest is motivatd by backdoor dealings, who gives a shit as long as justice is served. The only reason so much time elapsed since the crime, was because he is a pathetic shit that ran away. Now everyone says its too long ago to bother dealing with it. No-one would argue that it wasn't a big deal if it happened yesterday. doubt johnny would be so laid back if it happened to his daughter.

    Oh and Paul, do the world a favour and go kill yourself, you're nothing but an oxygen thief.

  • Are you serious

    The fact of the matter is that is man was convicted of rape he pleaded GUILTY and the he ran. come one people, because it happened 30 years ago doesnt mean shit to me a child had to suffer through that and i pray that anyone who has kids that they never have to go through that either. i say they let him spend the rest of his days rotting in a prison while men rape him.

  • jojjo

    Johnny, you have just exposed yourself as one of them. Damn.

  • Ben

    Oh, and the only reason she has asked for the charges to be dropped is because she's moved on. She accepted the fact that justice would likely never be served, and can't be fucked reliving it all over again if the case went to trial.

  • Ben

    The victim has come out and said that she asked him to stop numerous times. I don't know why there are so many retards here thinking that she gave consent. And even so, she was 13 (below the age of informed consent), and she was drugged, also limiting her ability to consent.

    RP has gotten away with a crime for over 30 years while he lives a high-class life. It's time for him to fucking rot in hell.

  • Anonymous

    Clebslam, this is the best you've every written. Way to go! I'm with you all the way. Depp and the rest of Hollywood who supports rapists for their personal gain are all douches. Don't patronize their movies!

  • northern rednecks

    Quit shitting on the South. I just read about some mother screwing her son in Nebraska...perverted people live in your state too...asshole

  • Dumb SOBs

    I hope all of you that are defending him never have daughters that get raped in the early part of their young lives. But you never know...karma's a BITCH!

  • Patrick

    Rapists should be executed by anal penetration with a porcupine. I'm just saying. Castrate him first. Consent or not, she was 13 and had it been my daughter, he'd not have made it to court and I'd be serving time.

  • Nameless

    Here's a way to find out if Johnny really believes Roman is rehabilitated. Give Roman some viagra then have him offer to babysit Johnny's daughter.

    Gaurantee you Johnny will pass on the offer.

  • morrow

    eh.. the girl was hanging out with much older, famous men, by herself. she was letting them take pictures of herself (as she was trying to become a model). she probably knew what was going on, and if she didnt she asked for the case to be dropped years ago.

    ya bunch of nancy grace sensationalists.

  • jenipurrr

    LMAO I love it. I so hate Nancy Grace.

  • Mike Nike

    Depp...........SHut your pie hole!!!!!!!!!

  • Squeehunter

    I think Paul is a rapist.

  • bob

    does anyone remember that this was jack nicholson's house and he knew about it, tried to cover it up, and helped pay the girls family off...

  • TCH

    1. The "girl" was a minor and could not consent.

    2. Polanski was convicted. He jumped bond while waiting sentencing.

    Polanski used bad judgement when he had sex with a minor. He compounded it when he jumped bail.

    One reader was correct that this was a payoff. Switzerland is up to their eyeballs with UBS and the tax cheating bank accounts. This was part of the payoff for sheltering those accounts. Polanski made millions of dollars in the U.S. and lived here and benefited from our laws. He needs to man up and pay his debt now.

    Whether it is six months or six years he needs to be accountable like every other person subject to U.S. laws.

    Depp is entitled to his opinion. Whether it is worth anything or not is subject to speculation.

  • t

    they're not after him to prosecute him for something he did 30 years ago, they want him to serve his time for it. people seem to forget that he plead GUILTY. he just took off before he was supposed to start serving his sentence, and for 30 years he's been living the good life. he committed a crime, he admitted his guilt and he should face his punishment regardless of how much time has passed or how old he is.

  • si

    I wonder how much that statement was taking out of context. Not that im defending Johnny, but there is always more to the statement and conversation and I bet he didnt intend it to sound that way.

  • T

    I agree with Zuzu that it is very senseless to prosecute an almost 80 year old man. But the fact of the matter is, that thirteen year old girl knew what she was doing the entire time she was with polanski! and to top it all off, her mother was also well aware that she was sending her 13 year old daughter to party with the Hollywood big dogs because that whore was a wannabe actress! Rape is when someone is forced against their will to participate in sexual intercourse, this girl consensually came to his home for a party, consensually got into the hot tub with this older man, and CONSENSUALLY had sex with him! I couldn't give a flying fuck about Polanski personally, but the truth is the truth and I don't think Johnny is in any way shape or form supporting rapists.

  • Denise

    She was drugged... And 13 years old. 13 year olds can legally not give consent. Who knows what kind of scary and frightening situation it is to be at a stranger's house, who has lots of influence and power? One would be afraid to say no for fear that bad things may happen to her. In any case she has also said that she said no, which is enough.

  • Anonymous

    T, you're a rapist and pedophile. Hope cops look in your computer douchebag.

  • T

    Oh yea, you have me all figured out. What tipped you off? You're a real good investegator as far as I'm concerned. Why haven't they asked you to help with the Polanski case??? Oh yea! Maybe it's because you're a fucking idiot who doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about. Do some research before you open your gob next time, huh?

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