Octomom bikini pics!

These were making the rounds late last week. Not sure when they were taken. Judging by the level of the ocean, probably around high tide a few Saturdays ago in Malibu. Aside from that, I know what you're thinking: Octomom's at the beach but you don't see a chair, an umbrella, a beach ball, her purse, her car keys, a novelty moose head, etc. She's actually storing all that stuff in her uterus. Thing's like a clown car. Really comes in handy sometimes.

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  • Thumbnail: Octomom Bikini Pics 1
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  • Thumbnail: Octomom Bikini Pics 3
  • Thumbnail: Octomom Bikini Pics 4
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  • roadapple

    Skanky is skanky, no matter how many children she downloads....

  • leaflet distributors

    why does she needs to undergo surgery?? doesnt she feel beautiful about herself?? i really dont know why..

  • Dotty McMillan

    Every doctor knows that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a woman who's skin was stretched that far for so long can not back into that shape without major surgery. No diet, and no type of exercise can get rid of excess skin. Not even a tiny bit of it. If these are actual recent photos, she's had a complete body lift. It can be done without showing much way of scars nowadays. And by the way, where did her tatto's go to?

    There is no word that comes out of her mouth that has even a tiny bit of truth in it.


  • Benjamin


  • pud

    Jesus, she got hammered with the ugly stick. Shame with all she's spent on plastic surgery and she still looks like Sarah Jessica Parker after she'd been dragged face-first behind a truck for a dozen miles.

    What were these pictures for? Are we supposed to think she's an aspiring model and actress now? Good thing someone else is paying for her nanny service, now that she's used her kids for publicity, she's probably done with them. I suppose a shitty Playboy spread is next, once she gets her labia stapled back into place.

  • anniehew

    Haven't you idiots ever heard of Photoshop?

  • bumba

    She fucken fruitloops...her whole body is plastic..and her brain is full of holes....any man who gets involved with her..has to be completely insane....i think she total scum...i pity her kids having a fucken opportunist nutjob mom like her.

  • Chelsie

    What is WRONG with you?!?!?! First of all, absolutely NO muscle tone! Disgusting! And the poses you were making?!!!!!!? You're a MOM. A MOTHER!!! Not that I believe you actually live up to that title... we're all the mothers of your children because you can't support them! Irresponsible. Despicable. I feel so sorry for your children because, ultimately, they will be the ones who suffer. You should be hanging your head in shame.

  • Johnny Eumarr

    Where's a Japanese whaler with a harpoon?

  • Michael

    For the love of all women,I wouldnt touch that with Tiger's tool,let alone my own.I feel sorry for anyone that thinks she is remotely connected with the word "attractive"

  • 8 Inches

    That's not the ocean. It's her water breaking.

  • Cass

    Her face still looks like a horse.....

  • Maleslut

    I'd do her twice... even though there probably wouldn't be any friction in that clown car garage.

    Once just to say that I did it and the second time to sear it into my brain that I wouldn't want to ever do it again.

  • Kelley

    Its more than obvious she had a tummy tuck just like Kate Gosselin. Her stomach looks pulled down and look how long her belly button looks

  • Ripper

    Has this welfare collecting cunt gotten a job yet or are my tax dollars still funding her and the rest of the pieces of shit on the public dole?

  • Fred

    I'd dump a few babies in that.

  • shocked NOT

    The extent to which NS has brutalized and butchered her body is frightening. I wonder if she's had gastric bypass surgery at some point, because after seeing these pictures, I'm certain she's had a total body lift (something people who have gastric bypass surgery sometimes need). There is even sagging wrinkles of skin around her ankles.

    If you look at old pictures of NS, she was normal -- even pretty. But the person in these photos has butchered. Alien. Barely human. And those eyes are Dead. Clearly, this woman is detached from her soul. She has separated from her own humanity. Very sad. Even tragic when you factor in the 14 hostages.

  • Inka

    plastic surgery bitch

  • Esther

    She either worked reaaaaaaaaaaaally hard to slim down or else they're Photoshopping these pictures. Oh, and where's the fourteen again? HMMM?

  • Paige

    This is hilarious! Why would she even bother trying to look good? It's not like any sane, single man worth having would be interested.

  • Anonymous

    So true. So true.

  • mike jones

    after everything is said and done,,she's got nice tits

  • Lew

    uhmmmm!! EWWWWW! This bitch needs to go away!

  • Anon

    She looks like a brunette version of Heidi Montag circ 2007.

  • Boze

    Lying about the tummy tuck and plastic surgery is one thing. She also lied about the number of embryos she used.


    Has this broad ever told the truth? EVER?

  • JournalOfDuh.com

    She deserves to be shot. Literally taken into a field and shot. She's a MONSTER who deserves a very slow agonizing death and all while it's happen, she needs to know this is why this is happening to her.

    But I wish her well. :]

  • Anonymous

    i just threw up in my mouth.

  • Bound4Belize

    Plastic surgery has been confirmed, numerous procedures done yet her infant has NOT had the surgery that HE was supposed to ave MONTHS ago. I've seen the unedited pix, GROSS! Nasty flabs of skin, stretch marks, purple scars. There's tattoos all over her too.


    Circumcision is a HORROR!



    It's sad that her being a Muslim, it's almost guaranteed. ;-(

  • Rambo

    Serious plastic surgery junkie.

  • Debbie

    When is this persons 15 min going to be up? I am so over her!

  • The Oracle

    Stay away. Fertile female. Drops large litters, imagine the child support one would be paying.



  • Gianna

    Where does she get the money to get all the plastic surgery done. She's been at it since before she became famous.

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