Lindsay Lohan is here to help

Never one to pass up a hot celebrity trend, Lindsay Lohan's getting in on that Haiti donation action. Nevermind that she couldn't even find the country on a map. "Um, it's near water?" From OK! magazine:
Lindsay Lohan is using her love for leggings for good! 100% of the proceeds from her 6126 Collection from Fame Leggings is being donated to Save the Children for relief in Haiti.

"It is truly horrible what has happened to the people and children in Haiti," Lindsay said. "I believe every company should do their part to help by donating what they can. Please help us do our part for the Children of Haiti by purchasing this 6126 legging. I am proud to announce that we are giving 100% of the proceeds to Haiti’s children through an organization I am passionate about, Save the Children."

The leggings comes in Metallic silver and retails for $90, but for a limited time only is now $65.
Lindsay also announced that, for the next two weeks, every time she passes out facedown in a pool of her own vomit and regret, she's donating an additional $50 to Haiti relief efforts. Upon hearing the news, millions of Haitians started dancing in the streets.

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  • Sammie

    I feel very sorry for the people of Haiti. What happened was devastating to a country that already had nothing. But, what about here in the U.S.? People, families are still living in those make shift trailer parks in New Orleans. People still have no homes. Areas still devastated. I think we should help our own first.

  • Robert

    ...leggings...retails for $90, on sale for $65...

    Worth maybe $12

  • Anonymous

    Or you just take your $65 and give it to Red Cross....

  • coni

    Everyone thanks Lindsay and all the other celebrities

    who have done their part to help the earthquake victims.

    Of course there are always some people who will hate

    the victims and those who help them.

  • dude

    actually the saudis just gave $50 million...

    not saying they're saints, but if you're gonna be self-righteously pissed off, at least be pissed off at the right things.

  • S

    Really? REALLY?

    First of all, I love all of the ignorant grammar and spelling mistakes on these idiotic comments -- right down to "Hati" from "anonymous". Before you begin a hate-filled, politically infantile, completely moronic rant, please learn to spell. Your comments are shockingly sad and unenlightened, and I'm sure that you supported Bush and his cronies while they spent 8 years bankrupting our country. Newsflash -- it wasn't the homeless or the Haitians taking handouts that led to our current economic situation. It was the most corrupt government that this country has ever had, supported by people like you. Read a book (Imperial Life in the Emerald City is a good start -- says a lot about what we did to Iraq). Pick up a newspaper. Anything but spew your horrible comments.

  • Anonymous

    Like a broken fucking record you people go on and on about "Bush and his cronies". Maybe instead of fixing the blame, you could try fixing the problem. But hey, its been over a year since "Bush and his cronies" left, and this Country is even MORE screwed up. So what are you going to do about fixing it?

    As for Haiti, in 2009 we sent them $287 million. Since 1990 we sent them $1.46 billion. We are their largest donor nation, but even before the earthquake they had no economy, no sanitation, no clean water and child slavery. Where is the return on investment? Where's the money? Oh let me guess, it's all somehow Bush's fault.

  • Anonymous


  • Nate

    6126 Legging have been a hit for over 3 fucking years! It's a total fucking success. Lindsay is a total fucking success.

  • devilsrain

    We should build prisons and send all of over criminals to Haiti. Since the majority of animals that live there are criminals anyway.

    I love the story about the supply truck filled with AID/relief was stolen and the driver and passenger were killed. These are the kind of people we are trying to help? Waste of fucking time.

  • Anonymous

    I vote for you to go first, speaking of animals. Your lack of human sympathy is truly disturbing - are you a psychopath, or just a really big a**hole??

    And like nobody's ever looted or rioted in the US (oh wait, except what about that thing with Rodney King...) Americans rape, kill, and torture each other just like anywhere else - at least Haitians aren't up on a high horse acting like they're better than anyone else.

  • Stephanie

    I'm sure the people of Haiti will remember who helped them. But we can't fail to recognize HOW Haiti became so poor. Since the French occupation a couple centuries ago (they don't speak french and have french na mes by accident), to the more recent USA providing cheaper subsidized goods to the people driving the countryside farmers into poverty forcing them into the city for work and to live in bad conditions. Why is it the habit of Americans to blame the victims? Are we really that self righteous? Are we saying.."America fucked you over, but it's YOUR fault for not rising back up." ?? Seriously people. Have a heart.

  • M

    "they don't speak french and have french names by accident"

    What on earth are you blabbering about? French is the official language of Haiti and always has been. "French names by accident"??? What does that mean? Did your parents name you Stephanie "by accident"?

    Before you post in public, you really ought to learn a LITTLE about what you're posting about.

  • Stacey

    "Before you post in public, you really ought to learn a LITTLE about what you're posting about."

    Clearly you really ought to learn to READ a little of someone's response before you jump on them. It's clear that Stephanie is reminding people of the French 'occupation' of Haiti - although I see how you might have been confused by the phrase "Since the French occupation a couple centuries ago." I'd hazard a guess that she's trying to remind people such as yourself, who believe "French is the official language of Haiti and always has been" that Haiti's current economic and sociopolitical problems are intricately tied to its colonial past under France.

  • Anonymous

    'Clearly you really ought to learn to READ a little of someone's response before you jump on them. It's clear that Stephanie is reminding people of the French 'occupation' of Haiti'

    M's response had to do with Stephanie stating that people barely speak French, while it's actually the officially language. Way to make yourself look like an idiot - take your own advise next time!

  • Anon

    It's wonderful we are helping but dont even try to suggest Haiti is a valuable Ally. Please.

  • yahoo

    seriously, "valuable ally" is just a joke. that country is dirt poor and has next to no natural resources.

    many haitians have had their already pathetic lives destroyed or taken away altogether. this is more terrible than i could imagine. even so, the States are all but broke -- we just don't have the money that haiti so desperately needs.

    the cure for the depression we're in lies in sound monetary policy, NOT sending millions of dollars abroad to "rebuild" a country that will only experience more earthquakes in the future (they're right on the boundary of a tectonic plate). and by "rebuild" i of course mean "build" since there was not much in the way of prosperity there before the quake.

    and we should ESPECIALLY NOT be funneling BILLIONS of dollars into the war machine that is our military-industrial complex. the only purpose of the US military's occupation of haiti is to expand our borders even further by wasting taxpayers' money.

  • M

    @Kan: The Haitian government and the Haitian people will most likely NOT remember this country's involvement in the long run, unless, our country keeps a strict eye/(political) hand on Haiti from here on out for all the help our tax dollars are doing with affording for them all the support they are getting.

  • Anonymous

    Yawn Hati like Somolia are failed states. Their population doesnt truely want centralized government & Thats their decision. HATI WILL NEVER BE REBUILD OR INDUSTRIALIZE, cuz frankly, like the homeless why work when you can get the cow for free!

    Frankly when I first saw the pictures I was like, whats the problem was there a coup or something....Doesnt Hati look like that all the time?

    Also, I love the "actors" donating and "helping the children" to the next big "tragedy." Lets see what the new flavor is in 6 months!

    Spare me & fuck Hati!

  • strangefruit

    humm nice...well your the reason this world is a shithole ready to have no heart and you have no soul...this planet and we people on it are doomed

  • The Lunch

    I hope you, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of your kind just leave. America has donated food, money, and troops to every major disaster in recent history. We did the same thing with the tsunami. America is the world leader in humanitarian efforts and it should stay that way. When your on top, you don't spit at the people under you. You take care of them so they don't come back to bite you. If you don't like it, get the fuck out. I love this country and everything about it.

  • kan

    Whats your point? Yea we are much more generous than rich Saudis, thats a good thing not bad. And when Haiti is rebuilt and industrialized, thanks in large part due to US tax payers and US charities like Bill Clintons, the Haitian people will remember who helped them and we will gain a very valuable allie. try to use your brain instead if thinking like a 5 year old "they arent helping mommy why should we". idiot

  • sdfsdfds

    That is a ridiculous generalization to make. It is a pillar of Islam to donate a percentage of your income every year to charity. It is also a pillar to be modest about doing so, so you won't see Muslims televising the fact that they make donations.

  • Eli

    Americans have been sending money and troops to Haiti since the 1920s trying to civilize that country, with no luck. Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic. The DR, is a failry modern nation with a standard of living and per capita income greatly exceeding Haiti's. the people of Haiti have had numerious opportunities to modernize, instead they choose corruption, voodoo and free handouts. They have no pride.

  • Stacey

    I think a reasonable reaction to your response can be summed up with: "The stupid, it burns."

  • Tom

    Lemme guess, Eli... you're from DR. This is some poisonous shit you're spouting. Haiti's been getting the shaft since it was the first slave state to overthrow its oppressors (France and Napolean).

  • Eli

    Lindsey and everyother taxpayer has already contributed billions of dollars to Haiti. Where do you think all the money for relief supplies, 20,000 military and their ships, planes and equipment is comming from? The American taxpayer, thats who. Meanwhile the super rich Saudis' and other mideast oil wealthy nations are contributing zip.

  • fit


  • Ren

    Wow, there are some people commenting here who are absolutely DISGUSTING. I cannot believe the ignorance regarding Haiti.

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