Halle Berry is more important than you

Halle Berry does not wait in lines. She has an Oscar. And a People's Choice Award. From the Toronto Star:
On Jan. 4, while others were worrying about missing their flights as they languished in the queues for U.S. Customs at Montreal's Trudeau International Airport, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, her partner Gabriel Aubry and their 22-month-old daughter Nahla breezed past the lineups, escorted by a uniformed police officer.

"They went from the back all the way to the front, and they were next in line to get through customs," said Mariève Paradis, a Quebec freelance journalist based in Los Angeles, who had been waiting in line for about an hour with her husband Charles Jacques.

"I wondered, 'Why is that?' Boarding was starting in half an hour and we were worried we were going to miss our flight," Paradis said in an interview.

Montreal police said the officer should not have given the celebrity preferential treatment.
The police officer probably escorted Halle to the front of the line for one very important reason: air passenger safety a strip search. Lord knows if I'd been that officer -- especially after the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day -- the case would have been made that anything she had under her shirt would have needed to be thoroughly inspected. Once finished, Halle would have been ready for travel . . . and I'd have been ready for a cigarette.

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • edgardo

    pongan mas informacin putos

  • kjih kjih kjihkjihkjih

    Hit And Run Halle strikes again! I wonder if she really threatened to return with a big-ass SUV if they didn't let her cut in line.

  • Anonymous

    Why should anyone who is not a potential Islamic terrorist and jehadist have to wait in line. Halle does not fit that profile and she should not wait in line. Neither should anyone else have to wait in line, unless they fit the terrorist profile. Its just common sense, something governments don't seem to have much of. They want everyone to be equally miserable.

  • Renton

    I have been through customs there many times. Everyone waits. A few years a ago I was waiting right behind current F1 World Champion Jenson Button. He is a huge star.

    He waited just like regular little me.

    To find that Halle Berry was escourted through this b/c she is some actress is pathetic.

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