Diddy's son Justin's new Maybach

Diddy's son Justin had a pretty nice 16th birthday Saturday night. He got a sweater from his grandma, a $360,000 Maybach from his dad, and a . . . wait, what? From Us Weekly:
The teen received the wheels at a lavish bash Saturday night at M2 Ultralounge club in NYC. (Among the guests: Jersey Shore stars Paul "Pauly D" Delvecchio, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and rapper Lil' Kim.)

"I'm just ecstatic right now," Justin told UsMagazine.com at his party, which will be featured on an upcoming episode of MTV's My Super Sweet 16. "Words can't even describe how I feel. I'm so blessed and thankful for all of this."
Diddy's son is gonna be in for a real shock when he finds out his new set of wheels only gets 10 MPG. And don't even get me started on parallel parking that boat. My '87 Accord can squeeze into any space and gets 45 MPG when I roll the windows up and turn off the AC. Suck on that Justin! Who's the loser now, Mom and Dad!

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  • Pat_McGroin

    A Maybach? Is there a less tasteful car out there? There's a very good reason that they've been a sales disaster.

  • joygtwiggs

    It is is a shame that people are so bitter and rather hate on someone else's blessings instead of congratulating them. The problem is yall wish you were P Diddy and wish you could be his son and/or be able to do your your own kids just like he does. You take one line & one pic from an article and you run with it. See if you stayed in class long enough you would have heard the English teacher say read the whole chapter people, not just skim through each line. Justin (P Diddy's son) also donated his birthday money of $10,000 to Haiti. To me someone "IS" putting there son on the right path. Don't hate on P Diddy and what God has blessed him with because you had parents that taught you that going to the welfare office was cool, or working for someone else all of your life was the only American way to gain respect. All of yall hating on PDiddy and his son are only cutting off your own blessings. It really don't matter because for every 10 people that hate on P Diddy and his son, there are 20 million loving and supporting them and all of your negative comments are just stepping stones for P Diddy. Even God says, "I 'll make your enemy your foot stole", so keep up the good work haters and use your foodstamps to buy yourself a glass of lemonade, lean back and watch as P Diddy continues to rise to the top. For the coward that remains nameless who wished for PDiddy and his son to die in a car crash, Often times what we wish for others become our own reality, and your last wish will come true...to ask PDiddy and his son for forgiveness on your death bed. It happens all the time..not just in the movies.

  • Lisa

    For you joygtwiggs you have the NERVE to come on here trying to preach the word of GOD while dissing ppl about welfare and hard work..yeah some of us grew up learning what the REAL american dollar mean and how to truly earn it without sitting on our ass collecting royalty checks..there are plenty of starving kids everywhere including new york where diddy is from that,that money could have went to. I agree with some of the blogs that says it is ridiculous to spend that much money on a 16 year old.I took the time to read the whole article and look at the skit on you tube yeah true enough those are "his kids" and yeah he has the right to spend as much money as he want to but damn he should be trying to focus on education and a "true" lesson on how to earn money and keep it. Haters are going to hate but when you put your business out there what do you expect? So what he donated 10,000 dollars to the haiti relief fund but dont you think that 360,000 would have been better? If you knew your facts dont too many ppl support anything that come out the bad boy camp because its nothing but a bunch of catch phrases that fade away along with his career(guess im a hater on that)but the facts are this no kid should be on tv parading how much money they have because in the end and with this economy it can be here today gone tomorrow.

  • WOW

    I hope him and ditty crash and die in a fire while riding around in this car. There are people dieing on the streets of hunger while douche fag kids like him are riding around in 360K cars and people wonder why so much of us hate America and Americans..

  • lol

    That's the way to keep your kid grounded with good solid values??!!! Wow, this is not a good reality. We know p diddy is trying hard to compensate for whatever he is insecure about but if he really sat down to think of what he has done he will know the answer. His money will not be able to shield his son from the badass morals of hollywood and what happens to kids like his son who grow up with everything under the sun from day one. Casey Johnson? Paris Hilton? all kinds who end up totally unhappy and dissatisfied and constantly yearning for attention. Its great that his son seems fine now but how about when he is really rolling in Daddy's dough and ends up being a loser with no ambition or wanting to work for anything cause it's all just a daddy phone call away. Talk to some normal folk Diddy, maybe you need some guidance here.

  • sbrooks1

    wtf are those guineas doing at the mulignan's party lol

  • lesbianhannahmontana.com

    A douche and his 16yo douche son.

  • v4vendetta14

    He sprung for a $360K car, but grade C celebrities. Diddy has as much class as the monkeys from Jersey Shore.

    Snookie better watch the fake tans. If her skin turns orange she will look like an Umpa-loompa.

  • si

    Gotta love the way kids are taught the value of Money in Hollywood!! Great life lesson hes learning there, Im sure.

  • wee

    his son looks like chris brown... and the car.. looks like shit.. damn where did you look diddy? are u aware your son has 16? not 65 years.. go and buy him a BMW or jagur..

  • Ny

    Money can buy you a car, but sure can't by you class.

  • LasVegasGinger

    DJ Paulie D is Hot!

  • Me

    Ok a $360,000 Gramps looking car but, couldn't Diddy shell out a little money for talent?

    Lil Kim?(Is this 1998?) and some reality tv stars, wtf?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else impressed that Snooki went to a party and said "fuck it" and posed proudly doing the duck lips with her moustache and all?

    Any other chick would have waxed for a Diddy party especially after having made $10K last week doing the exact same thing.

  • Nameless

    WTF? LOL I get the car is $360K but it looks like someone's grandpa's ride.

    Save $160K and buy the kid a Lamborhini Gallardo.

    Yes I know buying a 16 year old a Lambo is dumb but so is buying him a freakin' Maybach.

  • Carlos

    I'm gonna drive my '92 Ford Taurus wagon off a fucking bridge. Thanks, Diddy.

  • Litsa

    That is almost as good as the 1976 Toyota Corolla my dad got me for my first car.

    Picture it blue with a white vinyl top.


    I had some good times in that car.

    The bad thing about P Dummy's kid getting this car. He wont look back fondly, like us po'h folk did when he tries to remember his 1st car after his years in rehab.

  • Paul

    A wise gift. This is the kind of car that will teach him to appreciate the finer things in life, and what having money means. I'm glad his father didn't give him a six year old Honda Accord. A young man that starts out life with the best has a better outlook than one that has to struggle. Besides, daddy is a celeb, and celebs are so much better than joe sixpack types.

  • dxmanners

    Sickening...maybe he has good grades and can get a good student discount on his insurance.

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