Kate Gosselin shopping at The Grove in L.A. (10/28)

On March 18 of this year, Liam Neeson's wife of 15 years, Natasha Richardson, died after a freak ski accident at the Mont Tremblant Resort in Quebec. Enter Kate Gosselin. I mean, Liam is single now. He'd be crazy to pass up the opportunity to date a chick with 8 kids. From Janet Charlton's Hollywood:
Kate Gosselin’s divorce will be final by the end of the year and she’s thinking about her romantic future. For years, she has harbored a crush on recently widowed Liam Neeson and she wants to meet him. Kate knows that Liam is still mourning the loss of his wife Natasha Richardson, so she’s biding her time. She has a mutual friend in the entertainment industry willing to introduce her to Liam when the timing seems right. Kate figures a single father is her best bet.
Kate's obviously losing it -- no man in his right mind would want to date her. Listening to that loudmouthed succubus bark orders all day would be almost as horrifying as having to put up with her 8 whiny kids. There's only one type of person that could possibly be in a relationship with a woman like her: a masochist a eunuch the hearing impaired.

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  • Terri

    Whoever the author of this story is obviously doesnt do much research before they write and it shows. Kate has said many times that she doesnt have time for dating and that she is concentrating on her children. She is a very intelligent capable woman who is not desperate like some of the people who have made such nasty negative comments here. She is very pretty also and most of you people including the writer sound extremely jealous. What makes any of you think that she cares what you think of her hairstyle. She has 8 young children and is only thinking of an easy way to get her hair done and be out the door to take them to school or wherever they happen to be going.

  • stellabella

    OH MY!somebody please warn Liem..He going threw enough,and he does not need a moron to add more stress to his life,too, kate will never measure up to liem late wife...When Liem decide to date again he wants a lady w/style & far more educated than Kate Gosselin...

  • amanda

    Ok well i give my props to kate she is a strong woman who all in all has gone thru alot. I know what she is going thru men now a days r not like they used to be. Kate did what she could for her kids while jon did some but ur a dad all the time not when its convient for u!! If kate is interrested in a man good for her if shes not then good for her too its not up to us to judge her and make comments.

  • Dixon

    I used to have alot of respect for John, however, when he decided to cheat, I still forgave him but when he decided to stopped the show I was finished with him. How is he and kate going support these children? I saw a cold and selfish side of John and now I knew why kate treated the way she did.

  • Tikyra Angelique

    Kate Gosselin is a lady, always has been, and will be. I never heard one word reported from her that she is interested in anyone. In fact she has stated that she will concentrate on her children. A quality news agency reports the facts it doesn't spread slander or negative hearsay from a source without a name.

    Tikyra Angelique


    Oh boy. She has to make a statement that she will concentrate on her children? Isn't that what any parent is supposed to do? If I suddenly said "You know what? I'm going to pay attention to my kids" people would think I was an idiot. Her hair will stop her from having a male love interest anyway.

  • Fasc(ion)ist(a)

    DoMaJoReMc-- the term "single father" refers to a male who has children but no spouse.

    You are an idiot.

  • tired66

    Hey Kate is too old and complicated.She has 8 children and so much responsibility daily!She cannot flit around like ediot Jon.I find this hard to believe that she wants to get involved wih Liam.He will get involved with some european young thing or foreign young thing and have another family of his own not someone elses kids!He wants someone that will put him first not have another mans famiy and fit him him.I think Kate knows this and just wants to meet him like I would and go to a cocktail party, be introduce,talk and leave to go home by herself!to her brood of 8!Lets face it until they are all grown she is taken!!!

  • none

    if you would had married someone like Jon Gosselin and have 8 kids I bet you would be barking all the time...but since you are just there sitting in your fucking computer writing about someone else who actually have a life and a busy one by the way...

  • Johnny Eumarr

    If only The Grove had just one homicidal trolley driver.... Oh, and a trolley that went faster than 1.7 mph.

  • Talon

    Seriously Kate...alot of us have got your back. Jon fucked things up for you and your kids and he's sure as hell not acting like a father.

    But don't go after Liam. We would have to then destroy you...and we would.

    Don't even play Kate. Don't even play.

  • pak

    they are both horrible people. Their kids will all end up in rehab

  • Dude Manbro

    No one wants her, she's a shrill, annoying old harpy with a gaggle of little loin-fruits and a dyke haircut. She really, really, really needs to aim a bit lower or she'll be in a world of disappointment. Liam Neeson can score hot women, not old housewives desperate for attention.

  • mynxbaby

    I know women like Kate and the reason they have to act like this is because the man she is with is lazy and has to be told to get things done. John is lazy!

    But I think she doesn't deserve someone like Liam, he is too strong for her. I agree that he does need a strong man. Marriage is work, for both.

  • Sherron Teal

    I disagree with you all I think Kate Gosselin will find a real man who is just right for her a strong man because she is a strong woman, a real man does not care how many kids you have!

    Kate is pretty, intelligent and strong a man will come along in time who is worthy of her!


    News Flash To Women!! If you want a man, do not get Kate's haircut. Does she go to her stylist and say, "Give me the flaccid, impotent, penis repelling, salt peter bob". Ugly, ugly hair.

  • DoMaJoReMc

    "...Kate figures a single father is her best bet."

    Helllllllooooooo! Liam and Natasha have 2 boys, or will KHate make sure they get thrown out of the picture?

    God, please say this isn't true. Liam is SUCH a nice guy, and KHate is such a SKANK!

  • Fasc(ion)ist(a)

    The term "single father" refers to a male who has children but no spouse.

    You are an idiot.

  • v4vendetta14

    Arrogant and bossy, those are both sexy qualities. I wish I didn't know who this horrible broad was.

    She needs to stop letting the kids cut her hair. She looks like a fucking retard.

  • Neorules2112

    I would totally nail this broad !!

    I know it sounds gross, but she is so damm sleazy ..

  • dxmanners

    She looks good, in a 1:00 A.M. cocktail waitress sort of way...

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