Top 10 Ho Ho Hos of Hollywood

Merry Christmas boys and girls. Celebslam's cutting it short today and taking tomorrow off for Christmas but will be back on Monday. In the meantime, here's a little Top 10 list I whipped up: Top 10 Ho Ho Hos of Hollywood (Lady Gaga @ #10 above). Make sure you click through the gallery for comments under each picture.

  • Thumbnail: 10. Lady Gaga\: OK\, we get it. You like to wear shocking outfits that show off your fat ass. You want to really shock me\? Wear a pantsuit.
  • Thumbnail: 9. Holly Madison\: She goes from dating Hugh Hefner to Criss Angel to Benji Madden. Next up\? The guy that hosts the local cable access channel show about cats. Basically\, if you've ever been on TV\, Holly will fuck you. Ho.
  • Thumbnail: 8. Katie Price\: The Pamela Anderson of Britain. And I don't mean that as a compliment. It was just easier writing that than "She can fit an entire traffic cone up her vagina." Ho.
  • Thumbnail: 7. Vanessa Hudgens\: You better believe you're making this list if you've had two naked picture scandals before your 21st birthday. But I still love you. Call me. Let's do dinner and blowjobs. Ho.
  • Thumbnail: 6. Pamela Anderson\: If ho'ing was a marathon\, Pam Anderson would be . . . um\, whoever runs marathons really fast. Maybe someone from Kenya\? I don't know. Ho.
  • Thumbnail: 5. Jude Law\: Jude was on Letterman last week and he was asked how many kids he has. He said three. He really has four. Wow. Ho.
  • Thumbnail: 4. Tiger Woods' Collective Group of Ho's\: Some of these ho's are actually hurt that Tiger had other girlfriends besides them. Oh really\? How about you stop fucking married men and I'll give you a tissue to wipe up your tears. Ho.
  • Thumbnail: 3. Lindsay Lohan\: She likes dudes. She likes chicks. She likes dudes. She likes chicks. This bitch changes more often than the weather. Ho.
  • Thumbnail: 2. Paris Hilton\: Of course she made this list. The only thing open more often than her legs is a 7-Eleven. Ho.
  • Thumbnail: 1. Tila Tequila\: Congratulations Tila. You beat Paris. The world hasn't seen an upset this big since we beat the Russians at the 1980 Olympics. But you deserve it. You also deserve malaria. Ho.
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