The Carrie Prejean sex tape may be released

There's been a sexy new development in the Carrie Prejean sex tape drama. We may get to see it. *unbuttons pants in anticipation* From the New York Daily News:
Vivid Entertainment, a giant in the world of porn production, has received a copy of Prejean's solo sex tape and is eager to release it to the public. The company says it received the tape legally, but would prefer Prejean's go-ahead before distributing it.

It doesn't seem likely the former Miss California USA would approve such a venture, but with new reports claiming seven other sex tapes of Prejean have surfaced, the risk of a tape getting leaked has multiplied. reported the discovery of the new tapes Friday, along with 30 more nude photos. The videos and images are said to all be solo performances like the first tape.
Since you just know she's heading there, I've got the perfect plot for Carrie's first porno. Picture this: Carrie is an outspoken minister that rails against the sins of gay marriage. When she finally realizes she can't convince gay men not to get married with her words, she's left with no other choice but to try and "convert" them with her body . . . four at a time. This movie would have everything: politics, scandal, and best of all -- a ménage à cinco. And as an added bonus, four dicks in her mouth seems like the perfect way to finally get Carrie to shut up.

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  • Thumbnail: Carrie Prejean Nude 1
  • Thumbnail: Carrie Prejean Nude 2
  • Thumbnail: Carrie Prejean Nude 3
  • Thumbnail: Carrie Prejean Nude 4
  • Thumbnail: Carrie Prejean Nude 5
  • nick

    EVERYBODY shoud judge own life and own steps, everybody has mistake and bad moment in own life, so it's good to see ourselfs behavior and made the changes.Its not our bussiness to judge.

  • donnee

    woooooooo she is the most beautifull than everyother girls overthere

    i mean she is Miss USA nobody can take her beauty from her!!!!!!!!


  • kate

    she is beautifull and hot she is Miss USA for me. she is the model....beautifull

  • Anonymous

    she is hot and beautifull she is miss USA

  • Tom Woolf

    Phil Phil Phil..... she spoke her BIGOTED mind, and that got folks up in arms.

    Imagine if, in the pageant had been in 1973 and Nipsy Russell had asked her blacks and whites should marry, and she said "her religion says no". I mean, David Duke only speaks his mind, too....

    I don't care if the tape comes out, because it is widely accepted that it exists, so she has shot her wadd (so to speak) already.

  • She's a lying HYPOCRITE

    This whole mess started because the pageant officials stupidly got Perez Hilton to be a judge. Unbelieveably stupid. You know he was going to ask a gay related question; that's his sole agenda. So, they put her in a difficult situation, and she spoke her mind, which is her right to do. The whithering abuse directed towards her by that idiot perez hilton & others is not her fault; it's all theirs.


    Since she spoke her mind, she's engaged in a campaign of lies, deceipt, manipulation & hypocrisy. She's lied, then she's lied again, then she's lied to cover her discovered lies. She's railed against pornography, then made pornographic tapes. She's claimed that she did no topless shoots (2 with different photographers surface), then that they were done when she was only 17 (proven wrong), then claimed she did no sex videos (proven wrong), then that she was only 17 (proven wrong), then that she did only 1 (proven WAY wrong). Her whole attitude is "do as I say, not as I do". She's the worst kind of lying hypocrite, and this is entirely her fault. For this, she deserves all the bad things that have come her way. End of story.

  • i hate Nancy Grace

    Love it when the judgmental and ultra-Religious characters get caught doing something they'd be oh so critical of. Typical! Hope she goes away soon!


    I think Prejean is getting a raw deal.And that fagget Perez Hilton has no clue what beauty is (look at him),and should not be a judge of any beauty pageant!

    U suk Peter Hugger!

  • Oh Sure

    Yeah maybe someone should tell the woman to run for politics...she'd make for a good political scandal

    Carrie Prejean is the Anti-Christ


  • Phil McKann

    Perez asked her a question and she answered it honestly. You didn't like the answer, so you attack her ad nauseum. Weak, really weak. Shut your pecker holster and leave the girl alone.

  • vdcg

    I can't stand her and I wish she would go away but she is smoking hot and I WOULD pay to see her play with her cooch on DVD.

  • Litsa

    I'm a journalism major. If anyone has the link. Please inform me, so I can do my analysis on the integrity of the tape and it's contents.

  • Neorules2112

    Release that Video, She's hot !!

  • Whippet

    ...I am sorry but your plot is incomplete.

    Because they are gay, they want to do hard anal for the last time. She offers to take it. For 40 mins.....4xmoney shot...end credits.

    I'll produce, you direct? Deal?

  • Herman Bumfudle

    uuumm. watching her get that cunt butter. it's got to look so delicious.

  • james

    if there is a god, Carrie's videos will be released (on Blu-Ray DVD)

  • kat

    CARRIE PREJEAN = SLORE !!!!!!!!!!!

  • shenanighans

    Carrie Prejean cmon down!!!

  • kellay

    Carrie Prejean please go away

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