Maria Shriver driving in L.A. (10/13)

Maria Shriver was caught talking on her cell phone while driving in L.A. yesterday, which has been illegal in California since January. Also illegal? Driving around with dead hookers in your trunk . . . click here to read more about the Jonas Brothers!

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  • maya

    then i hope you die in a firey road crash while choking on your cow-dick whopper.

  • drewjewaw

    STFU, I'll drive whilst talking on my cellphone all day, at the same time, texting and eating a fucking whopper bitches.

  • Paul

    She is a liberal and a Kennedy. The laws do not apply to them.

  • Nameless

    Hahaha...the Gubernator can take steriods, smoke stogies in public places and slap women's asses around but Maria talks on her cellphone without a headset like everyone else does in Ca...she get a very public reprimand.

  • v4vendetta14

    Those things only hurt Arnold. Don't tell me you think we should be regulating people's self-destructive behavior? I hope he has shrunken balls, throat cancer, and sued by the women he fucked with.

    Maria, is one of those self-absorbed CUNTS on the road too wrapped up in their conversations to care about anybody else. Only her actions can potentially kill somebody.

  • Anon

    The only thing that hurts Arnold is the steroids. Smoking in public places and slapping women's asses does effect others too.

  • Maya

    I want to find every single person that talks on their phone while driving and shove their phone sideways up their nose. or ass. whichever is more uncomfortable, depending on the size of the phone. In the past year, I've been hit and VERY nearly died on my motorcycle twice because of stupid ass yahoos on their f--cking phone. GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND PAY SOME GADDAMN ATTENTION TO THE ROAD. sigh. Must be so lonely to be the only person in the world.

  • halle berry

    maybe you should get a car you dumb cunt

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