Kourtney Kardashian at Lamar Odom's Rich Soil Fashion Line Launch in L.A. (10/22)

At what trimester do you quit going to nightclubs and dressing like you want to hook up?

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  • Capt. Obvious

    Okay, she's not a celbrity, she's a person who hangs out with celebrities.

    Second, she's just an attention whore. She's never done anything worthwhile with her life.

    Third, that poor baby. Her mom is clubbing when she out to be doing healthy things for the baby.

    Fourth, not that it matters, that baby is doomed. The Kardashian family is a pimple on humanity. It's a shame they've not been neutered.

  • Grunchliek

    ...and you should notice that I said:

    "In the olden days!!!"

    that means in the distant past folks!


  • Grunchliek

    Race was a poor choice of a word!

    Enlightenment: "education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge"

    Knowledge does not necessarily equal values...and that is what I was talking about!

  • Grunchliek


    I am not oppose to interracial marriages/affairs.

    I am not a bigot and have had some good friends of color!

    It is the caliber of the people that I was referring to.

    For your info I have never seen Armenia, nor do I plan to anytime soon. (My family has been in the us since the turn of the century.)

    ...and surprise we have kept out traditions and values...that is what it means to be an Armenian. (I speak the language and have held the values passed down to me for generations! ...I can't say the same for the majority of the others that come here for a brighter future!)

    A child born out of wedlock is a bastard child no matter how you slice it!

    I also agree about the race and the designation comment by you.

    For your info I hold a couple of advanced degrees and probably know more about world and us history than the above average person here n the US!?

    If you don't like my opinions it is not a problem: I got others!!!

    Bottom line is that these women are trash and act like it!

    No self respecting Armenian would act in thie fashion...specially not a mother of mltiple children...forget about the girls...they think with their sexual organs and a lack of "higher brain function deficiency"


  • The One Hiding Under Your Bed

    Good lord....I can't get over Kim's outfit. Is that a shoulder pad she's 'rockin'? The dress is ugly.

  • thisguy

    all the Kardashian's are like bowling balls, stick three fingers in them, throw them in the gutter, and they come back for more. oh and they love it in the back door

  • jay

    She's just the kind of girl I could have sex with in my van outside the bar. If she accidentally became pregnant and starting stalking me I'd laugh at her.

  • Michelle

    Okay.. so she was at an event to support her Brother in Law, at a CLOTHING STORE not a club, and later left to go to a restaurant for her sister Kim's birthday.

    Just because she hasn't turned into a fat sweat pants wearing slob doesn't mean that she's a skank. She's not even showing cleavage for goodness sakes.

  • mark

    Those piglike sisters are pure trash.

  • EssDubb

    The entire Kardashian family is currently famous for one reason: because Kim is in a sex tape with a third tier "rapper" who is peeing on her in the video.

    Did you hear me?!



  • Anonymous

    LMFAO. This is the saddest part ever. They're all famous because Kim fucked Ray J on tape. Sad times.

  • Grunchliek

    It is such a disgrace for an Armenian girl to not only belong to a family where all the females are whores (Or at least act like whores/skanks!!!)

    Now we got this little twat showing off her bastard child! (Is this the one that married some black dude? ...or was it the older skank! ...not to mention the middle aged mother posing nude for some sex site or magazine!!!)

    ...in the olden days there would probably have been an uncle or family member locking them up in a room till they grew some sense!!!

    It is clear that these "ladies" are ONLY Armenian by name and not culture!

    Armenians are proud people and these "ladies" are anything but proud

    What a disgrace to my race!

    ...on a side not who ever knocked her up had a lot of fun doing it!

    She is hot if not anything else


  • JBG


    I can't tell from your comments if you're deliberately referring to Armenian as a race or if you realize it's an ethnic/ nationality designation. If you are, in fact, intelligent and bigoted enough to be referring to the race as opposed to the ethnic origins of the Kardashian family I have to say: You are obviously an unenlightened pig. If you are referring to your ethnic/cultural identity as "race", then I have this to say: You are either remarkably ignorant or an uneducated pig who should, possibly, consider enrolling in an anthropology course at your local community college. Assuming you've passed your GED, that is.

    Carry on now.

  • STFU

    WOW. Who the fuck cares if someone of a different race marries someone who's black? What the hell is wrong with you? Get the fuck out of America if you have a problem with interracial relationships, you cunt.

    Seriously. "Bastard child"? SERIOUSLY? If someone has a child out of wedlock they need to be ashamed of it?

    I'm not a fan of the Kardashians at all but your comment is trashier than they are.

    Go back to Armenia if you don't like the way we act here.

  • notGod

    It makes me sick that people honestly think they are so superior that they have the right to place judgment on someone else. If you don't like mixing of races or women being sexually progressive, PLEASE do us all a favor and kill yourself. You are merely attempting to hold the rest of society back with your bigoted views, and while you aren't succeeding in changing how anyone else thinks, frankly the world would be a better place if people like you did not exist. So, what are you waiting for?

    Also, wasn't sure if you were totally aware of this, but you come off as pathetic when you sit at your computer and hate on other people for being different from you.

  • Anonymous

    Suicide isn't funny, asshole. You can argue without recommending one kill themselves. You're an ignorant piece of shit.

  • Dujour

    It's almost 2010, if anyone needs to 'grow some sense', it's you! Family member locking them in a room? they're all grown women, they can do as they please!

  • The Kardashian's Dead Dad

    "they're all grown women"

    By whose definition? Do her actions show her as anything less than a 14 year old?

    The parent poster is right. If the family really was decent, they'd send these girls away to some place private where they couldn't get into further trouble.

    They certainly should not even be allowed to have children or raise them.

    This girl is the worst part of society.

  • Nameless

    Her stomach is a big as Kim's ass. LOL And I bet their are both toting an 8lb load inside.


    Heehee,,, Well done :D

  • Sunny

    I´d hit it.

  • Deb

    Okay, so she's single, pregnant and famous, whats the problem. Being pregnant does NOT make anyone a skank. Please people, she was at least in a relationship. I think she wears it well, what do you all want,a damn jumper and long sleeves. I think she is going to do great and she will have a great support system....You go girl.....don't let the haters get ya down....

  • lola

    I have no problem, except the dress should be longer OR wear tights/leggins OR have a loose belly

  • Brooke

    I don't have a problem with women wearing cute clothes while pregnant. I think she still looks cute and sexy while still being modest enough that I don't think she looks like a stupid pig. However... high heels when she's THAT big? It won't hurt the baby (unless she falls...), but it's not recommended.

    I have no idea what she is planning on doing with the rest of the night, but as long as she isn't going to smokey club, I don't think people should be calling her a "pathetic tramp" based off what she's wearing. Now, if you're basing that judgement off of her actions, go right on ahead, but her outfit works for me :D

  • durrr

    @ iaz. I'm assuming you meant "medical condition." In that case, pregnancy is a medical condition, you twat.

  • iaz

    Come on..........Even if she goes to nightclubs.. smoking is prohibited inside !!!

    Pregnancy is not like having a medial condition, she can still go out and dress nice.

  • Anonymous

    pregnancy is a MEDICAL condition dumbass!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks beautiful. People have this misconception that pregnancy is a disability. I mean, she may play dumb on tv, but give her a chance. I'm sure has PR to prevent her from fucking it all up anyway.

  • KAT


  • I Love Lamp



    LOUD NOISES!!!!!!

  • Gaby.

    Pazuzu.... You made my day!

  • Jeezlouise

    Alisa- Yes, staying home in pajamas for 9 months is way more appropriate than dragging your unborn baby all over the country to nightclubs full of smoke and drunk, clumsy people. Shes a disgusting pig. And dont get me started on that spandex...I have never seen a more pathetic example of a desperate skank.

  • alisa

    ummm so since she's pregnant she can't go out and look pretty and wear a cute dress? i didn't know you had to stay home in your pajamas the whole 9 months.

  • eat shit

    alisa's right. all of you are cocksucking fuck faces who live in mom's basement. stupid shit eating fucktards.

  • fuanon

    Hahaha, replying to haters as "someone else"? You must have spent a lot of time on fuanon back in the day.

    Try harder with e less obvious insult next time.

  • LOL


  • Bob


  • John

    Ur an idiot. Please kill yourself...or atleast don't have any kids.

  • qwerty


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