Nicole Forrester, the stripper Josh Duhamel allegedly banged

It's about damn time Josh Duhamel cheated on Fergie. What the hell took him so long? FYI: I had "Sometime in December 2004" in my office pool. What a waste of 50 bucks that was. From Radar:
According to The Enquirer, Duhamel, 36, met stripper Nicole Forrester in early October at an all-nude club in Atlanta called Tattletales Lounge [Ed Note. How appropriate], where she performs under the name “Delilah.” Duhamel denies the report emphatically.

Duhamel was in Georgia filming the romantic comedy Life As We Know It, when he and a pal stopped by the club, according to the Enquirer's front-page story. Forrester says Josh first identified himself as “JD”, and said he was in town to make a porn movie. “I told him, ‘You are gorgeous’ and he said, ‘’You’re hot, too.’”

Forrester says after drinking Grey Goose vodka together, Duhamel had Nicole perform a nude dance for him and a male friend. She says before he left, they exchanged phone numbers, and on October 9th, he called her and invited her to his $820-a night room at the St. Regis hotel.

Forester goes on to describe their encounter, which led to sex, she says. The Enquirer article says that Forester passed a rigorous polygraph and that she was paid for telling her story.
Can you really blame Josh for cheating on Fergie? Sometimes a guy wants to have sex with the lights on. Hopefully Josh has learned a valuable lesson from this whole experience: that the bond between a husband and wife is sacred that he should always remember to pay strippers their hush money . . . and by "pay strippers their hush money," I mean "bury them in a shallow grave in the desert."

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If I had a choice about which one to bury in a shallow desert grave, it wouldn't be the stripper.

She looks like a slightly younger Carmella Soprano...

I can't totally agree. The stripper is carrying baby fat and Fergie still has a hot factor. JD's big fault was doing someone who has much less to lose than him.

Is this Fergie's publicist? Stop it!

Ferg is a fug, but this chick is no better! Ugh... he must have a thing for ladies fuglier than him.

Seriously, at least fergie is famous. There are tons of hotter sluttier strippers out there. I'm sure one of them would have been happy to give him herpes.

It isn't always about doing the best you can w/ regard to partners. Sometimes a man just has a need for some strange stuff wrapped around his shank.

fergie is 50.

He should have banged Megan Fox. Fergie and this stripper chick both got meth face.

What a dog faced stripper. Honestly, have all outlets for naked women been reduced to plain UGLY? First all the half celebs in playboy, now even strip clubs are following suit. Blah! Both Fergie and this chick look like mannish dogs.

Why is she posing in a bathing suit in bed?

She looks like Stephanie Pratt. Not a good thing.

He sure likes FUG women. This chick is uglier than Fergie.

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