Jessica Simpson at the 8th Annual Operation Smile Gala held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel (10/2)

Jessica Simpson had no idea what the hell was going on Sunday night during her appearance on QVC. Wait a minute, whose idea was it to put Jessica Simpson on live television? Those two go together about as well as Roman Polanski and consensual sex. From the Kansas City Star:
Jessica truly did not score any points for herself Sunday night on QVC. (I saw it for myself because I spend way too much time watching QVC.)

Jessica was on to present one of her purses as the Today's Special Value, along with high heels and jewelry and hats and other things from her Jessica Simpson fashion line.

And I swear that she came off sounding like she didn't have a clue about what she was selling.

Sounds harsh? Well, consider that at one point she told QVC presenter Patti Reilly that "you know more about my bags than I do."

Oh lord.

A few minutes later Jessica's mom appeared on stage next to her to. My bet is that the QVC folks rushed mom out there to speak for her daughter because it quickly became clear who supplies the brains behind the line.
QVC's first mistake was bringing Jessica on to sell purses. Of course she fucked up, Jessica doesn't know about purses. If you're going to put her on live televison, you need to surround her with a product she's more comfortable with:

"Hi, I'm QVC host Rick Domeier, and for the next hour we'll be talking with Jessica Simpson about her love of cheesecake, specifially Junior's Authentic New York Cheesecake, Today's Special Value at only $31.40 . . . Jessica? Jessica! Quit eating those! Those are display cheesecakes! Dammit, they're not real! They're made of styrofoam! SECURITY!

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[WENN, Mavrixonline]
  • tarheel

    Hey Beck...uneducated bigot? Like they graduated from Duke? UNC? Wake Forest? NC State? Ga Tech? FSU?Miami? U of F? Virginia? Georgetown? UofM? Georgia?Bama?Auburn? UTEP? etc etc etc...? Yea, cant get no edumicaton at those shitty schools huh?

    You sound just as stupid as and bigoted as the person youre arguing with.

    Besides...what the hells wrong with having the nation separated? Some of us dont agree with yankee liberals that are so saturated in white guilt that they cant even see straight and are so stupid they put a president in office based strictly on his color...which IS RACIST AT ITS CORE!

    geez...get over yourself and treat yourself to the cant have it both ways....yankee.

  • joemother

    this is stupid and she is overweight

  • Hi

    Hey Paul, I'm a Yankee, and I have a nice bridge I'd like to sell you. And by the way, there are jerks everywhere. In fact I believe there is one right where you are.

  • Caden Canyon |||||||| Twitter.

    I like the "duh, me?" gaping mouth expression on Jess. Fits her to a T. lol

  • beck

    I can't believe you southern people are still holding a grudge against "yankees". You lost the war over a hundred years ago. Southern women are gentle trusting souls? if you had it your way you'd still have slaves and this country would have been broken up. that doesn't sound very gentle or trusting to me. Get over it. All being from the south means is that you are an uneducated bigot.

  • Paul

    You hear southern twangs because many southern women are gentle trusting souls. They believe what lying, twisty, carpetbagging, yankee snake oil salepersons on QVC tell them.

  • al anon

    honestly... the comment, "it's funny because she is fat" is a twist on the line said by mister chow in the movie "the hangover." wtf. does anybody read and analyze what they have just read anymore. look at how the poster just wrote the one line. can't any of you analyze that the sentence was posted by itself- a single sentence, which must have more meaning. i grew up being an honor student and excelled at ivy league college and grad school and law school. now i am stuck paying taxes and solving problems at my businesses because most of the world is made up of mediocrity. when i graduated from high school i thought that all of you people would disappear... but you don't!!! instead you remain stupid and eat mcdonald's and complain about healthcare costs and life. then you mess everything up because anyone who is at least 18 can vote. seriously.... retire from the system. i am exhausted from your being average. uggggghhhh.

  • maxx

    all those years in school and you still sound like a total douche? You should get your money back

  • al anon

    well arent you full of yourself

  • Moe Foe

    She's always had the face of a man (that's not a forehead, that's a fivehead it's so big).

    Now she has a fat ass and sloppy tits.

    She needs to lose about 25 pound, then you'd put up with the man face.

  • Hi

    QVC is in Pennsylvania. And it's a television channel. Not a show. And if it's so "Yankee", how come I hear so many people with southern twangs when they take calls from the viewers who seem to be buying the ridiculous products? Hmm.

  • mb

    yeah especially idiots like Paula Deen

  • Paul

    To: Thisguy

    The call center for QVC is in San Antonio. The show itself, and studio, is somewhere in Pennslvania. If you listened and paid attention, you would her the snake oil salespersons on QVC talking about being in Penn. And Penn. is in yankee land.

  • I honestly am not interested nor affected by the antics of individuals who remain as America's personality plus celebrities. I remember Mr. Kardashian from a famous trial years ago and now I am seeing his female progeny, lavishly endowed in pulchritude as they are every time I inspect a media source. Possibly due to my own ignorance. I am afraid I do not have any idea of what talents in what I consider as show business that these comely women have. This is a new era where there are no Judy Garlands or Mitzy Gaynors only pin ups whose credibility in a specific profession is unknown or questionable. Nice work if you can get it.

  • Danklin

    Jesus, if she's fat, then someone like Angelina Jolie must be a friggin heffer to you guys. Do you really get your kicks out of thinking about banging anorexic chicks? Jessica Simpson is stunningly beautiful and you assholes would be lucky to get a girl half as hot as her.

  • 8 inches

    If she really wants me to buy what she's hocking, she only has to do one thing: jumping jacks.

  • jay

    She looks great to me but I stand by the allegations of loose pussy, and loose pussy is not something to get hooked up permantly with.

  • Anon

    She should just learned to STFU and show her tits. They make her money forever. Look at Pamela Anderson.

  • thisguy

    QVC is in san antonio retard. she is nothing but a big fat dumb no talent hick. she makes me sad to be a texan.

  • Anonymous

    She looks drunk or heavily medicated in most of those pictures. And fat.

  • vito

    I don't give a shit if everyone thinks she's fat, or not. I think she's fucking beautiful and I'd marry her just so I could watch her walk around the house. Hell, she could even wear clothes on occasion.

  • UgliestGuy

    Yeah, give her a break, stop making an ocean tuna out of sea chicken, or something like that.

  • Paul

    Leave Jess alone. It is obvious that you neither understand, or cherish young Southern Womanhood. Jess is good looking, intellegent, dutiful, articulate and sexy. Everything that a southern lady should be, and to top it off she is a Texan.

    QVC is a yankee show.

    Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    your an idiot

  • Sparky

    I heard all southern girls take it in the hoop... so she's good in my books

  • Average Joe

    It's funny because she's fat

  • Anonymous

    shes a dumb ass blonde theres no doubting that but fat . . . are people blind?! compared to most women, especially her age, shes fuckin skinny, so to the average fat asses talking shit behind a computer screen shut the fuck up and go take a run fat ass.

  • Anonymous

    in what world is Jessica Simpson FAT? What is wrong with people??

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