Chaz Bono leaving her home in West Hollywood (10/22)

According to Pacific Coast News, this is the first picture of Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono without breasts. And let us never speak of this post again.

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • Anonymous

    LOL at all the bible thumpers! But seriously, she's not hurting anyone, why should you care?

  • Del

    Wow, going from a fat lady to a fat dude = big improvement.

  • Anonymous

    the choices were between plastic surgery to become a hot chick or sex change to become this hot dude and he fuckin chose exploited fat man. i'd ratherb e a jack-off tool anyday :)

  • fay

    right on Kizba!

  • fay

    I know Cher is beside herself right now, and Sonny is probably rolling round and round in his resting place. Well, it's hard to get used to, but if it makes her happy then good luck. I just can't believe this is the same little girl that Cher and Sonny would hold in their arms at the end of their show. Gosh doggon! Looks just like a dude, the way she wanted it.

  • LJ

    The person in these photos is a very unhappy person. The wt. gain has been tremendous and is a sign of unhappiness. She should have left Hollywood and her family and found piece somewhere else. It's a shame that she went to such extremes to make herself happy. No going back now. And if she thinks Hollywood or her family was unaccepting before-will they be now? Hollywood is screwed up! They have their own little world that doesn't have much to do witht the real world. Sorry for your pain Chasidy. Hope it all works out for you, but I have my doubts.

  • Robabsalom

    Awful, I thinik it's great that he has decided to become the person he has always felt he was inside. However, for anyone to be that over weight is not healthy! He's a heart attack waiting to happen especially with the hormone therapy, etc.

    I blame the doctor that actually went through with this walking health crisis!

    Awful! Put down the Pabst! and go for a jog!

  • Jen

    I do feel bad for her with all the negative comments about how SHE looks but I question if this is really right for her. She is like 50 and is just NOW doing it. That doesn't make sense if she was really "born" this way then this would have happened a LONG time ago.

  • Kizbah

    Look, assholes. This person did not choose to be born with fucked-up chromosomes, it just happens sometimes. She was a man in a "woman's" body. Period. Everyone is entitled to be happy in life and if having sex-change surgery enhances his/her life, so be it. Don't laugh. There are two things I've found to be true:

    1)-There IS a balance to the universe.

    2)-God has a sense of humor, so be careful what you think is funny.

  • Dr. Brunswick

    B. Darnese George-

    Hi, wanted to make a point to say, you give Christians a horrible name. What in the hell are you doing on THIS SITE of all places trying to convert people? We all here to blast some tragic shim who is having an identity crisis. Why would you bring God into this?

    You need a hobby. Try larceny and/or suicide, steal some of your mom's anti-depressants and a couple of shots of vodka, maybe you'll do her a favor and jump in front of a truck. Then she won't need drugs anymore...

    Go Home,

    The Good Dr. B

  • Carlos Rolland


  • Fyou

    To all of you who are calling this human being IT or GROSS or DISGUSTING or WRONG. You are ignorant. Your day is coming. Fuck you.

  • whatAhoot

    OK Now its time to play can you tell the differeance game LOL... What a sad person she or he must be, you can tell by the size of the body it's got to hurt somewhere.

  • green

    I think what chaz did to her life is her own choice an nobody else we are not the ones to pass judgement we are not perfect.You all seem to think she did this with out thinking she didnt she's had to been thinking about this for a long time ,this wasnt easy for her she still had her familes feeling to think about.. I think we need to just step back an let her live her life it's her life NOT ours

  • Cathy

    What Chaz is going through is nature not nurture, No matter what kind of parent you are has nothing to do with a childs sexuality. Do the research, it's been proven. Glass houses, people, glass houses. Kudos Chaz for living your life on your terms.

  • Paul

    Well, it is obvious that she is not going to get any free guvmint health care. She has made too many unsafe lifestyle and health choices. She is morbidly obease and has had unnecessary surgeries. Obamacare is not going to take care of her.

  • whatAhoot

    NO But CherCare will take care of her or him or what, it's sad that she had to do this for the attention she is now getting as a him, so so so Sad !

  • B. Darnese George

    You are so correct, God loves all of us and I have been command by him to love his creation but to love him as the Creator even more. I appreciate your dialogue and hope that since you say you love God that you will be obedient to his word, because the book of James tells us that Faith without works is dead. If we say we love him then we obey his commandments. The last verse in the book of Matt 5, says something to this effect... do not be like the Pagans instead be you perfect as I am perfect. God calls himself perfect. I am not perfect but I am no where near how terrible I use to be. I know that sin brings about eternal death... I just would not desire this to happen to anyone. Eternal is forever and ever and ever... The best to you in the Lord...

  • Stillagirl

    Still a girl. Just one without breasts. Doesn't even look like a dude. Just looks like a fat wannabe dude.

  • peggy

    I have to agree that she or he is not an attractive female or male, but maybe she/he has more male hormones than female...I really beleive in my heart that my cousin who is gay, has more male hormones...but a sweeter person you will never find....I am a grandmother and I dont judge the gays or lesbians...don't understand it but that is not for me to try and understand.....

  • Anonymous

    I believe in God. I just do not believe he is a perfect being...Did He not flood the earth and start over when he deemed we were not the perfect beings he wanted us to be? And did He not decide that no matter how we turned out the second time around, He would not interfere in such a way ever again?

    I do not believe we (those who like those of the same sex) will be damned by Him and burn in hell for it...God loves us regardless of our sexuality. God does not mind if Chastity becomes Caz and he does not mind that I have breast implants, dress as the girl that I am and make love to men. I am happy as a woman and God Loves me too.

    I appreciate your praying for me and will pray for you too.

  • B. Darnese George

    It is apparent that you and I have very opposite beliefs, I researched the Holy Bible and I believe, Jesus died on the cross for all of us. Therefore, I believe that God is perfect, he is my Creator and yours whether you accept it or not... no one in hell told me anything. However, it seems you have been discussing some things with some hellans yourself. I can honestly believe you have not read the Holy Bible and you must NOT be a believer of the Creator to remark that this behavior is acceptable by God. Remember, God will not be mocked (Galatians). God is a perfect rewarder of those who diligently seeks Him. This woman needs help, this is a cry for help, somewhere in her life she has been abused and misguided, maybe someone told her she was ugly... what I know for sure (like Oprah says) is that Almighty God created her a FEMALE, not a boy or a man. Therefore, don't you get it twisted 'A'. Praying for you as well!

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell told you that God is perfect? If you read and believe the bible then you cannot honestly believe He is perfect.

  • B. Darnese George

    First, I realize NO one is perfect except the Son of the Creator that I know to be Jesus Christ. I believe this type of action is a direct slap in the face to God... I don't believe he makes any mistakes when it comes to gender. If an individual can birth children... that duck is female, with Ovaries! Chaz, how could you do this to jesus Christ? I can tell you have a lot of pain, hurt and issues you need to confront in this life before you leave this earth. I will pray for you that this comment will reach you and you would seek help... God intented for you to be a female, he does not make mistakes, he is perfect! Please, do me a favor, find a Church of Christ in the local area Godly intervention from a COC Elder or Minister. Chaz, you really do need help!

    Love, a child of


    P.S. The peace, love and joy that you are searching for is all inthe Lord however, you need to seek him first (Matt 6:33) and then and only then can the things you need be added unto your life. Chaz, you do not look very happen in these photos... if you want to be happy, loved, and peace of mind, please, this is a last plea, SEEK GOD FIRST! Everything you are looking for is in Almiighty GOd. You need to have a right relationship with God!

    Genuinely concerned. Chaz please call me at this number (313) 530-1898.

    God wants to help you.

  • darkness

    1 born female 1 born male stupidity and experiencing sexual desire with same sex leads to frustration, mental pain, and unhappy life for the wantabe straight and conflict for the confused uncertain individual that doesn't want to accept who they were born to be! They r mentally living in darkness listening to pathetic people that think gay life style is right when it is wrong! Don't let the snakes change your natural don't fall in the stupid traps that has destroyed many people! Many traps in this world...u got to avoid them.

  • Anonymous

    Something that feels so right cannot be wrong, Darkness. Do you know the feeling of wearing a beautiful dress and high heels on the evening out, seeing a gorgeous mans eyes light up at the sight of you? Do you know what it feels like to have your dress removed and be looked at from head to toe while wearing just a bra and panties and garters? It is a wonderful experience to stand in front of a man and see the joy and longing in his eyes. It is wonderful to be told that you are so pretty and femminine

    Try it sometime Darkness...and know the feeling of pure joy.

  • Anonymous

    So if it feels soooo right to drag a flamer behind your pickup on the freeway it would be right? Even though some shallow folk might think its wrong. Or maybe rob a bank because it feels right? Or stick a gerbil in you backside and let it die up there because it feels right?

    Long as your sick mind thinks its right then I guess its okay everyone. Just tell the cop it felt right to burn a cross in you black neighbors yard. Tell your boss you only slept with his wife because it felt right.

    If it feels so right t can never be wrong!!!

  • Paul

    I'm a man who dresses as a woman and want to someday be a woman. I think Chastity is a brave person for going through with her decision even though it is going to become fodder for te press.

  • valcana

    I always thought she was a beautiful woman I think its sad that she feels the need to change her body,It's just a shell but I hope she finds peace with her decision to change.

  • c

    Poor Chasity is sick ! and should have been forced to go into a mental hospital before she had her breast removed and whatever else she has had done to her body, we should pray for her -- she looks pitiful - but i don't feel sorry for Cher -- I think that she was not a good mother --there is no telling what this poor thing was exposed too as Cher's daughter and now she is just a thing --The doctor that did the surgries should be ashamed of his self !!!!

  • Daa

    I remember you while watching your parents on their show. So cute, all I have too say be happy.

  • reanie

    I feel if ur born a women ur a women and if ur born a man ur a man. I feel its wrong to change ur genger cause the good lord above made us as what he wanted us to be. I think her mom should of explained this to her daughter. I think its disgusting that she did this and the world knows. Who is she kidding????????? SO VERY GROSS

  • JJh

    I liked Chaz on Celeb Fit Club. She seemingly has a genuinely good heart. If this makes her happy, I say, do your thing. Be happy. "I ain't mad at you"

  • JJh

    I think her looks are right up there with Rosie O. Change hair color and, voila!!!

  • cthulhu

    I think I've got four pairs of those shorts, myself -- from JCP. And -- while I'm not quite that heavy -- I can see it from where I'm at.

    It must be rough to have been raised among "the beautiful people" and to end up on the outside. I don't foresee a modeling career, a lot of film work, or wholehearted acceptance in the "glitz and glamor crowd" -- for either Chaz or myself.

    And my hope for Chaz is what I hope for myself -- a bit of comfort, a bit of happiness, and few regrets.

  • nanc

    I admitt I'm curious, I wanted to see the pic's posted,to each his/her own. There's no harn to anyone done, we all should mind our business! Ps: God has nothing to do with this. No crime.

  • Anonymous

    Your right God had nothing to do with her sex change or her homosextualty,satan did.

    he is tha great deceiver and he is doing a great job of it.

  • B. D. George

    I must agree with you... I will pray for her and others who have been deceived. Thanks for standing for Abbah

  • SummerRayne

    Well people have da choice to do as they wish, I would never do it.

  • olivia ruiz

    why would she want to look so unattractive why not try to be handsome. she should have lost weight first,she looks like a dork

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