It's Sarah Jessica Parker's haunted old lady feet on the set of Sex and the City 2 in New York last Friday!

*full size pic below



  • Anonymous

    Her veiny feet are so damn sexy. Be nice to shoot a big wad on her feet!!

  • Anonymous

    u have beatiful feet

  • Sarah

    Would you like me to use my spikes on your eyes?

  • Old Foot Kisser

    Would love to be given a face-grinding by her feet in those wicked high heels.

  • Wire Deth

    She'e Fugly from head to toe

  • Anonymous


  • jay

    How 'bout those Mets?!


    She's not Jewish, but I beg all Jews to please go here:


    It's NOT required (circumcision)!

  • Tina

    SJP isn't Jewish. Even is she was, so what? What's with the anti-semitism?

  • Anonymous

    That's hilarious...SJP is as Jewish as Jewish gets!!!

  • Sly Stallone

    Sly Stallone is really turned on right now.

  • Huge SJP Fan


  • Ash

    She looks like Jew shit.

  • WTF!

    Jews don't call it shit. They call it supper.

    BTW the only reason they don't eat pork is because they consider it cannibalism.

    Fuck Jews. Fuck them, and their yamuklas.

  • Peter Gozinya

    You both sound like Muslims. Why do you hate the West?

  • WTF!

    I'm not a Muslim and I don't hate the West. FYI Muslims hate the West as much as the West hates Muslims - if not less. The tragic fact is that 95% of Muslims don't give a shit about the West.

    There are approximately 7 million Muslims in the US today, if they hated "the West" Americans would count hundreds or even thousands of terrorist attacks each year.

    So take your head out from your ass and embrace reality for fucks sake.

    You are also forgetting that not all people from the East are Muslims - likewise not all people from the West are Catholics.

    We are no better than Muslims, and Muslims are no better than us. We are equally bad, it just so happens we are bad on different issues. In Afghanistan men beat their women, in the US parents and "doctors" give amphetamines (Aderal) to their children to be more efficient in class (school). I personally believe the latter is much worse.

    Last but not least, Islam is a religion and West is a fucking compass point.

    Learn to classify and label shit in a coherent, logical manner, and through a shared/common context.

  • Shane

    If you weren't Muslim you wouldn't be saying these things. Why can't you all just respect other people's religions. Muslims in the Arab world have taught hatred and ignorance. You're the ones that are creating and feeding terrorism. We're all brothers...let's promote peace not hatred.

  • WTF!

    It's the US that is creating and feeding terrorism. Terrorism "feeds" from constant conflict, hatred and violence. You can find all these in any war. So what did the US do after 9/11 to REDUCE terrorism? It waged war on two countries. Can you people be more retarded?

    Name one Western country that is currently under attack or occupation by the army of a Muslim nation.

    I believe this little debate is over.

  • shenanighans

    Hey assholes take your bitching to a political forum. I didnt come here to see your big words and fancy speech.

    Finally, shes got big cans id tit f*ck her....socks on.

  • WTF!

    If you didn't come here to see fancy speech why did you fucking read my posts?

    Nobody forced you to read or reply to any comment you fucking piece of shit.

    No go jerk off to SJP's horse face and veiny feet. Fucking guido.

    Heil Obama.

  • Anthea

    I am Swiss - no muslim, raised christian but not into church anymore - and I say the same.

  • mike

    OOOOhhh my Gosh!

    But look at her arm... What a muscle... Hope she's not gonna look like Madonna...

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