Randy Quaid's mug shot

In addition to "San Ysidro Ranch," you can add "IRS" to the list of who Randy Quaid owes money to. From the Detroit News:
Actor Randy Quaid, who is being sought by California authorities for reportedly stiffing a hotel, has a history of delinquent bills. The IRS has filed tax liens against him totaling more than $1.16 million in recent years, records show.

Quaid, 58, star of "National Lampoon's Vacation," also filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in January 2000 in Los Angeles. At the time, he was raking in more than $83,000 a month, according to court records. Among his creditors...wait for it...The Carlyle Hotel.

What's owed:

  • The IRS filed a $229,886 lien against Quaid on Oct. 12, 2004, in the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds office.
  • The IRS filed a $933,789 lien against Quaid on May 5, 2004, in Los Angeles.
How does a guy make more than $83,000 a month and still have to file for bankruptcy? Outside of Hollywood, most people can live off a million a year without going broke. For example, with some careful financial planning, here's a breakdown of what my monthly budget would look like if I were making that much money:
- Food: $500
- Rent: $1900
- Strippers: $50,000
- Stripper Related Expenses:
     - Handy Wipes: $100
- Prostitutes: $30,000
- Prostitute Related Expenses:
     - Rags: $75
     - Chloroform: $125
     - Rope: $75
     - Shovel: $25
     - Lye: $200

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  • kimberly

    whom ever compiled the example budget must be a serial killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    No sweat. He can go into politics, or get a job with the administration. Both seem to be exempt from paying their fair share of income taxes. After all, he is a celeb, so maybe the IRS will give him a break.

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