Lady Gaga at the Video Music Awards in New York (9/13)

Alternate headline #1: Lady Gaga is an idiot

Alternate headline #2: Lady Gaga is a fucking idiot

Alternate headline #3: Lady Gaga is a stupid fucking idiot

Alternate headline #4: Fuck you Lady Gaga, you stupid fucking idiot

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  • Merboy17

    She is such an asshole.

  • The Reaper

    I like the fourth alternate headline.

  • Brad2100

    Yeah, man. She is banal. Maybe she has some far out visual art thing going, and effectively plays the entertainment reporting with "concept" outfits (and I like the meat dress), but her music and dancing, and interview style, are a sad patchwork of Madonna rip-off attempts.

    I find her dancing very unrelaxed, and her songs have no flow.

    Sure you can't blame her for her career. You know, Vanilla Ice once said, and I'm paraphrasing here, 'Hey, they offered me a million dollar contract to do what I was doing just for fun.'

    But I really don't think she gets her own concept. A true artist would discuss her unoriginality and go beyond it. The fact that she's just defensive about blatantly copying real originals shows that she is not even on the level.

    I don't know, she's very corporate, and 'player' seeming to me. It's sad to see a big figure so popular who stands for just scheming-plus-fashion.

    It's more sad to see people above the age of fifteen thinking she's so great. Like, when I enjoy good art with them, can they really not tell the difference? I'm so alone. I think that's what zombie movies are about. No, no, no brains are not to eat, they are far more valuable for thinking!

  • LB

    Gaga is one stupid bitch! But the one's who think she's really cool have to swim at the shallow end of the gene pool! Dumb asses!

  • yamihere

    She looked like M. Night Shyamalan with Elvis hair at the MTV music awards.

  • Dara

    As a boxer, I would give my pinky in return for me being allowed to punch her so hard in the face that it breaks her jaw in 100 places, effectively ending her music career.

    I know, I need help, I'm working on it.

  • heraclitian fire

    lady gaga is a rerun of madonna. she's trying to sell sex appeal where there is clearly none to be had. I don't care that she wants to be different or stand out or whatever, but if you really want to make music that's going to change the world, maybe you could start by making songs that don't sound like the last 20 you wrote. seriously, a friend of mine was playing lady gaga in her car and i was under the delusion that it was one song stuck on repeat.

    She's not changing anything. She's being an individual I suppose, which is fine, but she's not telling us anything new, not revealing a good social cause or pulling the blinders off of our eyes. She's marketing (shitty) pop music with a wannabe - weird facade slapped on top to make it seem new/exciting/unique.

  • Juvu.Lotus

    I just get so sick of Gag-Slag always comparing herself to genuine iconoclausts like Yoko Ono, David Bowie and performance artist Marina Abamovic. Its almost as if she has no originality of her own, and shes trying to persuade us into putting her on a par with the people she constantly refers to as "her influences".

    Just for example, I'd like to be a multi-disciplinary artist (but definitely not for fame, mind you)-I don't go around constantly tying links between myself and the people who influence me, because I'm only interested in being true to myself. Yeah, cliche, she's not me, I know.

    But maybe all that petty fame has blinded her entirely (as if she wasn't blind already) from the fact that a true artist needs not notoriety, silly pop-world scandal and big bucks. In fact, a true artist who loves what s/he does will shun that sort of empty, meaningless attention altogether. Clearly publicity and fame are the big issues in her little life. NOT "art".

    Not one percentage of me believes that she is as genuine as she'd like us all to think she is. I think she's a phony copy-cat. Her intelligence is limited to her realization that if she simply apes former cultural icons with miles more sincerity and talent then she'll ever have, she will earn some kind of infamy, and thus, the big win, FAME. FAME FAME FAME.

    If she was really a "different" "performance artist", she'd be working unpretentiously in the performance artist circuit, not in the pop world with Cheryl Cole and whoever else pop-enthusiasts listen to these days.

    In fact, speaking of music, for all her claims at being a "different", "outsider", "freak", her music couldn't adhere more to popular taste. Now I've heard REAL different music (anybody else here heard of YES, for instance?). You know DIFFERENT music when you hear it and her music is NOT different.


    i wouldnt go so far as to waste a bullet on her...

    but i wouldnt mind seeing her mauled by a pitbull or 2, possibly to also have crows devour her remains,

    but im sure her record company has a back up plan incase this happens.... which by what im reading here....doesnt sound so far fetched


    thank you

  • For The Greater Good

    I sincerely hope she dies or enters a coma. She is destroying the culture of America. As to her looks, I couldn't care less because short of plastic surgery, there's nothing she can or should do about them. And for those of you who say, "Then get the fucking plastic surgery, bitch!" I say, she shouldn't have to, fucktard. Music and aesthetic appeal are 2 completely different things and people like you are are also why our society is so fucking stupid. The sad part, though, is that her music sucks. Horribly. I cannot fathom why the public loves her so much. She can't sing, her lyrics are incredibly stupid (and what's worse, she means them), and she feels the need make slutty music videos. Get over yourself, GaGa. I would give her props for being original with costumes, but she's such an attention whore and they're so extravagent that they're really just disgusting.

    I miss when GOOD music used to play instead of her crap. She's destroying good music.

    On another note: this thread is cesspool of idiocy. You guys are actually acting stupider than GaGa with comments more disgusting than she is.

    And one last thing: please stop calling her a tranny faggot, you biggots. You imply that there's something wrong with being transgender and/or homosexual. You're also insulting them by lumping them with Lady GaGa.

  • Nas

    GAGA is now giving political advice? What the hell!!!!!! Who the hell is she? And you know why she always have these weird ass dresses, especially covering her face? Cause she is butt ugly. I don't understand this world.

  • lj

    She is shit, she goes on about how she's an artist but she doesn't contribute anymore to her shit music than your average pop star.

    She has her people make up stories about her to make her seem more interesting, because she was tragically born without a personality.

    Just watch how boring and shy her personality is when she's being herself, like when she went on the program "boiling point" pre fame

    When she first came on the scene, she wasn't even pretending to be weird, she was busy trying to copy Amy Winehouse, who was the most notorious artist at the time. Hence the ugly tattoos that she isn't cool enough to carry off and making up stories about being a drug addict.

    It was only after the legendary M ichael Jackson died that she started pretending to be weird and mental, like him.

    She doesn't "get" art. She isn't talented. Her only talent is, like somebody said, copying the original stars and trying to outdo them to get famous.

    She is a shit live performer with a weak voice and ZERO stage presense which is why she needs so many props.

  • jo

    lady gaga really annoys me so i would be critical anyway but HOW can she wear that? it's disgusting - im a vegatarian and i am disgusted! dont critisise me for spelling/punctuation plz people xxx

  • Shirley

    I was shocked. My expressionw was o.O when I saw the picture. I mean, honestly.

  • Anonymous

    why isn't she dead yet?

  • lady gaga biggest hater

    lady gaga is stupid, has no talent,is a bad copy of a hooker, is a little man, a slut, her music sucks, she is a piece of shit, and i have no idea how that bitch calls her self a singer or how ppl call that crap music. I have no idea where all our brains are... why do u like this piece of shit... i am a teenager like most of the ppl who listen to her, the only thing i cant understand is how they like her music or even consider her as a role model... lady gaga fans get this into ur head... LADY GAGA STINKS AND SHE IS A BITCH.. HOW DUMBER CAN SHE BE?! anyone who likes her must be on drugs cause that's what she looks like.... a fucking drug addict.

  • Turkoid

    Lady Gaga's music sucks. I stopped listening to my local radio station because they overplay "My Chemical Romance". As a person, I'm sure she's a regular human being. I don't mind the costumes and all the weirdness but her songs are sooo annoying sometimes it makes me crazy.

  • corporatemusichater

    I am in full agreement with the last comment.

    I find it annoyingly laughable when people describe Lady Gaga as different, unique, creative, original or any other related superlative.

    Her style, as mentioned earlier, is directly cloned from the likes of Madonna, Prince, Bowie and seemingly 80's sci-fi movies.

    Not heard too much of her music, but what I have heard is either fairly generic or trying too hard to be different for being differents sake.

    I am not going to resort to mudslinging or calling her ugly, because people doing that are just as laughable as her being labelled "different" (let's face it, any males saying this have had worse, probably still are doing worse and wouldn't say no...), but lets face it... she is "different" because she is obsessed with herself, has enough money to be as self-obsessed as she pleases and her marketing team see a niche dollar.

    I am only arsed enough to comment about her because of the sad effect this celebrity nonsense is having on popular culture. The fact that people just lap it up as though it were important. Grrrrr.

  • Susanne

    People, be honest. She's not "outrageous" and she's not "original" or "fabulous." She's simply trying to get attention, that's all. Her music is the same as every other generic pop, her stage preformances (being hung on stage, for instance) has already been done (see; Alice Cooper's live preformances) and her outfit is just an over-done version of something Bowie and Madonna have already been doing for ages. So she's NOT original, she's just trying to out-do people who invented this. If she were really originally she would have started something completely new, not just try to out do the originals.

  • Lady Gaga guy

    @ Biggest lady gaga Hater Ever!

    Britney? is that you???


  • Biggest lady gaga Hater Ever!

    This stupid dirty slut is the worst thing to ever happen to planet Earth. I wish 'it' would burn in hell. Her uncanny influence on pop culture and our youth will be the cause of the downward spiraling demise of the human race. We can all thank lady 'the ugly whore' gaga for the destruction of decency and morals in life and in music!

    Fuck you lady gaga, you dumb fucking slut...please enter a coma - for the greater good of this world.

  • David

    I really cannot stand her. The first song of hers I heard was "Poker Face" and I thought the lyrics were retarded, but I've herd much worse (Lil Wayne - Every Girl). Then I watched a few of her performances and each one I see she doubles the ridiculousness of the last. And the crazy thing about it is the MILLIONS of people that LOVE her "music" and her "style." If you listen to her in interviews she sounds fairly intelligent and reasonable which just adds to the oddness I suppose.

  • Unnamed

    Oh, please. Some of us don't hate her because she's "different" or "original". (Ha ha ha.)

    Some of us do not like how she is blatantly whoring herself out to the media. This is for attention. Whether you can appreciate how easily people fall for act is another matter.

    I, personally, cannot, because this attention-seeking behaviour disgusts me too much.

    And yes, of course she's going to claim this isn't purely for media. Most people do not reveal their true motives.

    That's why some of us do not consider her outfits "fabulous".

    (I love the irony in that assertion. So something is "different" only in certain situations, and if we don't like her or her outfits, we're just wrong and uneducated?)

    I think this is a legitimate reason to dislike someone.

  • Steve

    Ahh, to see why we have the problems in the world we have today. It's people like you that make me nauseated, and think you should get over your jealousy. Go get an education, wipe your ass from back to front and fucking die. Lady Gaga is amazing and her outfits are fabulous. Oh about the fag comments, your probably the biggest fag of us all. Now be good U.S. citizens and fucking shut up!

  • pants

    So i live in Dresden Germany and just before Christmas i downloaded her new album, there is only one track that was any good the rest was fucking shit!!!!!!!!!

    then at the weekend i got post from a retarded law man demanding 1200€ for downloading her album using Bittorrent so i took the post to my law man so he can deal with it.

    To cut it short i don't have to pay a bean (Thank fuck for that).

    Now just a few words for lady kack kack:

    Don't you ever come on German TV again while being interviewed about the letters the poor German people get demanding 1200€ for supporting your fucking shit music and then turning your dog ugly face away from the camera and simply saying no comment.

    I strongly suggest you take a retractable batton, shove it up your fat horse ass and then go play for at least an hour on the Autobahn A9 where the speed limit is unknown.

    You see in Germany its not wrong to mow down a wild pig.

    Driver comments:

    "the fats ass pig did'nt know which way to run so i ran over it"

    Fuck You Lady slut face horse ass jumped up hoity fucking toity little shag piece rear end bus fried egg for tits cunt face schlamper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ur mother

    i'm sorry, even though i'm all for people not conforming to society's beauty ideals, this is just a whore. she even said that her style was all about "obsession," which is just a nice way of saying, trying to get everyone to stare at her... she pushes every annoying button in my brain. i will kill that bitch.

  • Georgia

    She deserves all the succsess she gets! I love you Lady GaGa, you are perfect.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT A DOUCHE!!!!!!!

  • Jinx

    You guys are the one's that fucking suck! Some say different people scare you! Go fucking hide under your bed than you pussy bitch!

    Lady gaga is someone who loves what she is doing. Freedom of expression isn't a fucking sin or against the law so shut the fuck up! Nobody is making you look at her or listen to her music. So zip your flapping mouths, Stop talking shit about people who are different and GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU BRAINLESS IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alexis


    have a lovely day.

  • Ernst

    She'll be found dead soon enough.

  • poop

    wtff........thats all i cn say....wtfffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shes so fckn retarded....stupid ass costumes..nose so big....she probubly picks it like 23/7 got....ether that or she puts her dick in it every night to strech it out....its just so big....and she think shes the shit..but she iz litterally the shit in my ass that wont come out and hurts cause it got crusty cause i didnt wipe ma ass fr 10 but seriuosly shes fckn face.......................................omfg..wtfk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    who da fckk would wana fck her....i wasz juss wonderin no shes just plain da new kid that everybody thinks is gona be cool buut rily is a fckn idiot that brings those wierd ass necklesses and has the gay ear pierce by axident....ahhh....yessssssss i cn finally let it out....WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok bye

    no but shes acually rilly wierd and has no sence of humer....

    no but seriously bye........


  • BAHA

    UGLY any guy who think she is hot, is infact a man lover or an idiot. Just NASTY LADY!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What the hell?

  • rhen

    It looks like she went as a used tampon

  • Ty

    Lady Gag Me

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a giant used tampon

  • Mandy

    She obviously dresses this way because her face is ugly. I'm not trying to be a bitch here. Look at her outfits - they ALL cover her ugly ass face.

    It would be one thing if it was "different". But she's trying to make it look like she's "different" when really she's just hiding her ugliness.

  • Futurist

    Boy, do I hate it when people don't dress up to conventional societal standards. ESPECIALLY when they do it on television, or in front of a lot of people, or (doG-forbid) both!

    Different people scare me.

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