Lindsay Lohan out and about in New York (9/8)

Lindsay Lohan is shitting her pants that the dude who robbed her house last month -- her dealer the guy she coincidentally knew -- might spill some secrets about her. From the Chicago Sun Times:
A longtime Lindsay Lohan friend is whispering about concerns for the star and her reputation, now that information has arisen linking her personally to Nick Prugo, the guy charged with robbing her Los Angeles home. ''Everyone's worried he'll talk about issues that could hurt Lindsay ... stuff about drug use or borrowing clothes and jewelry that wasn't returned,'' said the source. ''This is not good.''

Prugo reportedly was a regular on the set of Lohan's recent film ''Labor Pains'' and seen frequently in intimate conversations with the star during breaks in filming.
Lindsay better be careful or this Nick guy might totally ruin her reputatio -- I'm sorry, I can't even finish that sentence. What could this guy possibly say that hasn't already been plastered all over the tabloids? Most people know she's a sexually-confused, drug-addicted, out of work has-been. There's only thing about Lindsay this guy could release that might actually be a surprise: that she's literate.

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  • Logan

    porn, no. she is not in any way up to the porn industry standards. no way.

  • Nate

    BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If she was messing around during Labor Pain we would had fucking heard about it a long ass fucking time ago you dumb ass mother fuckers!

  • anony


    He's her dealer.

    He broke into her house after she didn't pay him.

    He could probably spill the beans about a lot of stuff.

  • j


  • Skorn

    For all you people hating her, acting like you know her, believing everything you read.

    Yeah she does drugs, I'm sure she's sorry it has ruined your life. It must be tiring combing through tabloids every day looking for that next fix to fuel your hate.

    As for not working, ignorant much? Don't answer, I know you are. The article talks about a movie she just finished, plus she has another in post-production. Shes getting paid. She also has a movie in production and one lined up when she is done.

    I'd love to see her in some porn, but that's because I think she is still kind of hot. She doesn't need the money, girl turned down a 900k offer from playboy.

  • Carlos

    Signed, Samantha Ronsons' index and middle fingers.

  • Kirk

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, rolling my eyes!

  • Michelle

    for all you people defending her you guys act like you know her and that shes a really good person and that there all rumors. shes been caught with coke before so does do drugs. SHE TAKES HER LITTLE SISTER ALI TO 21 AND OVER NIGHTCLUBS And if she is so talented then why doesnt she have a job? if she was so talented then maybe at the auditions people would actually pick her to be in the movies, And im sure all the other celebs are jealous about her career and her looks. i know i am, i would love to be that young and have a wrinkly old looking worn out faceand i dont know how much lower she can ge.maxconrqad is right she should jsut go to porn before time runs out

  • maxconrad

    I wish Lindsay would hurry up and make her fortune in porn, before that young & tasty body of hers shrivels.

    She's a natural for the South Beach Strumpet series!

  • Ironic Tool

    "There's only thing about Lindsay this guy could release that might actually be a surprise: that she's literate."

    That would be crazy! Maybe she could fix that sentence.

  • Nameless

    Yeah quit picking on Linds. Now she has to go through the hassels of befriending another drug dealer to score coke for her and this guy could f*ck up her risk/credit rating if he comingles with all the other local drug dealers locked up in LA County.

    He could spill the beans about her being broke as hell, bunghole being stretched out a Boeing could fly in it and/or her lack of fellatio skills being subpar which could seriously be detrimental to scoring drugs in the future.

    Hell, she might have to go to rehab again to network new sources.

  • Midnight Angel

    I have to agree with Paul on some of his comments. Lindsay obviously didn't plan on someone she became acquaintances with (for whatever reasons only she will know) to rob her. She's vulnerable for friendships and unfortunately, unscrupulous people will use her to their own selfish advantage. The best thing she can is is be much more prudent in her choices of social friends and focus on her future career. Sometimes people have to hit bottom before they can start improving their lives.

  • Anonymous

    Signed, Lindsay Lohan

    {eye roll}

  • Burn it with fire

    You stupid troll, please die in a fire.

    As for Lindsey, she may face criminal charges due to helping Nick rob her own house. Wait, what am I thinking, this is LA, celebrities don't get charged for crimes in that screwed up county.

  • Paul

    Quit picking on Linds. It is all rumor that is not based on any fact at all. All these stories about Linds are just jealously because she is so much more talented, popular and better looling than other celebs and wanna-bes.

  • Elisa

    She's done Mean Girls that was good and that's it! She is not talented; talented people are Nathalie Portman, Keira Kneighly, Mila Kunis, Rachel McAdams (by the way, she was in mean girl too) so Paul, stop saying she is talented because she is not! She did one good movie, the rest sucks! Oh and by the way, all the ladies I have just mentioned can I say that, yes, better looking, more talented and not without a job so I am sorry Paul but if I wanted to be jealous of someone, I might pick one of these ladies instead, if it's okay with you! I think you probably really like her and that's why you are defending her...ha, ha, ha, ha, wanna-bes, that's exactly what she is, a wanna-bes!

    With all respect my friend, Mean Girl was just a lucky shot!

  • Anonymous

    Signed, White Oprah

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