Khloe Kardashian at her rehearsal dinner at The Lobster in Santa Monica (9/27)

Turns out Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's wedding on Sunday was nothing but a sham. The ceremony was about as legal as Ali Lohan. The couple isn't officially getting hitched until they can hammer out a prenup. Oh hey, guess what's not going well. From TMZ:
We've learned two high-powered family law attorneys are already squaring off, trying to hash out the prenup Odom wants as a condition to marriage. Neal Hersh is doing his bidding, while Lisa Meyer is repping Khloe. We're told the negotiations -- which began last Friday -- are already contentious.

Our sources say the couple will tie the knot -- legally -- once the prenup is inked.
This is outrageous. I want the gifts back I sent, the punch bowl I sent Khloe, and the bear mace I sent Lamar. Look, I know bear mace seems excessive, but you try fighting off a horny Khloe Kardashian using just regular mace.

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  • Anonymous

    Khloe's wedding...

    Bruce Jenner's face...


  • Anonymous

    She'll always be "King Kong Kardashian" to me.

  • Anonymous

    The Kardashians/Jenners have a lot of class, too - strictly low.

  • Paul

    Just goes to show the great intellegence and prudence of Ms. Kardashian. Those girls are no slouches when it comes to the brains department. They have beauty and brains.

  • Anonymous

    Khloe "Amazon Woman" Kardashian isn't the one insisting on a prenup. It's the groom, who is worth $30 million plus. So much for the theory that those Kardashiwhores have beauty and brains.

  • Anon

    Paul is just trolling. He knows the obvious but states the exact opposite of what everyone is thinking.

    Khloe has got to have some Star Wars money she wants protected. How many films did she play a wookie?

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