Felicity Huffman participating at the 2008 Nautica Malibu Triathlon (9/2008)

In what many are calling the most embarrassing case of mistaken identity since a sleeping Rosie O'Donnell was mistaken for the world's largest ice cream sundae (made by Palm Dairies in Alberta, Canada, in 1988), Felicity Huffman was actually mistaken for Madonna. Ouch. From the National Enquirer:
Someone better tell actress Felicity Huffman to ease up on the strenuous workouts! The "Desperate Housewives" star, sporting some seriously ripped muscles, was spotted hiking a Coldwater Canyon trail in Los Angeles on Aug. 24 when someone shouted: "Hey look, it's Madonna!" (Print Edition - 9/14)
I'm sorry but I blame Felicity's husband William H. Macy for this. The moment your wife starts to look like that roid freak Madonna, you lock her in a Cheesecake Factory and don't let her come out.

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  • Senior Pepe

    Someone needs to tell Bill Macy to shave off that porn-stache!

  • Jupiter

    Oh please, I don't believe that for a second. The National Enquirer just needed something to go with the picture and thought, "Hey! Madonna works out, right? And.. she's blonde? Right? Genius!"


    Mistaken for Madonna? Was she shoving her old lady crotch in peoples faces? Stealing children? Dating children? Etc...

  • 8 inches

    Muscular. Red headed. Weird looking. She wasn't mistaken for Madonna. She was mistaken for Carrot Top.

  • Anonymous

    That is bad, she's kind of hot in an older chick kind of way. Felicity, NOT Madonna!

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