Kristen Stewart leaving a studio in L.A. (6/13)

That one chick who looks high all the time may be getting naked in her next film. Umm, cool? From Star:
Kristen Stewart will be stripping — all in the name of art, of course — in Welcome To The Rileys, an indie flick starring Sopranos mob boss James Gandolfini. The movie is about a stripper who unites a grieving couple (James and Oscar nominee Melissa Leo) who have drifted apart after the death of their young daughter.

"It's an independent movie that nobody would normally see," Kristen said, "and now it's like, 'Oh, let's go see 'Bella' in this stripper movie. It'll be crazy!'"
Watching Kristen Stewart take her clothes off on camera is probably a lot like scraping your dick on a brick road: you'd be surprised by how chafed you can get from something so flat. Besides, if I really wanted to see a girl that looked like a twelve-year-old get naked, I wouldn't pay to go see a Kristen Stewart movie. I'd download Vanessa Hudgens modeling portfolio.

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  • Thumbnail: Kristen Stewart Nude 1
  • Thumbnail: Kristen Stewart Nude 2
  • Thumbnail: Kristen Stewart Nude 3
  • Thumbnail: Kristen Stewart Nude 4
  • Thumbnail: Kristen Stewart Nude 5
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  • shalabh

    she is a sexy girl. pl.come and sex with me

  • christian

    i want to meet a hot sexy Celebrity femal

  • Anonymous

    your all cow fuckers pussy lickers dick suckers shit heads and fuking assholes oh and did i forget RETARDS if you dont like kristen

  • Anonymous

    bees cants bite

  • Baby_vampire621


    ...kristn keep Rockin n i'l b watchn 'u'.hehe

  • ME

    I think what were all forgetting is this is not about how beautiful she is. Its about a movie she will be stripping in. Ok so what she is stripping. Its Art, not a fucking porno. So get your hands out of your pants. I agree she is beautiful but i can see why people who would say she was ugly, like people who are blind and dickless. But like i said she is stripping for Art. Ya know that thing artists do at collage? Where you all sit around and say 'damn, look at the rack on her' hoping she doesn't notice you staring at her.

    But i digress, in any case, she is doing this movie for Art, and i think its kinda cool for someone to be willing to expose themselves for the art community. Just do what most people will do. Either go and see the damn thing, or shut up and don't.

  • OMG!!

    Not big tits but tits in general would be nice. And the "Straight girl" that would eat that all day long....its because she looks like shes a 12 year old boy. Studys show that girls are now looking for boys with feminine features so it would make sense that a girl with boyish features would get you hot and bothered.

  • shawty

    all i have to say if she isn't talented and you don't believe she can act don't you think they would have found someone else to play bella starting with twilight. Y'all some real ignorant people. I think she's a good actress and she is pretty accept her black hair right now. and y'all dick heads talking about she aint got no boobs y'all assholes so ur telling me that u rather have a girl with big tits? U really are in a fantasy world look at the runway models they have some tits but i don't see u calling them ugly before u write shit about people on the internet look in the mirror and take a look at what u see dumbass

  • Sami

    OK for all of you that "hate her so much" why did you even click on this? oh cuz you have no life! if you don't like her than whatever but don't click on stuff about her if you hate her OMG!!!! just tell it to someone who cares!

  • Anonymous

    ewww i dont wanna see her naked shes got a pale body small everything

  • Anonymous

    ewwww.....she has a pretty face..but.....body wise??? And to you you nameless ones degrading her just telling the truth...spineless prick

  • F.U Kristen is awesome

    wtf kristen is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. im a straight girl and i would eat that all day long. so what if she is thin, bravo for her for not getting plastic boobs sewn into her chest and for actually seeming to have a normal personality.

  • Magnanimous

    you know they edit photos to change their looks removing and adding effects, same with MODELS they are not actually pretty until they do editing go to a regular photo shoot and you people will understand, yeah sure she may not be the hottest but everyone has saw worse at one time or another.

  • kay

    personally, she not that great of an actress. Yea she does look like she's high and did the twilight movie just cause of the money until she found out that she would get popular for doing the movie. and they should of have picked atleast a pretty girl to play on twilight...but she can do whatever she wants to do so stop fucking with her.

  • ashley

    I like her but the new hair and the stupid hair take away from her natural looks...

  • Summer

    I personally think she is very beautiful... But yes, could do with a lot of developing. I like her face and eyes in these pictures, though.

  • katrina

    god some people on here are ass holes there just jelous cuz she is a VERY GOOD ACTRESS i love her in twilight and can/t wait for new moon,eclips,and breaking dawn you go Kristen Stewart dont ever get hurt at what these ass holes say

  • Cody

    All of yall that talk shit about this girl and her look and acting are just pissed you cant be her and make the money she makes by playing one person in a movie the brought in billions of dollers because she is a great actress so Fuck off and let her do what ever she wants to do....

  • Amani21

    i think kristen is a great actress so leave her alone if u dont like her keep ur rude comments to ur self and leave the ones who lik her quit wit da rude comments god u dont have a life if ur making comments lik da ones ur sayin so shutup

  • I got it!

    I just realized what she resembles, aside from a crack whore.

    That rat, from ratatouille

    Or any common rat.

    Would you like some cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?

  • Anonymous

    What I don't get is why everyone is hating on Kristen. Do you people even have a life? I mean come the fuck on! If you don't like her then why pay any attention to her! Kristen- your a awsome and talented actress! I've seen Twilight and all your work. It's all great. Oh and to the moron who wrote the comment about rats... have you looked in the mirror? What is it about yourself that you don't like that would make you hate on someone else to make yourself feel better?

  • OMG!!

    That doesnt mean we are gay, it means you happen to enjoy 12 year olds. Personally I like grown woman.

  • Eduardo hollman

    Is this a gay site? Or perhans only a haters site? Kristen is so beautiful. I´m a man, I can tell. And if she looks like 12 to you, ok, for me she is a dream, she´s hot!

  • Hmmm

    Crack whore.

    Thats what I see....

  • Anonymous

    Is that what your calling yourself these days?

  • OMG!!

    But seriously, why does a girl built like spongebob square pants even bother to wear a bra? CoughBRUSHYOURFUCKINTEETHcough.......

  • OMG!!

    She has NO talent or respect for her own movies, she has said that Twilight sucks and she basicly on did it for the money. As far as acting, all her scenes she uses the motivation of "Stuck up bitch" I guess, gee her next movie she will play the part of "stuck up bitch" and guess what? she fits the part.

  • ha

    She's an awful actress. Her screen presence is awkward and every time she says a line, I imagine how it would look on a script. You know it's bad acting if you can't for a moment believe that what the person is saying is real.

    The worst part is that I think she does have some sort of talent. What a joke.

  • Glenn

    guess embedding that link didn't work


  • Glenn


    Not a homo, just honest. And if you don't think this:

    is hot - you are out of your frickin mind.

    Oh and BTW I haven't even seeeen twilight. I just think she's cute.

  • Katie

    Kristen IS talented.. at playing ONE character the teen angst girl next door. If her character couldnt where some lame 80's T and chucks i bet she would fail miserably.

    She has ruined Bella & Twilight for me.. buhh

  • Anonymous

    ok your a dumb bitch who obviously hasn't read the books! Kristen IS Bella!

  • Chaka

    Glenn is a homo!

    Personal foul, somebody is giving Glenn the business.

  • Glenn

    You people are full of it.

    You know you just added this to your netflix save queue - just like I did. :)

    Oh and she's 20x cuter than Vanessa Hudgens.

  • yes

    @ OMG and Nameless

    You are my fucking heroes. Truer words have never been spoken.

    @ Shakaiya and Drifter

    It is beyond me how anyone considers this dumb twat "beautiful" or "talented". I guess that would be true if you were blind and retarded, which you clearly ARE. End of story.

  • OMG!!

    SOMEONE CALL THE COPS!!! SOMEONE STOLE HER TITS!!! oh and further more, she looks like Fival the mouse from the fival goes west and so on.

  • Shakaiya

    She is a good actress. People are just stupid, mean, shallow about her.

  • Drifter

    she is lovely. i wish her the best in her new indie film. people who try to make themselves feel better about themselves by degrading beautiful women make me sick.

  • sharpie


  • Nameless

    Why? No one wants to see this dude's peen.

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