Ashley Greene nude!

Some nude pics of Twilight star Ashley Greene hit the internets today and all I can say is, whew! It's been nearly 110 hours since a famous chick had her private nude pics leaked to the 'net. I was beginning to think Hollywood wasn't full of dumb whores. Thanks for restoring my faith Ashley!

NOTE: To see the uncensored pics of Ashley Greene naked, click the headline pic (or thumbnails) and then click the "Full Size" button located at the top or bottom of the image.

UPDATE: You'll never guess who has a big, scary lawyer.
  • jason kinkaid

    C'mon Playboy offer her a spread of 8 pages and the usual million $. Till you can get Carrie Prejean between the pages, do Ashley Greene please! A rack like that must be in your monthly. Now I'll remember Ashley Greene for her body only, and not her acting roles, sob! sob!

  • Mr. Ed

    I'm so happy she leaked these pictures, and can't wait for the sex video in two, maybe three weeks.

  • miku

    nice ja väga kena

  • Anonymous

    Perfect, natural boobs. Great body. Cum forever...

  • Big John

    I gotta say, it looks like the bathroom at Prime 112

  • Nameless

    Who the hell was the photographer...Gary Coleman?

    Either someone was really freaking short or else the camera was on a tripod and these are self taken.

    Either way she can get in the back of the long ass line of the other tween sluts who thinks "leak" nudes will make them more marketable.

  • ada

    Yahooooo, i've found her latest uncensored nude photos. Here we can get her:

  • Hayden Mounsey

    Nice tits, bitch.

  • err

    these are modeling photos she did before she was famous.still nice to se Alice cullen naked though!

  • Erik Colquitt

    must be some sort of new career advancement ploy in la la land.

    leak nude photos of self over the net, land starring role in twilight 3 or on the penis of some producer.

  • master yoda

    Shaved, it is.

    Like it, I do.

    Lick it, I would.

  • litsa

    she's got a somikin bod. i'd love to lick her bung for days.

  • aimee

    im a married CHICK,but even i have to admit..that girl has an awesome body.and if you have a nice take pics of it.bc one day your body is bound to why everyone makes a big deal outta it idk.shes hot,nothin to be ashamed of:)

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