Ashlee Simpson leaving the Ken Paves salon in West Hollywood (7/23)

I'm not a famous singer, but if I was, I would go out of my way to not be a dick to the people who buy my CDs. It just seems like good business sense. Like, I'm not a dick to the people who read Celebslam. I almost never call you guys fat or ugly. From the National Enquirer:
Ashlee Simpson-Wentz snubbed her fans after having her red locks tended to at the Ken Paves Salon in Beverly HIlls on July 23. The star of "Melrose Place" promised she'd sign autographs and pose for photos on her way out. But she changed her mind and walked right past everyone after her beauty session. (Print Edition - 8/3)
The most shocking part about this story isn't that Ashlee didn't sign autographs for her fans -- it's that she actually has fans. The only person who should actually want an Ashlee Simpson signature is a server at a restaurant waiting for her to sign the bill. If these people outside the salon were so desperate for the autograph of a washed-up moron that married a gay dude, they shouldn't have waited for Ashlee -- they should have waited for her sister.

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  • ta

    bitch needs sunlight

    and a meal.

  • TheFeeler

    That's funny. Remember on her reality show when she played at a high school for free and kids were bitching about how they didn't want to stay for her concert?


  • lala

    who cares about her shes a loser who rode on her sisters coat tails and i hope melrose place gets canceled so we dont have to look at her

  • Silsmojo

    Jennifer...what are you, 8yrs old? When no one knows you exist anymore because the new nose & the new chin are no longer NEWS, you DO NOT call the paparazzi and tell them where you are so you can show them how FAMOUS you think you still are by snubbing the people (like you) who buy her crap. That's just bad for business! How else is she going to pay for them dye jobs if she keeps doing that? The only thing musically (too big a word for you hon?) she ever did was to get her ass busted on Saturday Night Live lip-syncing some bubble gum tune, but you wouldn't know about that since it was on past your bedtime. So don't be mad or pout because hey, at least we are even taking the time to TALK about that redheaded never was!

  • Kasey

    -it looks as if she had an unsuccessful beauty session

  • alice

    what is she even famous for?

  • Jennifer Soloway

    Yes, she shouldnt have snubbed her fans. But whoever said that she is a washed up moron is just plain mean & rude. She might have snubbed her fans but that doesnt mean you have to say the meanest things about her. I happen to think she is a talented actress & singer. Maybe she was having a bad difficult day but that doesnt give anybody the right to say the meanest things about her. How would you feel if somebody said something really mean about you & your sister.

  • Anonymous

    jennifer, you are a complete and utter twit.

    grow up.

  • Anonymous

    A talented actress? They gave her what, 4 episodes on 7th freaking heaven because she was someone relevant at the times uglier sister. As for the new Melrose Place, I don't know anybody who watches it, I didn't even know it was on any longer/yet/anything about it.

  • Obama bin biden

    You do realize the name of this website, right?

  • k.

    she always half-smiles in the same full-annoying way. who she is anyway?

  • VtFarmboy

    ashlie who????

  • Dan

    Ash really turned into being a hippee being with that little weezle. Check out the peace symbol hand made tattoo on her finger and the peace symbol arm bracelet

  • Diane

    The fans probably thought she was Lindsay Lohan

  • Anonymous

    She's a C U Next Tuesday!

  • Tom

    Fans huh? What was there, two maybe three losers outside who just wanted a pic with a celeb?

    No one cares about her, and that will never change.

  • Susan

    well, she can't sing and my guess is that she can't write either. good job papa Joe

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