Shirley Jones leaving the Hollywood Christmas Parade (11/30/2008)

*Shakes head* . . . From the New York Post:
Shirley Jones has a beef with Playboy. As we reported in May, the squeaky-clean "Partridge Family" star, now 75, was interested in doing a Playboy spread. But after the magazine's snappers recently took 300 test shots in which Jones showed her cleavage and legs in an 18th-century French-boudoir setting, Hugh Hefner "passed on them because he expected much more nudity," her husband/manager, Marty In gels, told us. "Shirley said, 'Under no circumstances will I show more.'
Hugh expected MORE nudity from a 75-year-old? I'm sorry, but once women reach a certain age 40 30 (usually around ~19ish) they look better with their clothes still on. Besides, if I really wanted to see that much saggy/wrinkled skin, I wouldn't turn to Playboy to get my fix, I'd find a picture of Cisco Adler's balls (Google it . . . if you dare)

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[WENN, Mavrixonline]
  • JonnyManHood

    HOMOS! Leave it to a confused mess of what's left of a humanbeing to question the beauty of ANY woman! Get therapy A_HOLES!

  • vito

    I can't imagine anyone even wanting to look at Shirley Jones, with or without clothing!

    So, really, who gives a shit?

  • Katie


  • Limpy Dan

    MY EYES!!!

  • Lowie

    I took your dare and...

    Damn! those are some saggyass nards!

  • DJ Rolling Paper

    No wonder I don't read that trash rag...

  • Duffy Tate (Duffington Tatewor

    Not unlesss there's a Mrs. Brady (Florence Henderson) Mrs. Partridge (Shirley Jones) carpet munching session would I bother w/ this. For the record, I'm a VERY gay male!

  • v4vendetta14

    They are so irrelevant. Even maxim is better than Playboy. At least Maxim doesn't do articles on fat chicks and old ladies...

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