It's Kelly Clarkson performing at the Orange County Fair last night in Costa Mesa! Oh. My. God.


  • Flappy

    I like Kelly as a vocalist. Top notch.

    But yeah, she fat. Agree w/stucco, sad to see fat w/o big tits. Would still hit it, just because I could say I shagged Kelly Clarkson.

  • Me

    Come on, she's obviously overweight. While being overweight doesn't make you a bad person, it's not good for you and its unattractive. What the media shows us isn't a trick to make us think people should be anorexic. Human beings were all pretty thin before McDonald's came around, and still are in many parts of the world.

  • 8 inches

    The perfect title for this picture:

    "Kelly Clarkson struggles to keep her weight down, arms up"

  • The Smartest Person in the Wor

    Fat, fat, fat, fat, fat.

  • Anna

    She might be fat but she'll still never sleep with any of you.

  • 8 inches

    That's because I'm a dude.

  • mikeock01

    my aunt has arms like that. She's 70.

  • uh

    I'd be really uncomfortable at that weight. When I gain 5 lbs I'm pretty effing eager to lose it. I just don't understand how a girl can let herself look like that. I mean, does she never want to have sex again or something?

  • yourmom

    Kelly is a vocalist....

    not a model..

    she has never pretended to be something she's not...

    instead of you people commenting on her talent you have to make hateful comments....

    its easy to sit back, point the finger, and make snide comments..

    BUT WHEN THAT FINGER IS POINTED BACK AT YOU and your flaws are pointed out, i bet you'd run away in shame....

    Kelly is a beautiful woman

    we can pick "BAD" pictures of any celeb or any normal person...



    its not like they have anything better to do...

  • Anonymous

    i agree with tash. she used to be good looking. just watch a video of hers when she was in shape. like since you've been gone or walk away. she can be quite attractive but she has really let herself go. and for those of you claiming she isn't obese, the picture shown here does not show her legs which look like shit. they are fat as hell too.

    kelly, i really hope you do decide to care again soon. you can be a nice looking woman again if you just gave a damn. i am pulling for you!

  • Jason

    Still love her

    just means there's more of her to love

  • Logan

    she is much too young to be sporting bat wings. much too young. youth is so precious. why waste it, Kelly? why? soon enough, your metabolism will slow, your hormones will change, then you will know the pain of having to exercise twice as much to get the same result as when you were young.

  • Joe

    Sorry folks, but she is a chunky monkey, and it will only get worse.

    She lacks upper body strength - enough to push herself away from the table.

    2 hours of working out a day, and a 2,000/calories a day, and she would be as right as rain in 3 months.

    But as long and she keeps stuffing her face with Ben and Jerry's and laying on the couch, rubbing one out to Shia, she'll be a chunker.

    Sorry to be brutal, but it's the straight truth. She lacks the will to be healthy.

  • Alitax

    She carries belly fat--it doesn't look good, but more importantly, it's supposedly unhealthy.

    James: there's nothing wrong with enjoying food. The problem is enjoying food of the unhealthy kind, and not compensating with exercise. I don't get the impression KC spends a lot of time taking care of herself a disgusting percentage of my generation.

  • Carter Forster

    Okay, I lost another bet. I was guessing Miley Cyrus. Actually, I'm glad it's Clarkson... at least SHE has a vagina!!!!

  • James

    I think some people convince themselves that they are not one of those perfect girls that are always skinny. They convince themselves that being skinny is buying into something unattainable by normal people. You hear them say "I'm not going to starve myself, I like to eat" as if that was something to be applauded for.

    I think Kelly realized long ago that she'd never be considered skinny. She has hips. I like that though. I see it as unfortunate that she takes that and turns it into over-eating.

    Why do people have to look at eating healthy and exercising as succumbing to other peoples standards and not something that everyone SHOULD do. It's justification to be lazy. Then you have other lazy people say "you go giiirl" because her actions further justifies their laziness.

    So, yeah, bring back the cute and curvy Kelly!

  • joe coner

    Its funny how that fat girls stick up for each other.Yes shes fat and gross, and I don't know anyone who would want to look like her lol.

  • missywissy

    I agree, who cares how she looks. She sounds great. MTV f'ed up the music industry.

  • md

    it's not even like her whole body is obese, just her face and arms. WEEIIIRRRD

  • ¬£it

    If Janis Joplin had come along during this decade, the media would have tore her a new one. Imagine that, Janis Joplin being torched by an image obsessed media?! Not comparing Kelly's talent to, Janis, I'm just comparing their physical appearance. Video DID kill the radio stars.

  • zorbee

    wow. David Bowie looked like he gained a lot of weight....

  • Bob

    Um...she used to be in my "Top 5." No. No. No. No. NO. Never again.

  • Dave

    Seems Kelly likes herself some cheeseburgers. And her arms look like hams.

  • Paris

    lol dyke

  • stucco

    Damn, and she even got cursed with the type of fat that doesn't give you larger boobs.

  • Tash

    Shame is she used to be cute. Then she let herself go thinking people would like her for her voice. That may work with confused 14 year-old chicks who are obese, just like she is, but that's not really the demographic record labels are after. Ice cream companies maybe but record labels, no.

  • Rosie

    id hit it.

    grl is hot.

  • James S.

    Y'all can say what you want. She be fat. Like fat fat. Like super-duper where-my-twinkies-be fat.


  • Anonymous

    She's officially certified as a fat chick.

  • Jenny

    Well, look at what they got to offer as grub at the OC Fair:

    I think chocolate-covered bacon is just going to far.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder she doesn't hook up...

  • Anonymous

    Her new songs can be...

    A Donut Like This


    My Life Would Suck Without Food

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gootness. Honey, wha' happen?

  • Anonymous

    Kelly Clarkson is far from obese! She's no super skinny and she has better photos out there I'm sure but she is by no means grossly overweight. I think that most of you have become used to the size 0 that seems to be represented everywhere you look today. Written by a size 6!! Oh no I better go starve myself!!!

  • Jimmy

    What is so crazy is that most "beautiful" women in the public eye are outrageously skinny - a girls head on a boys body.

    Clarkson is obese. Where are all the women with shapely figures that fall in the healthy medium ??

  • Ava

    She reminds me of the little fat kids that used to sink to the bottom of the ball crawl at Chuck E Cheese and cry for someone to help them out.

  • Jeff

    Wow, she really does look like Meatloaf!!! The girl can sing, but she has got a face & body made for radio.

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