Kevin Federline leaving a bowling alley in Calabasas, CA (7/2)

85. 85 pounds Kevin Federline has gained since his divorce to Britney Spears in 2004. He used to weigh 150 and now the National Enquirer claims he's tipping crushing the scales at 235. He's gotten so fat that even Britney Spears is making fun of him, nicknaming him "K-Fatter-line." A source told the National Enquirer:
"[Britney] will ask him, ‘When is the baby due?’ . . . Britney called him ‘a fat housewife,’ and he just laughed. He says he’s gained weight because he is happy and content, but Britney says he is just fat and lazy.

"Britney insisted he go on a diet and stop showing their kids it’s OK to be fat and sloppy. Kevin was more than irritated by Britney’s diet demand, but he’s going along with it for now. Kevin says he doesn’t have to worry about his looks because women still love him."
Watching K-Fed balloon in weight and spend all of Britney's money must make the millions of guys around the world forced to pay alimony smile. Someone not smiling: K-Fed's girlfriend Victoria. Seeing him turn into a fat load of crap must be almost as depressing as knowing she's actually dating him. At least K-Fed knows that no matter how fat and disgusting he gets, as a d-list celebrity, there'll always be some wide-eyed star-fucker that'll still want to hook up with him. Just ask Kelly Osbourne.

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  • Sandeana Becker

    Celebrities seem to go in cycles. Right now,

    Federline is on tour with Spears for the main purpose of providing her with the company of their 2 young sons. Once the tour is over, Federline will probably start to focus on himself, & his appearance, & start getting himself back in shape-not hard for a professional dancer to do.

  • Gabriel

    Oh shit Kool Aid Man is empty fill em back up.

  • DIck Butkis

    He's not even that fat... Yet.

    50 more lbs holler at me

  • Rofla

    @ Tim,

    You must be a fatty.

  • Paula

    Wow, what a mature response....

  • Crappola

    I love the irony in his nickname now... K-fed.

  • your bedazzler(TM)


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Britney's quit the lardass huh Initial_G? It's funny that during most of Britney and Kevin's marriage Britney was the one who was pregnant (twice) and struggling to lose the baby weight and the rumors of him cheating on her. But since she filed for divorce she looks like her old self again and he's a plumper. Odd how karma works.

  • Nameless

    Getting high by taking diet pills and Red Bull? Well if this is her secret to a "healthy" lifestyle. Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

    K-Fed should eat Britney then die himself.

  • Initial_G

    BS should follow her advice regarding her own fat ass. Too bad her double chin won't eat itself.

  • Paula

    Right cause Britney's extra 10 pounds is exactly the same as his 85....

    By the way, what do you look like? On the inside you're a judgemental piece of crap, don't you realize there is more important S*** in life????

  • Carter Forster

    Christ, this fool is getting bigger and bigger!!!!!

  • Tim

    Oooooh! Not 235 lbs! Wow. I mean it's just unthinkable. How could he do such a thing? It's just unbelievable isn't it? How dare he let himself go like that? He should be locked up and tortured for exposing those poor children to such insane behavior.

    Fuckin' bloggers man. And yet I keep coming back here and reading this shit again and again and again and again. I guess I'm the one with the real problem.

    I don't like K-Fed either, but come on. Is this kind of shit really blog-worthy?

  • magda

    awww.. yes there can only be one reason tim is feeling sorry for Kevin. He must be a fat ass himself.. It's not normal Tim, sorry. Fat is not attractive

  • Obama bin Biden

    Anytime someone gains 50%+ in weight in less than a year, they deserve to get ridiculed...just ask your mom. Bam!

  • Brian

    In less than a year? 2004 was less than a year ago? What calendar are you using?

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