Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green out and about in L.A. (6/23)

Even though they're supposed to be broken up, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were spotted getting coffee together this morning. Shortly after this pic was taken, a herd of golden unicorns ran by the couple and then flew off into the sky. A bystander commented, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT . . . did you see that dork with Megan Fox?!"

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • kate

    who fucking cares

  • Ali

    She is definitely beautiful, and I don't know if some of you are blind, but he is hot as hell too! Good match IMO

  • TBR

    Wow...did anyone else think this was Lindsey Lohan stepping out with Ryan Seacrest?...I guess its true when they say all actors are a dime a dozen..

  • DREA

    WTF!!!!!!!! is goin on this bitch thinks she's a BADASS ha!!!! shes a stuck up bitch thats what she is

  • Sam

    LOL You're so right! LOOK everyone! She even bought the same sunglasses that Angelina Jolie has been wearing for years! Megan, you're a dumbass. Angelina is a natural beauty, you're a surgeon's guinea pig. Oink! Oink!

  • Vanessa

    Megan Fox is sooooo overrated. She can't act worth shit. Maybe she is pretty, but not as hot as they claim, besides, other than when she's fixed up, she's not so hot. You seriously think she looks hot in these photos? She looks like a homeless crack head. Other women are wayyy hotter than her, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and Angelina Jolie...damn, even the little girl from i-carly is hotter than her already! Megan is an awful actress, if you were unlucky enough to see Transformers 2, did you notice that her mouth is OPEN during every single scene? Can she not close her lips? Is that supposed to be her sexy move or something? Because once or twice may be sexy but the whole damn movie is annoying and then...after a while I just started laughing my butt off. She goes around saying she's hotter than Angelina Jolie, she thinks she's all that and then tries to be Angelina by dying her hair black, plumping her lips, getting her face done, tattoos, colored contacts...and funniest of all...she now started saying she's bisexual... where did we hear that one before? Hey Megan, get a life! But stop acting like you're Angelina Jolie, you'll never own up to what she has. EVER.

  • mike nike

    Meagan fox is so annoying. I've seen her without makeup shes horrible looking. Nice body but the juice is so not worth the squeeze. Shes a stuck up bitch. She never shuts her pie hole. ME ME ME I I I. Brian should run. She must give awesome head.

  • sid

    he is fucking hot!!! and probably really good in bed

  • IamLegend

    no wonder he keeps lookin pissed off,,,she keeps stealing his fugly hats

  • Anonymous

    So much faggotry she's a fucking douchbag. And your all fucking morons for thinking shes hot, theres way more hot girls out there that you can meet in real life. Seriously get a grip.

  • lizzard

    whoa whoa, what does her having tattoos have to do with anything? why is that a mistake? she obviously made her own choice, not yours. and every guy that has something bad to say about her bf is jealous, period. i don't even think he's that great looking, but he's obviously doing something right or he wouldn't be screwing one of the hottest women to hit the planet.

  • The Pisces

    I don't like the tatoos either. A person that beautiful shouldn't mar their body with tatoos. On some people a tat is an enhancement, but on the really beautiful people it is an interference to their beauty. If I looked like her, I wouldn't have gotten the tatoo I got.

  • James Shelton

    Nobody is better than me,you or anybody else.Those are social memetic viruses.Be aware of them and know that what one can do you can do also.

  • Luigi

    Brian Awesome Queen? I thought he was a Ho-Mo?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone needs a little Federline.

  • jerk

    Ballerina shoes are nasty looking.

  • posta

    Jeeez Fuck em.......

  • Kelly

    This is the funniest website I have seen in a long time.You guy's are to funny! I think Brian Austin Green is super hot and I think Megan Fox is the most beautiful actress and celeb out there today.She reminds me of old Hollywood.She's super young, she needs a older man that's hot and Brian is hot.

  • martha

    he is sooooooooooooo damn hot but i think he should get back with tiffany amber theason

  • Christie

    guys that are hatin, get a life

  • Rita


  • Anonymous




  • Jessica

    cowbulls don't hate, the guy is funckin H O T!

  • lol

    Damn I wonder where those unicorns went.

  • Gdrive

    did i not mention this a couple weeks ago?

    she never left him.

  • rock

    what do u expect?, she just finished filming with a girl of a man!!

    she has needs and boy does she know how to fill em!

    ex-sex is restrictions, u know what buttons to push...and when its over its over!! plus lets face it he's PACKINGGGG!!!

  • Pam

    He's drop dead gorgeous. He's got the swagger and the bod to go with it.

  • Phooey640

    Let's face it, Megan is an idiot. First the tatoos and now leting this loser nail her.

  • Jack

    Brian has that look like...hmmm look what I had for desert last night!!! Megan has that, yes it's still good and I like it look.

  • Mecos techo

    Fuck me with a pineapple, how in the fuck is this possible?

    1000 times fuck me.!!!

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