It's Kelly Clarkson performing at Utah Valley University last night! Photographers should not be allowed behind this woman.


[Pacific Coast News]
  • Anonymous


  • nessjet

    She is beautiful, i mean really who the cares what size she is, seriously, who the hell cares?! it does not matter what one looks like, there will always be criticism from someone somewhere!

  • Kevin

    The bigger the cushin' the sweeter the pushin'.

  • michael

    this bitch is a fat, no talent ass clown.

    and all the fat girls on here saying that being fat is beautiful and it isn't

    Stupid shit like that is why so many of us Americans are fat!!

    "it's ok son/daughter you can be fat have another happy meal"

  • sabrina

    ive never seen so many comments on this site before lol

  • Hotness!!

    My only complaint about Kelly is the fact that she is small on top. Other than that I would totally hit that!

  • stevew

    Hot. You go Kelly. Your beautiful and your figure is just what most men want but wont admit. 100 percent women

  • elle

    People should leave Kelly alone - she's still a cute girl and a great singer. Her weight is not the most important thing about her. All these negative comments are really mean-spirited.

  • sammy

    now that's a nice big ass! damn that's fine!

    you idiots who are all about girls who look like 12 year old boys need to learn what a real woman should look like.

  • datdizdat

    Her fatness is not helping her sales. she's months away from it going platinum.

  • Anonymous

    This girl is maybe a size 12. That's not exactly huge. A-Holes. I bet you have to move your stomachs out of the way before you can play World of Warcraft. But it's ok, cause you have a penis.

  • Dude


  • mike litoris

    to all you dudes who want to bang her,, too bad she is a hard core down low dyke..

  • MusicFan

    This girl is talented and can sing!!! Who cares about the size of her ass?!!!! It does not matter.

  • stormy7

    Her voice is her talent.Who gives a rat's ass about her shape.Only the ass men of Celebslam.

  • Brothabill

    Well my wife gained weight b/c of an illness the past year, 115 to 145 pounds @ 5'6" tall and she's still beautiful.

    Even if she got that big as Kelly, Id still love her but I WOULD be concerned about her health.

    Kelly Clarkson is technically obese, at risk for diabetes, depression, heart disease, cancer (especially breast cancer).

    Of course there are alot of shallow people on the internet who make immature comments,afterall, alot of teenage kids whose parents dont give a sh*t so they are online making 12 year old comments.

    The thing is though, this is just plain unhealthy from a medical point of view. I work in cardiology. Obesity kills people early and decreases quality of life.

    Curvy is ok, obese is very unhealthy and Kelly Clarkson is obese regardless of her voice. Sad

  • justinkredible

    I'm surprised no one in her management team or record label has set her on a course to loosing weight. Doesn't she realize that she can be so much more successful if she was thinner.

  • Greta

    I think this chick has a HOT body. I LOVE curvy chicks.

  • meestahall

    "Hey everyone, if you like cheeseburgers, give me a ho-ho!, NOW SCREAM !"

  • Vinz Clortho

    I'd be all over that ass like a cougar on a crippled chicken, you kidding me?

  • amy

    Ahh and WE are all so perfect! NOT.

    I give her kudos for being who she is and not striving to be the latest anorexic celeb.

  • bob

    WOW, she used to be chubby cute, now she is approaching disgustingly fat no wonder she has to keep singing about guys leaving her or her life sucking without her current guy in her life. Most men lose interest if their woman gains 100lbs as they should, just like women would lose interest if their guy gained 100lbs.

  • Joe Geaux

    easily on of the most hideous slobs out there pretending to be a celebrity.

    It's no wonder she says she's never been in love, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jdub

    ahhh bitch blew up

  • Anonymous

    she has put on the chunk, but still fuckable.

  • urbandaddy

    She rocks!

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was going to be Rosie O'Donnell! Kelly Clarkson? DAMN! I guess fat chicks need love, too.

  • Funeral Guy

    You guys are a bunch of homos. Chubs are not usually my type but I've had a good time with a few larger ladies. As long as the flesh is still firm they can be a lot of fun to roll around with. Variety is the spice of life, nes't pas?

  • dude


  • Jana

    Unfortunately, a lot of Greek women are shaped like this - all big, slouchy hips and smallish tits in comparison. Working out can definitely help but Kelly has decided to go the Krispy Kreme route, it appears.

  • Anonymous

    Isn't she some white trash from the south?

  • JDC

    Kelly is not "trash from the south" as you say. She is a good kid. She has probably done more for the community of Burleson, Tx than you or I will ever do, and I am pretty sure I have a head start on you. I have been reading the comments and all you f-ers on here need to take a look in the mirror. I am sure you are no adonis, maybe the adonis of the Golden Corral Buffet... How many people do you knock over when you refill your trough, I mean plates..

    Bunch of comic book guys....

    Kelly, we love ya and some of us would like to WEAR YOUR ASS OUT!!

    Happy Trails

  • Me

    Yep, she's shaped like a pear alright, and to paraphrase Nicholas Cage, I could eat a pear for hours. And to quote Nicholas Cage in another movie "All summer long, sugah, all summer long"

  • bogdana

    for once a Nicholas Cage quote that was totally warranted!

  • netstarman

    its nice to see Marlon Brando singing...ooops its Kelly " I'm bigger than Jupiter" Clarkson, She puts on a great show her stomach comes out first and 30 minutes later the rest of her comes out.

  • blackout

    It wouldnt be so bad if she had tits. She's shaped like a huge pear.

  • James

    I would be all over that big beautiful butt like a lion on a gazelle.

  • Jeff

    i'd tap that in a new york second


  • Jeff

    i'd tap that in a new york second


  • Gianna

    You must have missed a lot of monica's pictures LOL

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