It's Courtney Love in all her pasty white glory in New York yesterday! God damn. If she joined the Klan, she wouldn't need a robe.


[Pacific Coast News]
  • Al

    Hey ... wasn't Jacko Jackass a white dude? I'll bet he listed his race a chloroxian-Amerikan! If he went by lethal injection, then justice was finally done for all the kids he sodomized!!! Unrest in hell, Jacko!

    Poor Court ... she can't get a break! What's a few shiffs of blow between friends!

  • Zee Brat

    I love that people are hating on her because she's white. What a turn the world has taken. :)

  • meestahall

    Who would have ever thought that Michael Jackson would ever go before this crack head and Amy Winehore ??

  • leslie

    thats what heroin will do to ya

  • Fred

    Ever wonder why Cobain killed himself?

  • Anonymous


  • Steve

    There where times during this now pitiful woman's career that she looked healthy and happy. Now is not that time! It appears as though some kind of intervention is needed or another celebrity will fall victim to bad habits and "yes-men" friends.

  • Courtney

    She can't join the Klan, she's a Jew!

  • Nitwit

    Oh, wow, mocking people for their skin color, what fun!!

  • BigC

    That would be like nailing a bag of antlers.

  • laurie200

    Heroin. It is a hell of a drug.

  • CMS

    Poor woman...she doesn't look healthy at all :s

  • Jzlzy

    Is she suffering from an illness or something? She doesn't look well.

  • J.DO

    Surprised there isn't a pack of ravenous dogs chasing the walking pile of bones...... :S

  • joeSOBERS

    i'd hit it. then again probably not. way to pasty for my taste, ya dig.

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