"I sure could go for six double cheeseburgers right now . . ."

Even though he's pulling in tens of thousands from Britney Spears each month, K-Fed isn't funneling any of it towards Uncle Sam. From TMZ:
K-Fed's gonna have to spend some of his babysitting money bailing out the US government -- and it's something he should have done a long time ago. The IRS has slapped a lien of Federleze to the tune of $14,371 in back taxes. It's not like he's not making money. Federline is pulling in $30,000 this month alone for babysitting his two kids.
I'm no accountant (although I'm just as sexy) but shouldn't K-Fed be able to write off some of his gambling losses, stripper expenses, and day-long trips to the Hometown Buffet? They're all part of maintaining his public "image" -- that of a slovenly, money-wasting douchebag. If K-Fed wants to pay the IRS but still maintain the lifestyle that he's become accustomed to, there's only one thing left he can do: Britney without a condom.

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  • Jimbecile

    I also digress. I didn't read it that way. While I myself have very fond memories of babysitters, in no way did one ever undercut my Father's role in how I turned out. I took the babysitting term as to suggest that he does very little for any of his children.

    He's getting in a month, what most people make in a year? Pay the taxes, get a vasectomy, and then throw a huge party to pat yourself on the back. If you have anything left, maybe allow your two other kids to fight over one of those aforementioned cheeseburgers.

  • Steveo

    Why is it that MSM views fathers taking care of their kids as 'babysitting'? This is insulting. As the father of 3 kids I consider my time spent with them as parenting.

  • Eric

    1. Thank you Olive. It's not "babysitting" if it's your kid. It's called parenting.

    2. Child support is NOT taxable income. The taxes he owes must be from money he actually earned at some point.

    3. It takes 3 years before the federal government will put a lien on someone. They also send monthly notices before that, which means he's ignored dozens of them.

    4. Re: Nudgie - Alimony would stop if the receiver gets remarried. As far as I know, he only gets child support which does not change with a parent's marital status.

    5. $30,000 a month is completely absurd and the fact that our legal system only pays attention to how much a parent earns, rather than how much it actually costs to raise a child in the middle class (which is even higher than Federline belongs) is despicable.

    6. How much of the child support Britney pays him do you think he uses to pay Shar Jackson child support for his other two kids? And do you think she is allowed to count Britney's payments to Kevin as his income (which the federal government does not)?

  • Olive Thistown

    It's not "babysitting" when it's his own kids. Do you call it "babysitting" when a woman takes care of her children?

  • Limpy Dan

    14 outta 30 ain't bad. Good for him. Sounds like he barely skipped and got slapped with a shit news story. Also Miley Cyrus sucks a good dick.

  • mike nait

    So nice to see a woman get what men have been getting for years. Taken to the cleaners.

  • David

    So wait... the IRS taxes Britney on the money she earns... then taxes K-Fed on the money she gives him?????? Wowww.

  • someone

    I hope the court doesn't make Brit pay is IRS bill..she seems to have to pay all his bills and then some!..Nudgie..I think he will still get child support as long as he has custody of the kids.

  • Nudgie

    I have a question - what happens to the K-Fat gravy train if BritBrit gets married again? Is that the end of his free ride?

  • Mander

    No, it's if *he* gets married again. He's the one getting alimony.

  • Doug

    So if she gets married again, K-Fed is no longer the father of her children?

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