Bethenny Frankel at the Apollo Theater 75th Anniversary Gala in New York (6/8)

Holy crap, could this chick embarrass her kids any more? Wasn't appearing on the Real Housewives of New York enough? She has to go and pull this see-through shit? Her kids won't be able to show their faces at school. And I know we've all had parents embarrass us in some way or another, but this is just over the top. The worst my mom ever did was a little meth, but it's almost like, whose mom hasn't dabbled in that?

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UPDATE: To all the people saying she has no kids. You realize you're admitting that you actually watch the Real Housewives of New York, right? I'd rather have people think that I watch German scat porn than that show.

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  • susan

    Who was Bethenny Frankel's 1st husband? Bobby Flay?

  • JP

    I would do this NY Housewife in a NY Minute!!!

  • WTF!

    You motherfuckers are on your way to a full blown motherfucking recession and you still watch motherfucking shows called "Real Housewives of -the motherfucking- New York"?

    MOTHERFUCKER!!! You Americunts ARE idiots!

    And on top of that you have the balls to bash someone for not knowing whether a nobody like Frankel has kids or not?

    You should all go to Perez Hiltons blog and get Internet AIDS.

    BTW Perez has a lot in common with Paris. They have the same last name, the same STDs and they both like taking a fat cock up the ass.

    Well Perez likes to accomodate more than one, but his mom always told him "Never gape and tell".

    I've had it with you motherfucking douchebags on this motherfucking poverty-striken Union.

    P.S 1

    I would rather watch a midget fuck a koala while it recites the pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States. I would actually pay $5 to watch that. I know. I'm a big spender.

    P.S 2

    I would totally fuck Frankel. Despite the fact she's ugly and has fake tits, her body looks amazing.

  • 8 inches

    German? That's disgusting.

  • Julie

    What an attention-whore. She looks so trashy.

  • dumbass

    wow your blog blows..your commentary blows. you're not even funny. the only reason I'm here is b/c of the link on dlisted.

  • secretgirl2001

    MAJOR FAIL!! She doesn't have any kids. Yes, you're a dumbass.

  • Trudy

    german scat porn than real housewives? you know that you're the one going out and finding these pictures right? everyone else just watches the show, you're stalking them online. what's lamer than watching the show, is pretending that you're above it and then not knowing that she doesn't even have kids. FAIL

  • Anonymous

    wow...she's gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    I'd rather have people think i watch german scat porn."


  • Cricket

    Just give up. Really. Shut down the site, find a new hobby, you fail.

  • sweet melissa

    No Kids there, hence the reason that she can wear that dress. She looks awesome. Why don't you stick to something you know, you dumbass!

  • average joe

    "I'd rather have people think that I watch German scat porn than that show."

    This is true

  • LT

    Of course we watch the Real Housewives, it's only the best trash on television! German scat porn my ass.

  • Litsa

    Does anyone know if she has any kids?

  • kborgert85

    "At a certain age think you should wear a brarer"

    -Jill Zarin

  • taradash

    it screams I need attention.

  • don

    No kids moron

  • As

    She doesn't have kids

  • margoe

    FUGLY CHICK! Would not want to "wake" up next to that in the morning. Chew your arm off!

  • Chloe

    Obviously you don't actually watch the show. She has no kids to embarass.

  • anon

    Dude! She doesn't have any kids. And she is smoking in that outfit. A one bagger.

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