Nick Hogan in Santa Monica (3/27)

I think we should all donate money and start some kind of fund for Nick Hogan. Kid's having a tough time getting his reality show picked up. I guess network execs have a thing against people who effectively kill their friends and then show no remorse. From Fox:
The "Hogan Knows Best" family again hit the spotlight again last year when the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office released audio tapes of Nick's jail phone conversation with his dad during his incarceration several months earlier. The conversation included Nick saying that crash victim Graziano was a "negative person" and he also asked Hulk to organize him a spin-off reality television show after his release.

"I want to do where I’ll make the most money," Nick said, his father adding that he’ll produce the show and make his son the owner.

But so far Nick hasn’t any luck with that controversial show of his, with an insider telling Tarts that the production companies and hesitant to even touch it. A rep for VH1 (the network behind "Hogan Knows Best" and the spin-off "Brooke Knows Best") confirmed to Tarts that there was nothing in the works regarding Nick.
Imagine if there'd always been this kind of resistance to washed-up, no talent stars trying to get their own TV shows. We never would have been exposed to such classics as Being Bobby Brown, Flavor of Love, or The Tyra Banks Show. Pretty much the only way Nick Hogan is gonna find himself on TV again is if he's involved in a foot chase on Cops. "I'm in pursuit of a white male wearing baggy pants and three pounds of fake gold chains. Suspect keeps flipping his middle finger at me and shouting 'Do you know who I am'."

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  • weirdo

    Fucking douche! Who in the hell does he think would want to watch a show about his sorry ass?

  • Anonymous

    The guy obviously has issues. You would too if your penis was smaller than your sister's! She's the man!


    He should be forced to a sandwich board with a picture of his friend's caved in head on it so he too can suffer it for the rest of his life. Him and his sister had their genitals switched at birth.

  • Just Saying

    The Other Nick is hella funny and should get a Reality Show called On Malibu Beach. The Celebslam Nick...not "Killa Nick".

  • DMZ


    I would sponsor a Reality Show for this jerk!

    It would be called Crime & Punishment, where

    each week viewers could tune in and watch as

    we repeatedly bash in his skull until he passes

    out. We would then waken him and drag his dumb

    ass down a freshly blacktopped road until most

    of the skin on his body was gone. Sounds like

    a GREAT SHOW to me !!


  • evan Allen

    could we do some kind of snuff reality show? i would support that.

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