Katherine Heigl is not worth $3 million

Katherine Heigl was dropped from the upcoming romantic comedy Valentine's Day because of her crazy salary demands. While it is a slight setback for the film, producers feels confident they'll find another actress to act like a self-important bitch on set. An insider told the New York Post:
"Producers at New Line originally had Katherine on their casting list. They wanted her for the project, but during the talks, she came back demanding $3 million for the role."

Our source calls that number "ridiculous" because the movie has "an ensemble cast where there is really no one lead role. Actors are only filming between three and 14 days, and no other actors asked for nearly that amount."
What exactly does Katherine Heigl think she's done in her career that warrants a $3 million salary as part of an ensemble cast? She has as many Oscar nominations as I do. And to be blunt, she's a fucking bitch. If I was one of the producers of this movie, I'd actually pay her the $3 million. But then I'd try to destroy her reputation by having her character do something horrible like rape kids. I don't exactly know how you'd fit that into the plot of a romantic comedy but I'm sure the writers could make it work.

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • eric

    Ugly Truth budget $38 million

    Worldwide gross $203 million

    Heigl's salary for her last two movies - Life As We Know It and Killers both yet to be released $12 million. She earns more than any of the other cast members already anyway.

    This had nothing to do with money - it was more the fact that she had just done a movie with Kutcher and two of her Grey's Anatomy co-stars were also in the flick. 3 Grey's stars in one movie would be too much.

  • Sarah

    If Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway (ALL of whom are more experienced and more famous actors than Heigl is) aren't making 3 million, then there's no way in hell she should.

  • Lissa

    When all other big movies were on hold due to a strike, Katherine got very lucky that her movies were done and able to be rolled out. There was barely anything else out there to watch. BUT, Knocked Up and 27 dresses were in no way, any comparison to anything that Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie have done. She can't even compare to Drew Barrymore-who is usually known for these types of roles, because she always plays the same type of character in everything I have ever seen her in. She's like a fill in, and the cast around her is what really makes a movie. Is she worth a salary that compares to some of the iconic actresses of today-uh, NO!!!!

  • dano

    Julia roberts


    Budget $60m box office $41m

    Charlie Wilson's War

    budget $75m Box office $66m

  • joe

    C'mon. If prodcuers wanted you in a movie you really didn't want to make, what do you do?

    Demand a salary that if the producers were dumb enough to accept, you'd do it.

    That's what's going on here. Remember - opportunity costs.

  • Yeah

    She desperately needs new representation. 27 Dresses was fucking garbage. As will be whatever this new rom-com she's got coming out soon, to judge from the previews. So not only is her agent not getting her good roles, her publicist is letting her look like a complete fool in the press. I'll bet she's no more of "a fucking bitch" than your average star. She's just got no one competent running interference for her. (Granted, her agent did do a good job landing her Knocked Up. Which is one of the better movies I've seen in the last couple years.)

  • Di

    The article misses the key point. This little mediocre nobody thinks she deserves to be paid more than JULIA F-ING ROBERTS. I think that says it all. She's delusional and needed this reality check. She's pretty not beautiful, good not great as an actress. And she's a nasty, conceited idiot. We need to end her 15 minutes. She's not worth the money or the trouble.

  • Anonymous

    just a dumb cunt, lets be serious

  • Anonymous

    who is she? seriously i never heard of her

  • Anonymous

    According to IMDB, here are the other cast members if the film:

    Jessica Biel

    Anne Hathaway

    Bradley Cooper

    Jessica Alba

    Julia Roberts

    Jennifer Garner

    Ashton Kutcher

    Shirley MacLaine

    If the producers paid Heigl $3MM, they'd have to shell out more bucks to multiple other cast members.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. /bump

  • Anonymous

    and she already working on a new movie called Five Killers, with Ashton Kutcher. she is starting her film career on a very high note.

  • Lala

    and she already working on a new movie called Five Killers, with Ashton Kutcher. she is starting he film career on a very high note.

  • Lala

    Katherine Heigl was offered and paid $6 million to be in 27 Dresses. she is definitely worth the money. Knocked Up & 27 Dresses made bank at the box office, and her upcoming movie with Gerard Butler, The Ugly Truth, July 24th, will without a doubt be a huge hit too.

  • Ana

    Is she really worth the $3 million? Many actresses didn't get to that salary after several box office hits. So far, KH has only two and maybe three with The Ugly Truth (that looks ugly from the previews). She isn't that huge of a deal.

    I hope that they kill her off at Grey's.

  • Realme2008

    WTF? Yeah, she's worth 3 million. I don't like her, but she is. Knocked Up, and 27 dresses were both major hits. Her new film (With Gerald Butler) coming out this summer is going to be hit too probably. Plus she is a great actress. I may not care for Heigl personally that much, but it doesn't change the facts.

  • sandi


  • Twitter.com/Flash_Forward

    Ew, her vay-jay would REAK of smoke. Gross smell, gross taste. I'll pass, thanks.

  • nysro

    If she was worth 3 million , she would still have job.. so that should answer that question. She isn't going to have a huge movie career.. She doen't make the movies any better. Knocked up could have starred ANY decent looking actress and would have been the same movie.

  • Heigl Hater

    Her movie successes were at the height of here popularity. I also believe the success of Knocked-up was, in part, due to other cast members.

    Many actors/celebrities go through periods of popularity, during which they can demand high salaries. After a while, the public tires of them and their value/salary decreases. Remember when JLo was everywhere and was paid a fortune? Heigl is on a similar popularity slide. She won't be getting $3M again.

  • Larry Flowers

    The reason might be the following:

    1. 27 Dresses.. Cost to make $30M

    World Wide Box Office = $160M

    2. Knocked Up... cost to make $30M

    World Wide Box Office = $219M

    Could be she is worth $3M... here last 2 movies would seem to indicate that she is. Apparently her agents think she is.

  • Maverick

    Superbad 20 million to make $170 million box office.

    There's nothing to suggest that Heigl had anything to do with the success of Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. That sort of number is pretty typical for a rom-com or teen comedy.

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