Vintage Britney

Britney Spears performed at the Honda Center in Anaheim last Monday. And everything went as planned. The end. Let us never speak of this post again.

  • MiM

    Looks like a bad camera angle capturing the tassel on the back of her jacket.

    People,THINK! How would you like it if a stray shadow found it's way on your video and the world judges how tacky you are?

  • Melissa

    Let this be a lesson to women everywhere....If you are RIDING THE COTTON PONY, DON'T wear hot pants!

  • Anonymous

    DUH! She's wearing hose - I think your assumption is incorrect.

  • Lisa

    You people are idiots....that wasn't a tampon. It was part of her outfit.

  • Julez

    LMFAO...moose knuckle

  • whatever

    What I can't believe is that people are still flocking to Britney Spears concerts. I thought we were over this slag and her "talent" ten years ago.

  • Blacknuts

    They make a plug big enough for that moose knuckle she calls a fuzzysausagewallet? Amazing what leaks modern science can stop.

  • knobless

    Well if it were a string it would have been funny as hell if it got caught on the bike when she sat on it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Looked like a part of her costume.

  • dwag

    looked like a zipper or something metalic to me. I think it's part of a quick change undies thing she's wearing under her current tights and jacket thingy.

    Doesn't look like a tampon to me. But maybe where you guys live stores sell sparkly, glittery dangly tampons.

  • Wait, what?

    Wait, are we talking about the thing on top of the bike's wheel? Because that is the guys knee. He's wearing white shorts. Also, it wouldn't be white if it were used would it?

    She does enough stupid crap without her needing us to make stuff up to mock her with.

  • metal

    that could have been anything. you folks are a bunch of twits. granted, i looked, but that was barely titillating--much less grody.

  • woe is me

    so she is a healthy menstruating woman.. who hasn't had some type of wardrobe malfunction with the lame products on the market today? Get over it!

  • meme

    Sadly that is exactly what that is, a tampon string. I say what most likely is the case, she is wearing open crotch pantyhose for "quick changing" and the string escaped the spanky pants she is wearing. This is the ultimate in embarrassing.


    lol@link to red wings...

    /I know I know .. hockey.. not menses


    I'd still hit it... I'd get my red wings with it...

  • ArgyleBargle

    Like throwing a hot dog up an elevator shaft, it's bound to come falling down.

  • Dave

    That was NOT a tampon, that was part of her jacket.

  • NotDave

    So sorry dude - but unless you have worn them you really don't know.

    And NO that is NOT part of her jacket or outfit - it IS a tampon string poking out of her underwear/bottoms. No self respecting costume designer would allow a white string like that to be hanging from the jacket - and look again, it is NO where near the jacket - it is "down there."

  • Grow up

    So the string is sticking out of her panties/spankies, big deal, that happens sometimes. Not everyone tucks the string up with the actual tampon. Grow up.

  • g3o5d

    I like how people are going to Britney's concerts just to film what is going to happen and not for the musical entertainment. That I'm calling what she does music, but, you know.

  • angry_redhead

    i think it's just the string, not the whole tampon, but still, nasty. you'd think that with underwear that tight, she'd at least have made sure the string was properly tucked in, lol.


    Aw poor Brit. How EMBARRASSING!


    So it wants the hell out of there,,can you blame it.

  • donna


  • Veronica

    It definitely looks like a tampon, but I still dont understand how that is possible she is wearing tights.

  • Leah

    I'm not entirely sure she is wearing tights.

    Either way, who doesn't check to make sure THAT doesn't happen?

  • Tom

    Why did you even post this? Knowing we would watch it. Im never coming back here again! Ever! for the rest of the day anyway.

  • jack

    at least she wore something

  • Carlos

    Thank goodness that bike was painted red. It was painted red...right? Oh, mercy me.

  • Gdrive

    we've all seen that bat cave. i feel bad for the white mouse that got the short straw

  • Shenanighans

    But I dont wanna look closely.

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