Brooklyn Decker is rather attractive

Even though he married that piece of ass above, tennis star Andy Roddick still isn't over his ex-girlfriend Mandy Moore. In other news, Andy Roddick is fucking insane. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Apparently Roddick, who quickly got engaged to Decker after learning Moore was headed for the altar with rocker Ryan Adams, was totally obsessed with any tidbit of news regarding his ex-girlfriend's wedding. According to Roddick pals, the court king made sure he read every celebrity magazine that included a story about Moore and Adams' nuptials.

"It's really weird that he still is so into her," said a longtime associate.

As for Decker, she's none too pleased about it and has told friends she's unhappy about Roddick's fascination with his ex-galpal and her new husband, and thinks "it's sick."
Brooklyn's right. Andy's infatuation with his ex is "sick." Lusting after a chick like Mandy Moore when you're married to a supermodel like Brooklyn is like longing for your old Honda Civic when you now drive a Ferrari. Sure the Civic might be less maintenance but the Ferrari's going to give you wood every time you look at it. Also, Ferraris sometimes have hot Ferrari friends that let you watch while they experiment with cocoa butter and Kegel exercises.

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  • marisav

    Brooklyn Decker is hot ONLY in SI magazines. Most of her jobs are very low-end ads while other SI models are high profile in fashion industry.

    She is a media hottie right now, but you never know what will happens after leaving SI. So good for her to marry Andy Roddick. Don't blame Andy to follow Mandy Moore.

  • deckerlyn

    SI shoots are hot, but this picture above? H&M lingerie, right? Her face looks fag and very average body. SI photos are hell of airbrushed.

  • usc

    she's alright, she just has a pair of fake tits on her 12 year old body

  • Mr. Ed

    The bitch is beautiful, but too dumb to know that she's a rebound? She's the perfect woman for ME.

  • Lana

    I agree that Mandy is old Honda Civic, but Brooklyn is no way a Ferrari. Brooklyn is a Ferrari-like-Nissan sport car or something like that. She is hot and young, but just too overrated.

  • Average Joe


  • babydaddy

    Gay much?

  • Phooey640

    Just a hunch but I'm guessing that "so sweet" Mandy must be a heck of a lot more engaging sexually than Brooklyn. Outwise, I don't understand.

  • Nicole

    This is absolute nonsense, because Andy got first engaged last year and Mandy followed Andy because she became engaged this year.

    This is absolute not true.

  • Aurdrey

    Mandy Moore has a prettier face than this Brooklyn.

    But Mandy...she fatter and older than Brooklyn.

  • Lara

    Ummmm...Girl crush much?

    She hot.

    I do love Mandy though too..cos I her as a person and that...mmm.


  • Anonymous

    I'll take the old Mandy please.

    This girl aint by no means ugly but she don't

    make my wood hard.

  • Spam o meter

    "Brooklyn Decker is rather attractive"

    nice use of sarcasm there.

  • Tood Au

    How come Brooklyn is just now finding this stuff out? Did she just up and marry this guy? time Brooklyn get to know the guy a little first before you get married.

  • Deano

    I like Mandy Moore but good grief man!!Brooklyn decker could make me forget just about anything or anybody

  • Anonymous

    Comparing Mandy Moore - one of the finest pieces of ass on the planet (and she sings, too) - to a Honda Civic is just ridiculous. And Andy Roddick is one lucky bastard!


    But Mandy's so sweet and gorg! Either way though, guy needs to get OVER IT!!


    get that shit annulled Brooklyn, and do what you shouldve done first....come to me. I won't remember what the fuck my mom's name is when you walk into the room!

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