Hayden Panettiere deep-throating a t-bone

Well now we know how Hayden Panettiere scored her role on Heroes . . . she must have made a delicious steak dinner for the casting director. Look how perfect that thing is cooked.

[The Blemish]
  • liam

    Hayden Panettiere,you are what you eat.

  • Phooey640

    Her mouth better be great for oral sex because the rest of her body isn't going to be much good.

  • LuckyJohn

    She's lucky she has a beautiful face (super large head though), because she has a midget body with no titties, no ass, no hips, and no legs.

  • Minge

    "Before you ask me to blow you, please be aware that your dick will end up looking like this".

    "Ummm... can I put it in your butt?"

    Hapless suitor leaves; gets drunk, jerks off.

  • Anonymous

    So, she doesn't mind eating meat, the American menu, but goes off the deep end about dolphins in Japan. I'll admit she knows how to rock a killer pair of boots, but she's either a hypocrite or an idiot.

  • KNsT

    I would certainly give her permission to fellate me.

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