Lindsay Lohan at Westminster Synagogue in London (2/28)

Lindsay Lohan supposedly wants to convert to Judaism to prove that she's committed to girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Lohan and Ronson were seen at London's Westminster Synagogue last Saturday for Ronson's half-brother Joshua's Bar Mitzvah. From the Daily Mail:
Showing her seriousness about converting, Lindsay had also visited the synagogue the day before with Samantha and her designer sister Charlotte. Entering the synagogue, a photographer asked Lindsay if she was switching religions, to which she replied: 'I'm trying.' Updating her Facebook status this week, Lindsay wrote 'I'm converting'.

Her estranged father Michael Lohan rediscovered his relationship with God during a period in jail and now works as a minister. Michael said: "She's exploring Judaism right now. She's explored the Church of Scientology, she tried Kabbalah, and now this. I think it's just another phase. But either way, she's involving God in her life, and I'm happy about that." (Source)
I agree with Michael. This is just another phase for Lindsay. Much like when she wore panties for a few months back in 2005 or waited until the end of a first date to have sex during the summer of 2007. I'm sure Lindsay will be back to shaming herself in the eyes of Jesus Christ in no time.

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  • Acemeister79

    Ugly skank. That sums it up.

  • Claire

    Yep, some un-popular actress's and actors will do anything for publicity. Positive or Negitive, as long as they are in the spot light.

    I feel bad for her Dad. I am sure he is a lot nicer than Lindsey will ever let us think! What a dissapointment she must be to her parents. Give it a rest you little tramp!

  • fishnchips

    I'm not sure which is sadded. Lindsey wanting to convert or the fact reporters are actully writing this story. This new news is so old.

  • Hahaha

    Once she converts, the Jewish scrolls would call for her to be stoned :)

  • ed

    Poor, sad, immature lost soul. Like all the other Hollywood fruit cakes she'll never grow up. Booze, drugs, join a cult, hump anything with a pulse. This is what happens when you have too much money and too much free time. I suggest to save these kooks from themselves we impose a 90% tax on all their earnings above $100,000 to be used to feed and care for the poor. I call it the Hollywood Mental Health Bill. It would force them to work like the rest of us do. This would occupy their tiny minds and keep them too busy to engage in the nutty activities that they do. they wanted change. Let it start with them.

  • 8 inches

    I wonder if Samantha's fist is Kosher.

  • Mylowe D'Ashon Wooley

    Lindsay already converted to...wait...oh, we're talking religion here. NEVER MIND.

  • D

    There is nothing less spiritual than joining a religion JUST because your significant other belongs. How sad.

  • jp

    Doubt if the synogogue would let her in

  • |||| mccaw@r

    That mean she's going to get circ|umcised??????

  • |||| mccaw@r

    That mean she's going to get circumcised??????

  • Oy Vey

    Haven't we suffered enough?

  • Gianna

    LOL that's hilarious.. I guess someone will need to explain that her sexual behavior goes against that religion.

  • modianos

    skank or not...that jacket is bangin!

  • Lulu

    Ugggh. Why is this chick still in the news?

  • Kazoo

    But wait a minute, I thought Lindsay still hasn't admitted she's gay. Now she's converting to her "girlfriend's" religion? Make up your mind, Linds.

  • dya

    On behalf of Jews everywhere: Lindsay we dont want you.

  • Poopele

    The best thing about this story is that all over the world there are Jews going...



  • bral

    She is looking better, but not as hot as in I Know Who Killed Me:

  • IamLegend

    you gotta be kiddun me "I know who Killed Me" should be titled "I Know Crap When I See It." I coulden't even get close to watchin the end of that pice of garbage I was laffin so hard at the lousy thing & her acting, if that is what you call it...I know what killed her socalled career..that thing

  • korin

    what kind of sense does it make to convert to your gay partner's religion that won't accept your gay partnership?

  • Rick

    Where did you get the idea that Reform (or as they call it in England, "Liberal" Judaism) doesn't accept gay partnerships? They even ordain gay rabbis and cantors in that movement.

  • berry

    hey idiot the torah condems gay sex by death theres no such thing as a gay jew stop humiliating yourself the group you speak of are as credible as(jews 4 jesus)another christian scheme

  • korin

    how do you know it's reform judaism? sorry i hadn't been following the Ronsons denomination so closely as that. or does everyone know what the Westminster Synagogue is up to but me? egg on my face then i suppose.

  • Samy

    Three rabbis will have to inspect her vagina. Be careful guys.

  • gia

    Really now, how Jewish is Samantha? Wouldnt there have been pics by now of her celebrating some Jewish holiday or going to temple/synagogue for other than Bar Mitvahs if she was a practicing Jewish person? That is like a Catholic going to church for a wedding or something...Lindsay converting seems not only a phase, but also a great way to get a rise out her dad. She is still such an immature child...her dad is an a-hole, but she still needs to grow up. Now, if this is all on the up & up then good for her...She needs some spirituality in her life.

  • DXManners

    What a couple. Give Samantha a stocking cap and she's Where's Waldo.

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