Kristen Stewart out and about in L.A. (2/3)

It's uncanny.

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • giiiirrrlll yea she is and if

    giiiirrrlll yea she is and if she isnt in that picture she was the night before, she got weedover and the munchies, i saw pictures of here eating at a buffet on this same day. Kristen girl u hit me up sometimes we light up together and tell all these ppl in hollywood freaking out to go fuck themselves.

  • Jennnn

    I just think she needs some sleep and make-up,thats all

    she's not really on high in these pics..


    yeah she does, perfect for a vampire movie

  • Maggie

    She looks like she's straight out of Edward Scissorhands.

  • tick


  • Anonymous

    "She's leaving a vet's office after having dropped her dog off She's got cry-cry eyes."

    She's probably sad it ate her bag of weed.

  • gia

    I have been saying this all along about she has dead eyes.

  • Vikki

    I would love to meet her ! She seems soo.. Normal.. I would get craazy baked with her lol, hell I'd smoke her on the biggest blunt of life if I had the chance

    Ps. Happy birthday Bob marley who would be 64 today, RIP

  • e.

    she seems to be leaving the hospital? maybe she's sick.

    but she does seem to be wearing the same outfit in every picture I see of her.

  • SNS

    Its kinda nice to see a celeb who doesnt paint on the make up just to impress the paps!

  • D0ubl3

    hmmmmmm she looks tired, and like she have been crying........ I'd agree she does look stoned in many pics, but here she just looks exhausted.

  • ptosis

    I think she has ptosis in both eyes. Ptosis often gives the appearrance of being stoned.

  • Nick


  • WTF?

    She looks like a cartoon rat. For those of you who say you'd hit it, you seriously need to get out more!

  • Mylowe D'Ashon Wooley

    WOW! She looks like she's strung out on heroin. I'd still hit it, though...HARD!

  • everygirlever

    She's leaving a vet's office after having dropped her dog off. She's got cry-cry eyes.

  • Fugly

    True that...she doesn't look high she's is stoned! Literally looks like someone threw rocks at her! I'm a have a nightmare on Elm St now!

  • kickassbadboy

    she's a vampire that's why she is pale, she looks high because vampire doesn't sleep. what else? oh she wear sunblock so she can come out during daytime.

  • Rinoa

    Girl needs a bit of blush.

  • malicious intent

    I still she looks really cute and would totally tap that.

  • sara-amw

    she doesn't look high, she is high!

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