Jennifer Aniston at the premier of Marley & Me in L.A. (12/11)

I don't know what I find more surprising about this story from the National Enquirer: that Jennifer Aniston would put any kind of roadblock between her and marriage or the fact that she's worth $150 million. A source told the tabloid:
"Jen has serious reservations about diving into marriage with John. She is very insecure, and at the top of her list of worries is that John is using her to boost his fame and fortune. So she's insisting that John sign a prenup. His pride is wounded, and the drama over all this is threatening to blow up their wedding plans, and even their relationship.

"Jen had to rebuild her life after her marriage to Brad Pitt collapsed in late 2004. She's on top of the world now professionally, and a prenup is a smart business move to protect her [$150 million] fortune. Even though she loves him, Jen is still unsure of John's trustworthiness because of his reputation for having loved and left half the actresses and models in Hollywood. After her split with Brad, Jen has had serious trust issues - and for good reason." (Print Edition - 2/2)
Jen's "on top of the world professionally"? Last time I checked, her most recent films haven't exactly lit up the box office. And in the only one that did rake in a decent profit, she wasn't even the main attraction. That distinction went to a star that not only licks his own anus, but occasionally finds his fecal matter to be a delicious morning treat. So yeah, if you consider THAT to be on top of your game, then sure, Jen's doing great. Also "on top of the world professionally" by that standard: Betamax distributors.

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • Jeff Cattie

    I'd nail her!!!!!!

  • Phaedra

    Having a pre-nep is one smart move. It's like a life insurance policy; protection in the event yadda, yadda......Plus, it removes a lot of potential questions that could arise later on. Espceially when children are involved. Going about it in a very wise, mature manner. And, you don't have to be overly wealthy to have a pre-nep. My g/f has one. She owns valuable property, and her husband-to-be has nothing. All she wants is to insure that upon her death, her only child will receive the property as her gift to him from his late parents. Anything amassed during the marriage by them will of course be 50:50

  • cowbulls

    Jennifer should meet his price just as any cougar should pay for her boy toy. She’s very lucky that her assets aren’t eroding any faster. She’s still gorgeous and should be a tremendous sexual woman. But she was/is obsessed with her career. She doesn’t have a clue how to satisfy a man. Jennifer’s scene in “Friends with Money” where she just lays there motionless with her eyes open while some guy uses her body to masturbate with looks very natural. She doesn’t even have to act.

    Meet his price and enjoy it while you can. Your headed down the hill my dear.

  • @$$m@n

    What's with that picture? Her face looks smooshed!

  • Jana

    I'm so sick of her!!!! Get a life Jen, Brad doesn't want you!!! Frankly I don't know why he married you to begin with. This broad is annoying & ugly as hell!!

  • Anonymous

    Funny, I avoid any movie Aniston is in because she can't act like anything other than Rachel.

    On top professionally must mean the casting couch with the power brokers that keep putting this loser in movies.

  • Jacob "Jake" Guay

    After seeing those candid nude shots of poor ex-hubby Brad Pitt's cocktail weenie (circumcised, sadly!), I hope potential future-hubby John Mayer is PACKIN'... even if he *is* gay! ;-) Perez Hilton (fatass Mario) is just jealous because Mayer passed on a chance to make out w/ his sloppy size XXL jizz-stained jogging pants for another man.

  • Puh lease.

    "Id sign that prenup and nail the shit out of her, record it and sell the video for a cool $10 mil."

    Cool. Make it in the ass because this bitch needs some anal action.

  • Shenanighans

    Id sign that prenup and nail the shit out of her, record it and sell the video for a cool $10 mil.

  • Fact Checker

    ummmm....her last 2 movies have both made over $100 Million. What are you smoking?

  • Tyrone Shoelaces

    >One day they're reporting she's begging him o >get back together and she's "desperate" to >get married.

    Right because women dont change their minds.


    She seems like a needy, whiny, headcase and it made me realize that Brad Pitt has dated the lunatic Scientologist (Juliette Lewis is crazy on her own, the Xenu stuff is just a bonus crazy level), Fishtick Paltrow who looks like she's got something stuck in her ass at all times, Maniston who we all know and Jolie who 4-5 years ago was the biggest whackjob in Hollyweird and who is now collecting kids.

    Shouldnt a guy like Pitt be dating a Charliz Theron and then moving on to Megan Fox (but shorter than those two....whose a cute short actress like Pitt?) and Adriana Lima in between both?

    All 4 of those women look as much fun as open wounds.

  • thehick

    She's way too much for him! I can't believe she's even considering marry him. Great pics, she has a great body she's pretty hot.

  • Upskt Celebs

    As usual, it goes to show the "entertainment sources" don't know squat. One day they're reporting she's begging him to get back together and she's "desperate" to get married. The next day we see the opposite. Maybe people need to get their own life and a real job. What am I talking about - I'm actually reading this crap and posting a comment about it! Hypocrisy is awesome.

  • jeezlouise

    She actually would marry him? C'mon- How desperate does a chic have to be? He is obviously in love with the media whoreness. Not her.....

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