Chris Brown is under arrest

R&B singer Chris Brown was arrested in L.A. yesterday after beating the shit out of his girlfriend Rihanna earlier in the morning in the Hancock Park section of Los Angeles. Accompanied by his attorney, Brown turned himself in late last night and was booked on one felony count of "making criminal threats." Both Brown and Rihanna canceled their appearances at last night's Grammy Awards. From the Los Angeles Times:
Brown and Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, were apparently in a car together and got into an argument on North June Street, according to a Los Angeles Police Department statement. Brown stopped the car, the two got out, and the argument escalated, according to police.

A witness called 911, but Brown was gone when officers arrived at the scene. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker, according to police. (Source)
Perhaps the weirdest thing about this story is that Ryan Seacrest was the first person on the scene -- even before the police. He's reporting that Rihanna looked "absolutely radiant" in her ripped and bloodsoaked Versace gown. He adds that she attempted to defend herself from Chris' flurry of kicks and punches with a "stunning" Balenciaga clutch.

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  • fatim

    i love rihanna so much she's talented and coo. and i alway wish she and chris brown comeback 2gether....ok love ya riri, ya r the best of the best.

  • destiny lapage

    if any one cheated on me i would of did the same thing so yall need to stop talking crap. im proud of Chris brown even though im a girl and that its bad to hit women. i would of beat both of there butts. dont lisen to these fools if i was with chris brown and i messed up i would of let him beat the mess out of me.but IF i was with him i wouldnt of cheated on him any ways cuz of the reason that he is fine.but anyways shes done the damage she got beat and now she has to suffer from what she did.

    p.s. dont be so down Chris brown.

  • Anonymous

    she has herpes, look at the pics

  • amber

    fuck that dude im so glad he is going to jail he gets eerything he deserves....haha you dumbass you ruined your pathetic career....someone need to cut his dick off and shobe it down his nasty throat....GO TO HELL

  • dmarie

    Chris Brown is a piece of crap!!! Any guy that hits a woman needs his ass kicked...he's an excuse of a man!!!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mylowe D'Ashon Wooley

    I heard he beat the black off her a*s!

  • Pat

    This just in...Chris Brown's body found in junkyard outside Newark....JK...JayZ's payback could be ugly.

  • CN

    what a douche bag but of course some elaborate story will come out about how it was all a big misunderstanding

  • Jerma

    they BOTH should be beaten for the shitty music they make. seriously.

  • destiny lapage

    they dont make crappy music they both make good music i just dont like her and i LOVE him.

  • Nunya Johnson

    Thousands of women were assaulted this past weekend all over America and maybe a hundred were murdered. A celeb gets slapped by her bf and everybody is up in arms. BFD.

    He'll spend no time in jail and she will go back to him. The cycle continues. Reminds me, don't most states have a mandatory 24 hrs in the pokey for assaulting your spouse. This dude walks in an hour after posting bail? It's good to be rich and famous.

  • cc

    so sad....

  • michael

    Bitch shouldn't have talked back...I bet next time she'll know better

  • dmarie

    you're a piece of crap like brown, it sounds like!!!

  • xenu

    Stupid douchebag! I hope he's going to see he judge

  • Patricia Smith

    i hope this is not true!

  • Heather M.

    so sad...

  • Michelle

    This was surprising, they always seemed like such a good couple to me. Maybe he was just hypnotised by her giant forehead?

  • Camille

    Well- at least people didn't have to listen to them perform. . . .

  • David Duke

    No way! Since when did black guys start assaulting women?

  • ahhh hahaha


  • Matt

    it's all cause of that damn hippity hop music

  • Ash

    She got beat because of that crappy song "Umbrella" that mistakenly won a Grammy.

    Can't stand under your umbrella now can you LOL.

  • Karen

    This is very disappointing but not surprising.I hope she stands up for herself and does not come out with the usual "This is all a misunderstanding, blah, blah, blah"

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