Pink bikini pics!

Pink in Miami (July 2007)

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  • Alan

    She is very talented. I like her music, alot. Seriously, though, if you can't see how ugly this "woman" and her dude-body are, you are one blind motherfucker.

  • Anonymous

    So much for quitting smoking. Talks the talk but cant walk the walk. Figures.

  • blubb

    Oh it's Pink. I have to post some stupid shit. Idiots!

  • Curvy

    STOP HATIN!!! Pink looks better in this pic w/o make-up then a whole bunch of them Hollywood skanks. She is VERY talented and down to ya'll really need to stop.

  • Brankind

    We need a rule , all pics of Stink need to whited out and be labled NSFW

  • Alan

    Why would a dude where a bikini top? This makes no sense.

  • brankind

    where is the whiteout and stamped NSFW. The she male is pure white trash.

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