Roger Pattinson at the French release of Twilight in Paris (12/8/2008)

"That Twilight dude" -- that's what you know him by, right? I still don't know his real name. I think it's Rick or Randy or Reginald something. Someone help me out. Anyways, the point I'm trying to make here is that he's a douche. The New York Daily News says:
We're hoping Robert Pattinson has come up with better pickup lines now that he's famous. While out in L.A. before "Twilight" debuted, the big-screen hottie questioned a girl about her body parts, an insider tells us.

"She just stared at him, blankly." Pattinson then reportedly said, "If I could, I'd have a — on the inside of my elbow so I could lick it all day long."

Needless to say, the lovely lass didn't bite, and Pattinson retreated alone. (Source)
It'll take time, but eventually Robert will learn that there's really only one pick-up line when you're rich and famous: "How does $300 an hour sound?" Of course when the money and fame eventually run out, Robert could always fall back on what this guy does to meet chicks. Actually, maybe I shouldn't be telling this guy how to pick up chicks. Judging by the "I use way too much product in my hair" vibe I'm getting from him, the best way for Robert to hook-up with someone is to offer less licking . . . and more sucking.

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  • belinda

    im 33 he smiles or winks my way ill be happy to give him anything he wants

  • lalaine

    he' appealing

  • Anonymous


  • SophBox

    Wow you people are really strange, 14 year old girls need to have some more respect for themselves.

    Anyway, you can't believe anything from the media these days. He's young, he has a lot of talent and people get the whole "tall poppy" syndrome happening when people like this crop up. It's to be expected.

    Good luck to him in his future career anyways.

  • team edward

    I ttly agree with xgirl and I second her GIMME towards Rob he is HOTT!!! OMG seriously all Rob has to do is look at my with the gorgeous eyes and I'm sold! Gosh he's HOTT!!! If Rob gets a girlfriend I'm going to go into depression all the way because I am already depressed that he cut all his god like hair off! :'( I hate that!

  • Didn't See Twilight

    I'm pretty sure this guys chief export is skin legions.

  • Smiling Cougar

    Ho-Nay, I got one helluvan azz that needs some serious polishing, I'll save it all for you!!!

  • xgirl

    I don't care what he says or does. GIMME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CN

    to be in this movie do you have to have the im not showering for 2 weeks look? the whole cast looks dirty. they all need to take a shower!

  • peyton

    seriously, i would go home with him under any circumstance.


  • Obama Bin Biden

    Peyton, I'll assume you're a dude?

  • tiffany

    So true Nathiest..he wouldn't even have to open his mouth, just a simple look would do..

  • Nathiest

    oh please the only pickup line this dude needs is "HI."

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