Ross McCall and Jennifer Love Hewitt in L.A. (8/18)

We finally have the reason Jennifer Love Hewitt was dumped on Christmas Eve: too needy. A "longtime friend" of Hewitt's told the Chicago Sun Times:
''Jennifer wears her emotions too much on her sleeve. She's too needy and often comes on too strong. I think the intensity of being with [Hewitt] finally is what scared off Ross.'' (Source)
If Jennifer's friend thought she was too needy before, wait until she sees her now: "I need cheesecake, fudge, and ice cream ASAP or so help me god I will cut you!" My prediction: by mid-April, JLH will find herself back at her old cruiserweight physique. It's a shame, too. She was just starting to get into the kind of shape that made her famous -- the shape where her chest actually protruded further than her hips.

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  • Robin

    Both McCall & Hewitt have, to date, kept quiet on the breakup, which is to their credit.

    JLH's 'friends' & her public list of past bf's do strum a constant theme. McCall broke it off with her, not the other way around. She IS difficult to live with, being far too clingy, needy and prone to intense jealousy. That further couldn't have helped McCall's acting career (known for his part in Band of Brothers). I wish them each the best. There's someone out there for everyone. May they each find it.

  • Maria

    That makes me really sad. They seemed to be so happy together. I can't believe it ^(

  • Phooey640

    JLH is a great looking woman. I think she has a fantastic body as I prefer real women with curves versus skinny chicks with boob jobs. She seems to have a good personality when doing the talk show circuit.

    She won’t be lonely long and will continue to be popular as the era of skinny chicks with boob jobs is rapidly going away. Her ex will fade off into oblivion unless he finds another meal ticket.

  • David

    I'd wait on her hand and foot, 24/7, just to hold the cloths she takes off, to shower.

  • Trixie

    Nothing wrong with some hips, studies say them women that are bottom heavy are more healthy and intelligent opposed to women who are top heavy and are more prone to heart disease.Plus its easier to give birth, So lay off women with big hips

  • ntvnat

    Has nothing to do w/ her being a disgusting Proactiv SHILL???

  • Herman Bumfudle

    jenn, too needy? woa dude, i like that. come here jenn. i got what you need. yeh, cuddle up right here. and i hope you're a good kisser.

  • Mylowe Wooley

    Jennifer Love Hugetits

  • 8 inches

    I'd love to knead her tits!

  • Waltz08

    A fat chick needy, no way! Well what do you expect fat chicks are needy.

  • Jonny patriot


    She comes across as WAY too high maintenance.

    Pretty and cute is fun - but NO woman is worth the headaches of neediness.

    Remember, other past boyfriends have all said the same thing.

    Too bad - she would be fun naked.

  • nomidicus

    Definitely went to his head. But also, again I have to disagree with the author of this celeb blog in that I don't really see JLH going backwards after this. She doesn't really strike me as the type to be conquered by this kind of thing. If anything I think that being single will only motivate her to drop even more weight. She seems pretty strong willed to me.

  • master yoda

    Really, that dude messed up.. You'll never hear from his lame ass again. JLH will go on, but Ross... next time he will be on tv will be promoting his new business:

    "Ross McCall Cheverolet! Come on in and I'll get YOU in a 1999 Malibu for only $99 a month!"

    Tapping that went to his head.

  • Pinkey

    "Tapping that went to his head" Well said, master yoda.

  • Pinkey

    Are you kidding me? Are there any clanging balls in all of California? All she needs is a man, poor thang.

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