Kim Kardashian comes to Jessica Simpson's defense

It's the story that will not die!!! From Kim Kardashian's blog:
I was doing Super Bowl interviews for my Leather & Laces party I'm hosting down here in Tampa, Florida, and EVERYONE seems to be asking me about Jessica Simpson's alleged weight gain.

I think it's absolutely ridiculous!!! She is not fat at all and I am actually offended that people are giving her such a hard time over this! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!

First of all, her outfit was FABULOUS! I loved that Fendi leopard belt with those high waisted jeans!

She is so drop dead gorgeous and the fact that the media is sending this message out to young girls is mind blowing!

I am probably twice Jessica's size, so what do you guys think of me then???
You're fat.

  • JHeart

    I don’t think she really looks fat at all. I ran into her the other day at the airport…check out the pic. What do you think?

  • Jaguar

    One pseudo-celebrity defending another. Yuck and yucker.

  • Pinkey

    Jimmy is a spammer with anal warts.

  • Mylowe D'Ashon Wooley

    Very VERY funny!

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  • ms.X

    8 inches: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhahahahahahahahahahaha... Probably the funniest thing I've ever read...

  • Carlos

    Ok, I missed the meeting when we picked Kim "Golden Shower" Kardashian as the gold standard of what women should look like. There are only two things that wear leopard prints: leopards and dirty whores-and I don't see no retractible claws on you.

  • 8 inches

    I'll tell you what I think of you: You're a fat-assed wanna-be urinal impersonator who's father is burning in hell for helping O.J beat his murder rap. I also think your sister is a amazonian transvestite and your step dad looks like a mummified botox clown. Your boyfriend is a washed up running back who's failed misserably in the NFL and I can't wait to bang your two youngest sisters. Any other questions for me?

  • Pinkey

    Nope. You've got that shit covered.

  • UgliestGuy

    Say, isn't she your Celebuzz family? What if she goes to Mommy/Daddy and complain?


    Enough about Jessica! Her and Kim BOTH have hot bods!

  • duce

    FAT i'll still hit tho lol