Jessica Simpson at LAX earlier this month

Jessica Simpson is being sued for $10 million by an exercise company pissed that she fucked-up the taping of a workout video. Because that's what drunk people do, you see. They fuck things up. From Radar Online:
Jessica reportedly showed up "tipsy" for the "Speedfit system" taping, prompting papa Joe Simpson to ultimately block retailing of the vid.

"Jessica was a mess during that shoot," an insider reveals. "They asked her to come back and re-shoot, but she refused, and that's why she's facing a lawsuit now." (Source)
Someone else that should be suing Jessica for breach of contract: Tony Romo. He signed on to date the Jessica Simpson from The Dukes of Hazzard, not the Jessica Simpson from the Anna Nicole Smith tribute. Of course, her weight issue today is probably an unintended consequences of her screwing up that video. You could say karma caught up with Jessica . . . and when it finally reached her, she topped it with hot fudge and ate it. Mmmmmm, delicious karma.

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  • ok,I will say 1 had been superb, as well as for a really excellent price I got this. Truly good job!

  • Jaguar

    Pay up, Jessica. This guy paid you a hell of a lot of money to do the job right. You didn't so give him his money back. Drinking isn't the way to go if you're trying to lose a few pounds. Or twenty.

  • nomidicus

    Ok, first of all anyone that says 15 lbs cannot be lost in two weeks doesn't know what their talking about. No offense Alan, but I have recently changed my eating lifestyle just three weeks ago and I personally lost 12 lbs in the first two weeks just by limiting caloric intake and staying under 40 carbs a day with 15 min of intensive cardio every other day. It really wasn't even that difficult. So, don't tell me that 15 lbs isn't possible because it is. I was only 3 lbs shy of the mark. To be honest, if I had gone the low carb Atkins kind of route and amped up my exercise a bit more I probably could have dropped even more than that.

    And for anyone that thinks I'm merely speculating at the possibility of weight loss, I tell you now, I JUST DID IT. I'm not making it up. It is completely possible. So, if you guys think Jess is fat, that's cool. To each his own. But don't tell me something can't be done when you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

  • Alan

    Sorry to disappoint you, but you will gain it back. Under 40 carbs a day is not a healthy lifestyle. In fact, one of the things a seriously reduced carb diet does is casue you to lose water weight. This is another way of saying you are being dehydrated. You will have great success in the shortterm, but a year from now you will weight as much as when you started or more.

    Any weight loss of less than 2-3 pounds a week is simply not maintainable in the long term. That's why people constantly yo-yo back and forth on weight. They try to do too much too fast using unhealthy methods.

  • Alan

    Correction: of "more than 2-3 pounds per week"

  • chris

    She wanted people to look at and comment on her body when she was prancing around like a damn spastic washing that car - so I think she's fair game when she looks like this as well.

  • Alan

    What a whale!

    BTW, you can't take off 15 lbs in a couple of weeks. I'm a trainer, and I can tell you that's a caloric deficit (not accounting for metabolism variances) of 52,500 calories. You think you can burn 3,750 more calories a day than you take in? You can't. Even if you came close, your body would change its metabolism to burn less as a reaction.

    I can get you fifteen pounds lower to hit weight ona given day, but it will be due to dehydration. You'll be unhealthy and have lost muscle, plus you'll rocket back up right after the weigh in, but I can get you there.

  • nomidicus

    Actually, Romo's been saying he likes her fuller curvy figure. True story. I really think all this drama about Jessica's weight gain is overplayed and people are really sick of hearing it. Besides, she's only gained like maybe 15 lbs, it's not like she's a whale or anything. I can take off 15 lbs in a couple weeks... and I could do it without the help of a personal trainer or a high priced gym membership so for her it's really not that big a deal.

    Oh, and one more thing... I don't know a dude out there that wouldn't still hit it.

  • CN

    sorry nomidicus you are assed out on this one. no one is buying your aww poor jess bullshit. gaining 15lbs is a lot AND you can NOT lose 15lbs in a couple of weeks, unless you are a crack whore

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