Gisele's ass out and about in Sherman Oaks (1/7)

Ladies, have you always wanted to look like a supermodel . . . on her day off? Fellas, have you always maintained that you look best in women's jeans but the one time you wore them out in public you got jumped by a gang of angry bikers uncomfortable with the idea of a man's ass in tight denim errrrrrr, would your girlfriend love a pair of $200 jeans? Well today's your lucky day. I'm giving away a pair of Calabasas Jeans from Paige Premium Denim.

To enter simply leave a comment on this story and one other story from today or last week (note: leave a comment in the comments thread of the second story, not in this thread). I'll pick a comment at random and, voila, free pair of jeans. I'll post the winner next Monday.

UPDATE (1/19): Congratulations to "Rawrr." I'll email you for contact info. Everybody else, check back in February for a new giveaway.

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  • sunchicka

    Would Angelina, look this good without makeup. I think not.

  • Keely

    Jeans, Jeans, Jeans.. Jajaja Jeans Jeans Jeans.


  • bobby

    my gf would love these jeans and love me forever if i won them for her.

  • BEBE

    Those jeans are SWEET

  • Richdog

    Is it too late to enter? My gf would love these

  • Annabelle

    I want the jeans!

  • judy

    i love you nick, and your site. Those jeans would look hella sexy on me.

  • Rawrr

    Please pick me! I love those jeans and celebslam

  • Amanda

    NICE!! i'll take them!

  • Laura

    gisele royally annoys me. not going to lie, came here for the jeans.

  • Rawrr


  • tiffany

    I would love these !!!

  • samatha


  • Rinoa

    Nice ASS. And nice site Celebslam!

  • TL

    It's funny that 9 times out of 10 I can pic Gisele ass out of a lineup. So freakin hot.

  • pj


  • Shonda

    nice jeans

  • Big Pimpin'

    It's hard out here for a pimp.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Crack hoes need love too!

  • Nick's Stalker

    Send them to the County Jail, Nick.

  • Craig

    Can I win?

  • lance

    congratulations !!!

  • Ali

    my ass would look damn fine in those paige jeans. if i win them i'd have to provide some proof right? :)

  • Vanna

    Wow... I love Paige Premium Denim but I am going to have to do a heck of a lot of hemming if I ever got those

  • renee

    baby makes her blue jeans talk.

  • Anonymous

    a girl can never have enough jeans.Please let me win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scb


  • Eve

    This is nice

  • Jackie

    Loving the jeans, pictures, and this website! I don't own a pair of premium denim so I would love a chance to wear the same kind as a supermodel!

    Other comment on another story :

    Katy Perry looks good in a bikini! She's not super skinny but has nice curves and a normal body!

  • Obama Bin Biden

    Jackie, not too sure most "normal bodies" have a third nipple.

    Fact: Katy Perry has a third nipple.

    Google the interview where she shows it to the interviewer and lets him touch it. Gross!

  • Obama Bin Biden

    Never mind. I meant Lilly Allen. Same chick.

  • Kate

    Never tried Paige, but would love the opportunity to! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • KingBob

    While skinny jeans are the style of the moment, these pics prove that flare jeans are not going away and they look just as hot!

  • Beeb Ashcroft

    Fabulous giveaway, thank you for the chance!!

  • Sexyhotgurl will my comments differ from everyone else's and stand out so that I win the jeans? Who knows, but I'd love to win...Celebslam is the best Celeb Gossip site out there...

    PS) My comment on another story is this: Tara Reid looks better than she did after her botched surgery but she's still a total D-Lister!!

    Love ya Nick

    xo Sexyhotgurl

  • Cherie L.

    If Gisele is smart enough to demand payment in Euros, I feel nice enough not to trash her skinny ass and tomboy-ish figure (which is not apparent until you actually see her in person -- she has no hips).

  • binge

    i love the jeans...gimme..gimme...pleaasee

  • Drunky

    That ass is much nicer naked. I know she is all over me when that guy she is da5ing is out of town.

  • fuckoff

    if this is the ass of a supermodel then my penis could star in disney family movies. thats not even remotely sexy. everybody here who thinks shes hot: get a fuckin life or better yet something to fuck cos you obviously are hrny as fuck

  • Karla

    Would love to have the jeans, lost weight and need jeans that fit!!!

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