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BIKINI PICS OF THE DAY: Jessica Melody's sweet bikini body

*12 pictures total in the gallery:

  • Calista Flockhart in Brentwood 1
  • Calista Flockhart in Brentwood 2
  • Calista Flockhart in Brentwood 3
  • Calista Flockhart in Brentwood 4
  • Calista Flockhart in Brentwood 5

No contest. Rita Ora wins.

*10 social media pictures total in the gallery:

  • Rita Ora Big Breasts 1
  • Rita Ora Big Breasts 2
  • Rita Ora Big Breasts 3
  • Rita Ora Big Breasts 4
  • Rita Ora Big Breasts 5
  • Rita Ora Big Breasts 6
  • Rita Ora Big Breasts 7
  • Rita Ora Big Breasts 8
  • Rita Ora Big Breasts 9
  • Rita Ora Big Breasts 10

Paparazzi photos from Friday, August 28

Cara Santana running errands in L.A. (pics start here)

Alice Eve leaving The Bowery Hotel in New York (pics start here)

Sarah Silverman out and about in New York (pics start here)

Heidi Klum out and about in New York (pics start here)

Brazilian model Bruna Tuna on the set of a photoshoot for 138 Water in Malibu (pics start here)

Hailey Baldwin out and about in New York (pics start here)

Jordana Brewster walking with her son in Brentwood (pics start here)

Alexa Chung out and about in New York (pics start here)

Amanda Bynes shopping in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Kirsten Dunst leaving a liquor store in Toluca Lake (pics start here)

Janice Dickinson leaving her hotel in London (pics start here)

Alessandra Ambrosio out with her son Noah in Brentwood (pics start here)

*107 paparazzi pictures total in the gallery:

  • Cara Santana Downblouse 1
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 2
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 3
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 4
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 5
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 6
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 7
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 8
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 9
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 10
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 11
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 12
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 13
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 14
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 15
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 16
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 17
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 18
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 19
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 20
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 21
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 22
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 23
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 24
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 25
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 26
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 27
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 28
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 29
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 30
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 31
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 32
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 33
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 34
  • Cara Santana Downblouse 35

Xenia Deli in her work clothes

Justin Bieber is banging Moldovan model Xenia Deli? Sure, why not. He was bored. From the Daily Mail:
The pair were spotted cosying up on a date on Friday night in Los Angeles. Fans took snaps and recorded videos of the couple as they enjoyed a night together at a piano bar, having walked in together hand-in-hand. Justin even took to the keys and serenaded her with a few songs, including the Beatles' Let It Be, as she sidled up beside him on the bench.

At one stage, Bieber shared a snap on Instagram of their footsie-playing feet beneath the piano - his in flat white trainers, hers in pointed white shoes showing major toe cleavage - but he swiftly deleted it.

The 25-year-old is also set to appear alongside the singer in the video for the much-hyped new song, What Do You Mean, in which she is reported to be playing the main role.
I uploaded a few videos of myself singing in the shower to YouTube and I got, like, 250 views. Justin Bieber uploaded a few videos to YouTube and he got to bang Xenia Deli. That doesn't seem fair. That doesn't seem fair at all. Maybe it was because I dropped the soap?

*41 Xenia Deli pictures total in the gallery:

  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 1
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 2
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 3
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 4
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 5
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 6
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 7
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 8
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 9
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 10
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 11
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 12
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 13
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 14
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 15
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 16
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 17
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 18
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 19
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 20
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 21
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 22
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 23
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 24
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 25
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 26
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 27
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 28
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 29
  • Justin Bieber Xenia Deli 30

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley  leaving a gym in West Hollywood (8/26)

*20 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley pictures total in the gallery:

  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 1
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 2
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 3
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 4
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 5
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 6
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 7
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 8
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 9
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 10
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 11
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 12
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 13
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 14
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 15
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 16
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 17
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 18
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 19
  • Rosie Huntington WeHo Gym 20

Candice Swanepoel nude!

Here's Candice Swanepoel malfunctioning her bikini in the September issue of Lui. I can understand this kind of thing from an amateur, but as a professional bikini model, you'd think Candice would stop accidentally doing things like this . . . oh wait, I get it.

*14 Candice Swanepoel pictures total in the gallery:

  • Candice Swanepoel Nude Lui 1
  • Candice Swanepoel Nude Lui 2
  • Candice Swanepoel Nude Lui 3
  • Candice Swanepoel Nude Lui 4
  • Candice Swanepoel Nude Lui 5
  • Candice Swanepoel Nude Lui 6
  • Candice Swanepoel Nude Lui 7
  • Candice Swanepoel Nude Lui 8
  • Candice Swanepoel Nude Lui 9
  • Candice Swanepoel Nude Lui 10

Lindsay Lohan arriving at Chiltern Firehouse in London (8/11)

If you invite Lindsay Lohan to your wedding, you better expect some drama. Painting her nails during the ceremony, flipping out because she thought people were taking her picture, and accusing someone of drugging her -- it's all in a day's work. From the New York Post:
Lindsay Lohan claimed she was "slipped a mickey" at the wedding of Justin Etzin, consul general and ambassador of tourism for the Seychelles, and model Lana Zakocela in Florence last week.

"Lindsay left the reception early," said a source. "She'd gone back to her villa and was running around naked saying she was drugged."

We hear "it was one thing after the next [with Lohan]" during the lavish four-day affair.
To recap: Lindsay Lohan went to the reception and somebody put free drugs in her drink. Best. Wedding. Ever.

*16 Lindsay Lohan pictures total in the gallery:

  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 1
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 2
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 3
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 4
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 5
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 6
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 7
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 8
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 9
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 10
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 11
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 12
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 13
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 14
  • Lindsay Lohan Drugged 15

Don't click the picture. Just trust me dude, don't click the picture.

Paparazzi photos from Thursday, August 27

Michelle Rodriguez leaving a juice bar in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Rosa Acosta and Bai Ling leaving Project nightclub in Hollywood (pics start here)

Lily Collins leaving a meeting in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Ali Larter leaving Today studios in New York (pics start here)

Benedict Cumberbatch leaving the Barbican Theatre in London (pics start here)

Amber Valletta shopping in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Brittny Gastineau out and about in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) goes shopping in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Vanessa Hudgens leaving Kate Somerville Skin Care in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Emma Watson at a photocall for Regression at Villamagna Hotel in Madrid, Spain (pics start here)

Model Charlie Riina out and about in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Alessandra Ambrosio leaving the Brentwood Country Mart (pics start here)

*105 paparazzi pictures total in the gallery:

  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 1
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 2
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 3
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 4
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 5
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 6
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 7
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 8
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 9
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 10
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 11
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 12
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 13
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 14
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 15
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 16
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 17
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 18
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 19
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 20
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 21
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 22
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 23
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 24
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 25
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 26
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 27
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 28
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 29
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 30
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 31
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 32
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 33
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 34
  • Michelle Rodriguez Ohhhhh Face 35

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*16 pictures total in the gallery:

  • Jordana Brewster Fill Up 1
  • Jordana Brewster Fill Up 2
  • Jordana Brewster Fill Up 3
  • Jordana Brewster Fill Up 4
  • Jordana Brewster Fill Up 5

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