Mischa Barton on vacation

Mischa Barton blew off an easy paycheck earlier this year to party in Europe and now it's costing her $200k.Oops. From TMZ:
In legal docs obtained by TMZ ... a judge ordered Mischa to pay $200k, plus interest, to screenplay writer Daniel Lief for skipping town just as shooting was set to start for his movie, "Promoted." Mischa had scored the lead role.

As we reported ... producers sued Mischa when they saw pics of her all over social media ... hangin' in Europe with a dude, instead of getting her ass to work. Daniel said the production delay -- he had to recast the lead -- cost more than $300k.
Who's dumber: Mischa for basically calling in sick to work and then posting pictures of herself partying on social media? Or this producer for casting Mischa Barton as the lead for his movie? What year is this? 2004? Was he hoping to lock down that important "Mischa Barton's Family" demographic by casting her in the lead? "This movie will make tens more dollars if we can get her!"

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Why does Dennis Quaid look so damn happy in these Instagram pics of him in Montreal over the weekend? Scroll down to find out . . .

It's because he has a new 30-year-old girlfriend, French-Canadian model Santa Auzina, of course! Not bad for a 62-year-old. Well played, Dennis. Well played.


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Deavon Coleman

American model Deavon Coleman

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Elton John and his husband David Furnish leaving Scott's restaurant in London (5/19)

Elton John is a million dollars less rich today after settling a sexual misconduct lawsuit filed against him by his former hairdresser. Gosh, I hope he can still pay rent this month. From the National Enquirer:
John Fallows had accused the singer of sexual misconduct, sending the singer into court to keep the allegation secret. But after the London High Court ruled against him, Elton wrote the fat check and Fallows withdrew his claims, sources said.

"Elton behaved despicably through this whole sorry saga," dished a showbiz insider. "In public, his lawyers are still trying to say he'd done nothing wrong. But if that's the case, why pay a million bucks to keep quiet? And why go to such extraordinary lengths to keep it secret?"

The accusation Elton tried to keep secret are almost identical to charges leveled in the U.S. by his former bodyguard, Jeffrey Wenninger, who claimed Elton tried to put his hands down his pants and told him to "get your todger out."
Sure this hairdresser guy is $1 million richer, but he's sabotaged his prospects of future employment because now everyone knows he a dick-squealing tattle tale. He'll never work for John Travolta in this town again!

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Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera leaving The Nice Guy in West Hollywood (8/19)

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Lisa Rinna filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills (8/19)

When was the last time Lisa Rinna didn't have permanently hard nipples? I'm gonna go with the Clinton administration. That seems unhealthy.

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Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi catching a flight at LAX airport (7/6)

Apparently Portia de Rossi makes her household staff maintain strict silence around her. And they have to sacrifice their firstborns to her as well so she can toss them into her fire cauldron. Tough job, but great benefits. A source told the National Enquirer:
"Portia insists on absolute silence from the household staff! She gets mega-stressed, especially if she's been working late on her show Scandal, doing press or traveling. She wants it pin-drop silent -- and if a maid or cook absentmindedly hums while working, there's hell to pay! Ellen shrugs, but knows -- as the does the staff- that when Portia's present, it's strictly STFU!" (Print Edition)
For Ellen's sake, let's hope Portia's demands for strict silence don't apply to ALL rooms in the house -- *wink* . . . It'd pretty much be impossible to play Scattergories if you couldn't talk. What? I was talking about the game room you sick pervert.

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Rihanna leaving Tape nightclub in Mayfair, London (8/21)

Rihanna and Justin Bieber were both spotted partying at Tape nightclub in London a few nights ago so, without any proof or pictures or reports, I'm just gonna assume they're banging now. That's the easiest thing to do. This is Justin Bieber's world. We're all just visiting. And I've finally accepted that.

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